The Lovely Princess Cassandra
2 The Beginning
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The Lovely Princess Cassandra
Author :fantasy_land
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2 The Beginning

10 years.

It has been 10 years since the Empress a.k.a the Princess Cassandra had been locked in the pententiary. Gazing at the walls, she took up the thin piece of marble chalk and drew a straight line. The walls of the room were covered in thousands of straight lines, all from the time she had spent there. For the past 10 years, she had seen no one, except for the two guards who stayed outside her cell guarding it day and night. The door of the cell opened only when the guards brought her the food prepared for third degree prisoners. Other than that, it was quite all the time.

The cell room where she was housed in, had a small window with bars which looked upon the great and magnificent kingdom of Valhalla.

Valhalla, once a small country had expanded gloriously under the reign of it's current Emperor. It was rich in everything - lands, military defenses, treasure, armory and it's people.

Cassandra could still remember how excited she had been to come here, when her marriage had been fixed to the third prince. Alas, who would have thought that it would lead to her seeing this day. She had done everything - sacrificed her happiness for the sake of others, belittled herself, had her children killed, loved him with all her heart and all that she got in return was nothing but betrayal.

Cassandra was the daughter of the General Shane Vyom. However, she was the illegitimate child since she was not born from his first wife, but his mistress. Her mother was merely a maid of low class, who had died giving birth to her. Not to mention, she was born in the month of February, coinciding with the saying that any female born in February would bring nothing but misfortune to the family. But still, the general doted upon his daughter. He loved her with all his heart as he had loved her mother. If it were up to him, he would never let a single grief touch her.

But what the General did not know was how her daughter was treated when he was away on long battles. Cassandra was forced to do household chores and farm work. In spite of their being numerous servants and maids at the house, she was tortured and beaten cruelly by her step mother.

However, none of this ever reached the General's ears. The servants were too afraid of the lady to speak anything and the girl would not complain herself, trying not to give her step mother the satisfaction of knowing she got to her.

Sitting in the slowly darkening cell, Cassandra laughed to herself. If only her father could see her now. Ragged and dirty, beaten and thrown away like a garbage, Cassandra could now hope for only one thing - her death.


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