World Through Blank Eyes
34 Remember
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World Through Blank Eyes
Author :Taimmh
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34 Remember

Nothing at all. It's dark and the place smells like burned tobacco. I am a rat lab. I was chosen by him to be here because I am special. I do not get how special I am. I am only 5 years old.

I and my siblings live here, and he is our master. We were normal kids who just started school when he came. He took all 10 of us and ever since then we started living here. I always wonder if I will be able to leave this place anytime soon. I do not like it here. We are forced to do anything the master and his team tell us to, and if any of us refuse we have to reflect on ourselves in the basement for a week.
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I am in the basement. I hate it here even more. I and my sibling Edward. we are not allowed to talk to each other, nor move. All we can do is sit, and when it's time to eat, we get bread or some times a chicken egg. a very small one that we barely feel like we had anything in our stomach.

Today is our last day here and I hope I or my sibling will not have to come here again.

The next morning the master came early in the morning- or so I thought- to get us out of the basement. He has to check first how we reflected on ourselves. if he thinks the reflection went well we can leave, and if he does not then we'll have to say for more few days.

After a few hours, he came down the stairs to the basement. it seems like he took his desition of whether to let us out or not. he slowly came to me, caught my wrist and pulled me out with him. ' He will go back to the basement, right,' I thought to myself while he pulled me to the door.

we approached the door when he stops.

' Edward, you little brat. you will never leave this basement ever again.'


A year later in 2007, I ran away.


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