The Mysterious Empress
18 The Eve of the Ceremony
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The Mysterious Empress
Author :SararaGold
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18 The Eve of the Ceremony

Meanwhile, at the capital, in the third floor of one of the most famous restaurant in the city, a group of youths could be seen dining together around a big table.

"The royal ceremony will take place the day after tomorrow, but it seems like not all the guests have reached the capital," a plump young man spoke as he bit a large chunks of the meat in front of him.

"If you're talking about the nobles of Aur, most of them are already staying at the capital. Even those who are not staying at the capital, their fiefs are near to the capital," another young man which was sitting in front of the plump youth said.

"Well, it's not like I care anyway," the former said, his hand was not idle in adding more foods into his plate.

"Royle, I'm still amazed to see how much you can eat even though we've been friends for years," another youth wearing a gold cufflink on his left thumb chimed in as he chuckled. "I wonder if you will eat this much during the royal banquet too."

"The royal banquet better be prepared for me then," Royle said nonchalantly. "I won't hold back."

"Talking about the royal banquet, I believe everyone of you already seen how our current king looks like, right?" the youth in front of Royle said. "He is not much older than us."

"Are you kidding, Wale? We are only 14. His majesty is at least 9 or 10 years older than us," the youth with the cufflink snorted.

"Oh," Wale said. "But still, His Majesty is quite young."

"His Majesty was appointed by the Voclain, and the throne accepted him. Age is not a matter in this situation," a young man which was silent before suddenly spoke.

"As expected of Fred, the best student of the Orthoclase Academy!" the youth with the cufflink snickered.

"Hahaha, Oswald, you're jealous of Fred again," Royle said, sending a playful grin towards the fuming youth.

"Shut up, you fatty!" Oswald gritted his teeth.

Frederick ignored the other people and focused on his food. He might be the best student of the Orthoclase Academy, and he had always been the most intelligent among his peers since they were a child, but he was still losing to that boy with the fiery red hair. It had been 5 years, Frederick wondered if the current him could surpass the boy he met back then. He thought the boy was also studying at the academy, but he had been searching for 5 years and he never found him. The royal banquet this time invited all the noble families from all over the kingdom of Aur, so the boy might attend the banquet the day after tomorrow.

"I believe all of you are going to the ceremony with different purposes," Wale suddenly spoke among the bickerings of the two youths round the table.

"Haha," a forced laughter came out from Oswald, as if he was caught off guard by the sudden words. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, this coming ceremony will be the first royal ceremony after a long time, isn't it?" Wale said as he gazed at the cutlery in front of him.

"So?" unexpectedly both Oswald and Frederick spoke at the same time. Royle glanced at the two of them with strange amusement pasted on his chubby face.

"Well, I don't know about you gentlemen, but I have my noble purpose in attending the royal ceremony," suddenly Wale's tone became proud, and he lifted his chest more, inviting an unpleasant stare from Royle. "All of you immature children will not understand," he continued with a scoff.

"I heard the goddess of Aur will be present in the ceremony," Royle rolled his eyes. "This so-called-noble-purpose of you is actually just to see and worship the goddess, right?" he ended the question with the same scoff.
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"You.." Wale turned speechless at the revelation but when he actually found his voice to retort everyone was looking at him with strange eyes causing him to swallow back his words with difficulty.

What is wrong with his pure worship for his most beautiful goddess?! Wale gritted his teeth while comforting himself that these youth in front of him were just some ignorant bunch of fools who does not know how to appreciate beauty.

"If all the nobles were invited, then surely the Casteel will be present during the ceremony too, right?" suddenly a voice that belong to the quietest member of the group rang out. He slightly moved his eyes when he was overwhelmed by the stares from the rest of the table.

"If you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten that there's indeed a noble family called the Casteel!" Oswald said. "Why would you care if they will be at the ceremony or not?" he asked the gloomy looking youth who did not seem to fit in their circle of friend at all.

"No...nothing," the gloomy looking youth stuttered a bit before he ignored the question. Oswald knitted his brows in displeasure before deciding to ignore the youth.

"Talking about the Casteel, I remember the eldest son of the marquis is quite a good looking man," Wale said, rubbing his chin. "I have quite an impression towards him due to his appearance..." his voice trailed off as he received another strange looks from the other youths.

He could not be blamed for his love towards beauty, alright?! Wale grunted in frustration.


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