When I Saw You
3 Dear Sister
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When I Saw You
Author :My_Day
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3 Dear Sister

I stood in front of my sister's grave, marigolds in my hand. Today was the day she died...

Maybe it's disrespectful to bring such bright flowers into a graveyard, but it was my sisters favorite. Besides, a flew splashes of bright color couldn't hurt.

I always wondered, why graveyards were so dreary.

Wouldn't it be better to place bright flowers around the place? As thanks for making our life more bearable while they were still alive.

I leaned against the gravestone, and wondered another thing.

Why contain the bodies within a coffin? Wouldn't it be better to return them to where they came from?

Since young, we are kept within a box, a room so to say. During our adolescent years we are kept in another box, the classroom.

When we are adults, we are still kept within boxes, our offices.

And in our death we remain in a box.

Is this really what life has come to?

They always tell us to think outside the box, but how can we when we've never seen outside the box?

"Humans are odd creatures, aren't they?" I said to my sister and who ever else may be listening.

"They tell us to have a growth mindset as a child, yet to survive in this world, you must have a fixed one.

They tell us to ask question but when we do, they yell at how stupid we are.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

My friend....he looks down on me because of my crush on this girl.

But having a crush is something to look up to, not look down on.

How I wish you lived long enough to have this feeling.

It's warms your heart, like drinking something hot on a cold day.

And when she smiles, it makes your day more bearable.

When she laughs you feel like you could do everything."

I took a deep breath and sighed before saying, "You would've liked her, she's a really kind girl. Loves art like you did.

I think you would've been something like her.....

Or maybe you would have a prolonged rebelion phase," I said, chuckling.

"Father and Mother are the same as always, working as hard as they can to help pay my college funds.

You know, people want us to go to college, but if you don't have the money then you can forget about it.

As the saying goes, money makes the world turn round....

I hope you're in a better place, a place where prince charmings exist to wipe you off your feet and bring a smile to your face.

Where lakes stay crystal and trees stay whi. Where the air smells like grass, or the pine of the forest, the saltiness of the sea.

A place like those fairy tales you always talk about.

Where we don't resort to another animal to drink milk, where we don't force animals to give birth, just to eat their babies.

But is there really a place like that?

If so...how did we end up like this?"

I let out a sigh, I often came here to talk about such things. She was one of the few that listened to me when I was young and my words held no weight.

"Anyways, I'm going to a party in a few days. I don't think you would've enjoyed such a big one like that....But hey, if your rebellious phase got worse, I'm sure you would've.


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