The Heaven Defying Sect
2 The Yin Twins
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The Heaven Defying Sect
Author :Porfatos
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2 The Yin Twins

After changing his appearance Fionn walks through the ancient forest. The ancient forest is a unique forest, where some trees are millions of years old. It's comparable to the Amazon on earth, however here the trees are way taller. Fionn also sensed a large amount of pure wood essences, pure wood essences are quite unique, even in <Low> realms pure wood essences are rare.

After walking in the wilderness for a while, Fionn found a small path between the trees and decided to follow it. Fionn was thinking during the walk: 'Hmmm I hope I can find some pretty elves to be my disciple, if elves exist in this realm this would be the place they would live at.' After an hour of walking Fionn sensed a hostile force approaching.

After the hostile force arrived, he spied on Fionn in the shadows for a couple of minutes, Fionn of course sensed it but chose to ignore the force. After five minutes the force showed itself, it was an enormous black gorilla, almost 4 meters tall. The gorilla was at the <Martial seed> stage in his cultivation. Its armed bounced on its chest in order to intimidate Fionn.

"Human what you do in my land?" questioned the gorilla.

"Me? I am just walking around, I am actually a sect master searching for a disciple." Responded Fionn calmly. Just after he said this, he sensed another force approaching, the force had a cultivation of somebody who just stepped in the body refining realm

"Don't try to fool me! You want my demon core!" screamed the gorilla.

"No, I don't want your demon core" responded Fionn.

However, the gorilla already attacked and tried to punch Fionn, however just before Fionn retaliated against the gorilla, he was dragged away by the other force.

The gorilla punched the tree behind Fionn and thought he had killed Fionn. He looked around for a couple of seconds and then decided to leave.

Fionn saw the other force who dragged him away, it was a young boy who was around ten years old with black hair and green eyes. He was wearing drags and had a knife in his mouth, his other hand was on the mouth of Fionn to prevent him from screaming. Fionn was impressed with the speed the boy pulled him away from the gorilla. After the boy waited for 10 minutes and making sure the gorilla was gone, he took his hand from the mouth of Fionn.

"Follow me" he said.

Fionn was interested where the kid was leading him, and so decided to follow him. After an hour of running through the forest, he arrived at a small village just outside the forest. The boy who saved Fionn said that he lived with his sister in this village, and he was an orphan. His name was Yin Li and his sisters name was Yin Feng. But because him and his sister were poor he often had to hunt in the forest in order to provide food for his sister.

After walking out of the ancient forest they arrived at the village. The village had approximately 500 houses and a large amount of farming fields. The village was surrounded by a wall made of wooden spikes and planks. It had one entrance which was guarded by two people of the 3th stage of the body refining realm. The guards had some simple leather armour and where armed with a wooden spear with a metal blade on the tip of the spear.

"Oi what do you think you are doing Yin Li? Bringing an outsider to our glorious Wu-village!"

"Do you want to be banished together with you sister huh?" taunted the guard.

Yin Li the young boy was upset and almost started crying, however, Fionn interfered.

"Gentleman please calm down, my name is Fionn I am just a simple merchant. This young boy here saved my life in the forest, I have no bad intentions towards this village." Fionn said this in a calming tone.

After the two guards saw the expensive robe Fionn was wearing the story was convincing enough, they also couldn't sense any cultivation from Fionn, however the two started to form a malicious plan against this harmless merchant.

"Of course, we always welcome merchants, please enter our humble village" said one guard.

"May we ask what kind of wares you will be selling?" asked another guard.

"You're too polite dear guards, But I am a jewellery sales man and sell precious ores and necklaces" responded Fionn

"May we see what kind of wares there are available" questioned the guard

Fionn bought a normal necklace for 1 SP from the system and showed it to the guards, after seeing the golden necklace greed flashed in the eyes of the guard, before returning to normal.

"Please enter our village dear merchant, however it is a tradition that every merchant can only sell after one week of staying in the village" said the guard

"If that is the rules, then I would have to stay one week in this village." responded Fionn.

Fionn and Yin Li walked away from the guards and entered the village. After walking through the gate of the village, Fionn asked Yin Li if he could stay at his house for the week. Yin Li led Fionn to a deserted looking house in the village. The house was almost collapsing. When Yin Li and Fionn entered the house, a weak voice resounded.

"Cough, Cough, who is there?"

"It's me, sister I brought a guest" answered Yin Li. "A guest led me get out of bed then" responded the frail voice. Yin li and Fionn took a seat on two blocks of wood, who were apparently used as a make-shift chair. Yin li gave Fionn a wooden cup of water and started to prepare dinner,

Afterwards a beautiful but frail girl with the same black hair and green eyes was walking towards the chair and table Fionn and Yin li were siting.

"Greetings guest, my name is Yin Feng, I am the little sister of, Cough, Yin li" said Yin Feng

"It's an honour to meet you Yin Feng, here is my gift for letting me stay at your house" Fionn gave Yin Feng the necklace he bought earlier for 1 SP.

