When I Saw You
4 Party
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When I Saw You
Author :My_Day
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4 Party

Loud music blasted from the the dim room and I immediately knew that my friend lied to me. Of all places in the world, I know that she would never appear here. It simply wasn't her, what she likes is nature and this is basically as far from nature as you could get.

First of all, it looked like a club with the iconic disco lights, forcing peoples faces to turn green, red, purple, and other colors that made them look like aliens from those TV's. Though I did my best to stay calm, knowing that he only wanted to take my mind of of her. Nevertheless, I did my best to punch him, a punch that he blocked like he always did.

"C'mon," my friend said, dragging me to the heart of the party. As in the dance floor, the dance floor that made people dance like monkeys going to fight each other. Thought there were good dancers out there as well. By good, I mean they just kept turning in a circle with whatever drunk person they found.

"You sure Bob threw this party?" I asked in a monotone manner. A tone which I used when I was holding in anger or annoyance.

"It was actually his brother," he responded.

That made more sense, Bob didn't seem like the person to throw this kind of party. With a name like his, he had no choice but to be all serious and business like. There were times though, when he really let go of himself and relaxed, but those were rare times.

"Hey, handsome," a girl called out to me, stumbling as though she was drunk. She probably was.

"Want to dance?" she asked flirtily, or maybe it was just my imagination. How could someone with such a foolish grin on her face ask flirtily?

"I'm good," I told her.

"Good? Good at dancing? Then I've struck the jackpot!" she said laughing, her eyes twinkling like the stars.

She suddenly gripped my shoulders and started to dance. And by dance I mean stumbling all over my vulnerable toes. It's no wonder people created dance shoes, it's so that when clumsy people step all over your shoes it wouldn't hurt as much. Then again, I've never seen one so for all I know they're the softest shoes you could ever find! Though it would be rude to turn her down, it wouldn't hurt to dance and destress.

I saw my friend smiling at me in his ever changing colored face. His eyes seemed to disappear beneath his skin as he did, but I knew that he could still see. He had the stereotypical eyes of an asian, but it made him look strict and his smiles genuine.

He saw me guiding the drunk girl all around the floor and just stood there with his smile. This was probably what he wanted, for me to forget about her for just a second. Maybe I should, maybe I should just relax for a few minutes.

I let myself go for the first time in weeks, and I had fun while doing it.


The road was dark and black stars littered my vision. Perhaps it was just me, but something was getting closer. It was blurry though, I couldn't see very well. So many flashing lights, flashing and flashing, what were they flashing for?

The radio's music seemed to pound my head, hammering my brain out of my skull and I reached over to turn it off. But before I could....

A white so pure and bright encompassed my vision...


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