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World of Fantasy and Technology
Author :Darek
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every person who was involved in this case will not avoid punishment / revenge for it

Of course, despite the rage, he was happy when he wore Anne, the reason was that Anna unknowingly pressed the upper body to him

only because he was still angry is he able to control his body and mind

Maciej chose the safest route on which no one was there, after all he already called the castle guard to imprison him, and certainly no man will let anyone see his woman in this state


the next day P.O.V Anna



What is the sound, so nice ...

my eyelids are so heavy ...

eeeee !! why is there a boy next to me, a moment

if I remember correctly, I was in the library and ... I ...

"nothing hurts you anymore ..." - Maciej says in his sleep

so it was not a nightmare !? if not Maciej, I ...

But in spite of everything, he should not sleep next to me, we are not married yet!

when Anna was absorbed in thought, Maciej woke up and he was sure that he must pretend to be asleep or not get out of bed in the near future

nevertheless, Anna has a rare talent in ninjutsu, when she was 6 years old she was compared to a normal ninja and now after that time, one was right Anna's strength was high but in recent days because of a certain technique she has no strength

It is barely comparable with an adult and because of lack of strength, its mental strength in the current state was extremely poor

all this was a coincidence which increased Anna's favor towards Maciej

of course, Maciej did not know about these facts

"how long will you pretend to be asleep?" - Anna




"If you do not get up ... you will not see me all day and you will not get a reward" - Anna

"no, you are not angry?" - Maciej replied after a moment

eh, I am, but in the end you came back and ... thank you for help - Anna

it's my duty - Maciej

hihi, have you changed ... did you meet anybody amazing? - Anna with a small smile

celli and Kronos, an amazing couple ... when I visit them I will definitely take you - replied Maciej when he looked at her

good, as you did not cheat on me ... I should take off you - Anna with a cheerful mood

What !? - shocked Maciej when suddenly on the right hand appeared a black seal that shone in red

after a while the seal began to descend and dissolve in the air

what was that !? - Maciej

nothing - Anna replied lightly

talk or ... I got some beauty pills, once eaten it will maintain and improve the look for 20 years, the effect is multiplied for girls under 16 - Maciej with a bad smile

this ... - every woman wants to be more beautiful and Anna is no exception to this because this is the greatest temptation she can have



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