Yin Feng didn't want to accept at first however Fionn insisted because Yin li "saved" him, and he was allowed to stay overnight at their house.

Yin Li was happy with this guest who gave his beloved sister something so beautiful. After Yin Feng received the necklace, she put it around her neck, and started to make dinner.

Dinner was one piece of meat and a quarter bowl of rice, which is way too little for growing children. When Fionn saw Yin Feng weak body, he bought a mortal body strengthen pill from the system. The mortal body strengthen pill can help improving the body of frail and sick mortals.

"Here take this pill, it can improve you body." Fionn gave the pill to the sick little girl with a smile on his face. The girl accepted the pill and swallowed the pill with the help of water. Afterwards her complexion began to improve for a bit but she still was a frail little girl.

Fionn then asked why they where in such state? When he went towards their house with Yin Li he felt look of contempt's from the nearby villagers on his back. Feng Li sighed after hearing this question.

Yin Li responded by telling their story: Yin li and Yin Feng where born as twins, nobody knew who their father was, so they grew up only knowing their mother. Their mother was, after giving birth, weak, but because she was liked by the villagers, they helped her out. Yin Feng was also born weak and needed much help. The mother died when they were four, however the villagers continued to help because Yin li was strong for his age and could maybe become an Immortal in the nearby sect called the Heavenly sword sect.

However, after an elder of that sect visited the village 6 months ago, he said that Yin Feng doesn't have good veins and can't join the sect. The villagers felt betrayed, they thought that they could create a good relationship with an upcoming Immortal. But it turned out his man which they spent a lot of time on was trash and couldn't cultivate. And when worst came to worst, someone who always bullied Yin Li and Feng named Wu li was chosen to join the sect. So, the villagers started to bully the Yin family in hope to gain a good relationship with the upcoming Immortal. Wu Li's grandfather was also the chief elder of the village, but he also didn't protect the twins. He even held some unexplainable resentment towards the Yi family. So he encouraged the bullying and ignored the suffering Yin twins.

After the story was told Fionn slammed his hand on the table and said "Hypocrites". He always resented people who only help others for their own gain. And the moment you show them a sign of weakness they step you in the back.

Fionn was also intrigued by the story of the twins, they were only 10 years old and pushed through in these circumstances. This showed an incredible amount of will power, so he decided to view their potential.

[Name: Yin Li

Body: 22

Veins: 10

Willpower: 25



Recommended to take as hosts disciple]

[Name: Yin Feng

Body: 10

Veins 23

Willpower: 25

Comprehension 22

Total: 80

Recommended to take as hosts disciple]

Fionn swallowed his saliva, and his eyes widened. These twins have amazing potential! Even in higher realms these numbers are rarely found. I have quite the good luck, by finding these disciple in a <lower> realm, he thought by himself.

Yin Feng then sighed and told Fionn: "Mister you should probably leave the village Wu Li will return in a week, and if you are associated with us, they would probably try to kill and rob you. Wu li is also an Immortal so he should be stronger then everyone in the village."

'Oh, so that's why the guards said that I can only sell after a week, so it was a scheme to rob me' thought Fionn.

"I see, thank you for warning me, but I will not leave this village." Said Fionn. He was forming a plan in his head, to take these kids as his disciples.

"But mister…." responded Yin Feng

Before Yin Feng could finish her sentence, Fionn used his Qi and wrapped the disciples and himself in his qi. After that he teleported himself and the twin, high in the sky just above the clouds. He used his qi to make them levitate and seated himself on a cloud.

Yin Feng and Yin Li started panicking, they were afraid that they were going to fall down and get killed. This showed their strong willpower, because a normal ten year old will certainly faint. Fionn was enjoying watching these struggling twins, with a faint smile on his face.

After around ten minutes the twins calmed down, and stared with a questioning gaze towards Fionn.

"You guys are right in thinking that I am indeed an immortal, I am actually interested in taking you as my disciples because of your tremendous willpower and courage. However, cultivation is filled with hurdles and challenges, even the most heaven defying talents fail to reach the apex, more often than not. In order to have the qualifications to become my disciple you need to beat that Wu li brat."

Yin Li and Feng looked at each other with a wry smile and Yin Feng decided to respond: "Mister, we are honoured to have the chance to become your disciple. But my brother has bad veins and I have a sickly body, and even if we didn't have these conditions, we can't beat Wu li who already became an Immortal."

Fionn was happy that his future disciple was not rash , and looked at things with logic and common sense, so he responded with a smile: "I will train you guys starting tomorrow for a week, I will also cure your sickly body and strengthen your weak veins. I will also teach you about the art and power of cultivation. If you in can't defeat that Wu li in these conditions, than frankly speaking, you are not worthy to become my disciple."

The twins agreed with this trial, and Fionn teleported them back in their room. He said that they will leave early in the morning the next day to start their training. After the twins went toward their room he started musing to himself: "Is this the famous training arc cliché ?"


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