The Heaven Defying Sect
3 The Divine Sense and Training
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The Heaven Defying Sect
Author :Porfatos
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3 The Divine Sense and Training

During the night Fionn was thinking about the trainings plan for the twins "Hmm, I can't give them my cultivation technique yet, because the technique is too difficult to comprehend in their current cultivation stage. What kind of cultivation technique should I give them?" As he was thinking he suddenly heard a beep, inside his head.

[Host can ask system for training/cultivation plan]

"huh really? That's handy to have, alright give me a list according to the knowledge I have, what the best training plan is for Feng'er." Fionn was personally thinking of a mythical fire cultivation technique.

[Checking database...…28%.....49%...64%...100%]

[Training plan complete]

"Can you show me the training plan" Fionn asked the system enthusiastically.

[Cultivation technique: Rising Sun technique, was created by the empress of fire, and dominated with this technique a higher realm for millennia. The technique allows the user to cultivate a primordial fire in their inner world after reaching the <Martial Ocean> stage. By cultivating this technique allows the user to progress fast and lay a very good foundation, It can purify their inner world and speed up their cultivation speed. It cannot be used after the immortal emperor stage, so in higher realms it is only used for a good foundation. However system advises host to give Heaven Defying cultivation technique after disciple reaches <Martial Pillar> realm. In order to break the limit using the Heaven Defying cultivation technique.

Body cultivation technique: The Nirvana Phoenix technique. The Nirvana Phoenix technique was created by the divine primordial phoenix, in a war against the dragon race. By using this technique, the foundation of the body was strengthened every time someone goes past his/her limit. The tendons and veins also get stronger and impurities in the body get incinerated by the Phoenix fire. If the user cultivates a fire based cultivation technique, the speed will get multiplied by 1,5. It also strengthens the bloodline of the Phoenix. System advises host to grant <celestial body> technique after <Martial Pillar> realm. Because currently the body can't handle the starlight power.

Martial arts:

Burning Bow: Long range bow created by any kind of cultivated fire, strength depends on cultivation level and rarity of the fire cultivation technique. (Because of Rising Sun technique primordial fire of the sun, the technique is strengthened by 10 times)

Firefade steps: Movement technique which uses fire to create footholds and increases the agility for the user, can also be used for flight by creating footholds in the air.

Phoenix healing technique: By using the flame of the phoenix one can heal from all poisons or help wounded allies, it cannot be used to heal oneself, because it will negate the Phoenix nirvana technique]

"Hmm I was also thinking about a long range fire cultivation technique, but this one is perfect. It will also not harm her future options in cultivation."

"System create a technique for Yin Li please."

[Checking Database...24%.....67%.....89%...100%]

[training/cultivation techniques found]

[Cultivation technique: Blue Oceanic river technique: The technique was created by Poseidon someone who ruled over a higher realm for ages and gave the technique to all his disciples within the sect to cultivate. This technique is based on the Dao of water and allows the user to cultivate his veins by purifying it with heavenly water. The techniques creates a moon filled with heavenly moon water in their inner world during the <Martial Ocean> stage which increases the cultivation speed of water based techniques times 1,5. The Blue oceanic technique only sets a good foundation an is not suited for higher cultivation realms. However system advises host to give Heaven Defying cultivation technique after disciple reaches <Martial Pillar> realm. In order to break the limit using the Heaven Defying cultivation technique.

Body cultivation technique: The Azure dragon technique: created by the dragon god to fight against the phoenix in the race war. It uses water which has a soft a gentle nature, to strengthen the muscles and veins. By doing this the body becomes flexible with a high regeneration speed, if the user has a water cultivation technique the user can use this to temper every specific body part to perfection. System advises host to grant <celestial body> technique after <Martial Pillar> realm. Because currently the body can't handle the starlight power.

Martial Arts:

-Kun Peng six Forms: The Kun Peng technique was created by an immortal god who was watching a Kun Peng and copied its movement. The Kun Peng has six forms which can be used as a movement technique, fist technique or defense technique. By utilizing different forms of the Kun Peng, if this technique is trained to its peak, it can fight against higher stage beings.]

"A water based technique? I was personally more inclined to give him a wood based one, because he absorbed a little bit of wood qi already." Fionn was thinking about his options.

"Well, wood based cultivation techniques are hard to comprehend, so it is maybe better to start with one of the four base elements" Fionn sighed and decided to give in to the system.


Fionn woke up the two twins and said that their training will now start, he said that that he wanted them to break to their limits by running towards a mountain. The mountain was around 5 kilometres away from the village, but they had to go through the ancient forest in order to reach it.

The trip was very hard for the twins, because they had to dodge all the branches and bushes from the ancient forest. While they were concentrating on dodging these branches, their observation improved slowly. In comparison to the beginning of their journey through the fortress when they got hit by almost every branch, they now almost dodged all the incoming branches and bushes. They also could vaguely sense each others presence.

After the twins reached the peak of the mountain, they were both exhausted from running. Fionn slowly walked towards them and put his hands on their backs.

A pure white energy slowly went through their veins, the pain and exhaustion they felt was almost disappearing instantly. Their muscles and bones were also strengthened by this strange energy. But when they opened their eyes, everything was clearer, they could even see a vague energy in the air. When they asked their teacher, he smiled and started explaining why they could see more clearer.

"In cultivation terms, this is called the divine sense. The divine sense can be used to observe and predict attacks or to sense presence from other living forms or objects, the divine sense is more of an instinct rather than a technique. It's possibilities of developing are almost endless.

The divine sense can only be trained manually, by practicing and meditating. It will not just increase with cultivating, or eating treasures. There are low level cultivators who have an amazing divine sense, and there are very high level cultivators with a low divine sense. However the strongest cultivators all have their own specialized divine sense.

Judging someone's attainment in the divine sense is very hard to do. Because it differentiates from person to person. Someone who has a good social skill, like for example a merchant. Will be specializing his divine sense in sensing emotions. But a stoic swordsman, will be more likely to develop his divine sense to sense killing intent and sword intent.

The pure white energy I inserted in your veins is called heavenly qi, it is the purest form of qi available. By giving your body a sample of heavenly qi, your body longed for more and started searching in the surroundings for more by opening your divine sense. In this way I forcefully awakened your first stage of your divine sense.

Divine sense has a total of 9 stages, each time you advance your observation becomes stronger. The reason why I forcefully awakened your divine sense is complicated but I will try to explain it by using a metaphor. Your divine sense is like a tree, if your tree has good roots and a good foundation, your tree can grow infinitely, with an endless amount of branches. But if you start at a branch instead of the roots you can only grow a couple of twigs and you will never grow bigger then the tree trunk itself.

The tree trunk is sensing qi, the better you sense qi the higher your tree trunk grows and the more branches the tree trunk gets. The branches of sensing qi is, for example sensing emotions or sensing wood elements. If you say specialize in sensing sword-intent, it will form a branch on your divine sense tree and have nine stages of sensing sword intent. But if you awakened you divine sense by sensing sword-intent your tree trunk becomes sword-intent sensing, and the future opportunities of new branches will be minimal in comparison to the qi sense divine sense.

That's why I forcefully awakened your divine sense tree of sensing qi, now you have an endless amount of future prospects instead of a limited amount. Now you can decide for yourself where you want to specialize in." Explained Fionn.

The twins were confused for a while but slowly started to understand, what they didn't know that even in a<high> realms this knowledge was unavailable. And in total in their current realm there is a total of 5 people who awakened their divine sense. And none of them have the qi based divine sense.

After explaining about the divine sense Fionn decided to start explaining about the road of cultivation.


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