The Heaven Defying Sect
1 The Sect Building System
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The Heaven Defying Sect
Author :Porfatos
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1 The Sect Building System

Fionn woke up in a cave, the cave was in an enormous ancient forest. The ancient forest was kind of similar to the amazon forest back on earth. However this forest was bigger and was populated with demonic beast.

"Ugh.... My head" groaned Fionn.

[Good morning host]

"Who are you?" thought Fionn

[My name is the Sect Building System, SBS for short. I am here to assist host in building a sect. To carry forth the legacy of the supreme being]

'Oh, that's right' thought Fionn, Fionn remembered that the supreme being send him towards a lower realm where he had to begin his journey. He wondered if that being was still alive or not? But first he decided to figure out this system. "System what can you exactly? Because I don't need

cultivation techniques or improved cultivation" pondered Fionn.

[The System has 5 functions: Status checker, disciple potential checker, The Lottery, The System shop and the quest board]

"System can you explain each function?" asked Fionn.

[Status checker, checks the current status of the host, or host's disciple.

Host current status:

Name: Fionn

Cultivation: Immeasurable (More powerful than the creator)

Physical strength: 95% completion of celestial body

Cultivation technique: the Heaven defying technique

Strength in current realm: unbeatable]

[The Disciple status checker checks the status/potential of a disciple. It is divided in 4 subjects: Body, Veins, Willpower and Comprehension. A disciple can score 25 points in each subject, so the maximum potential of a disciple is 100, however system advises host to take any disciple above 80 points.]

[The lottery is divided in to 3 components: Sect Items lottery, the disciple item lottery and random Item lottery. In the Sect item lottery host can win items to improves hosts sect, for example buildings or treasurers. In the disciple item lottery host can win personalized items and treasurers for host's disciples. For example, if host has fire-oriented disciple host can win a mythical fire, or fire related items/treasures. The random lottery can be anything in the universe. Host can obtain a different rarity for tickets, the ticket rarity goes from: <common>, <uncommon>, <rare>, <high rare>, <legendary> and <mythical>. The higher the rarity of the tickets the better the items inside of the lottery pool. Host has various ways to obtain tickets, to obtain tickets for the Sect Items lottery, host must improve the strength of the sect minus the hosts. To obtain disciple lottery tickets, disciple of host must improve a major realm. To obtain random item lottery tickets, host has to complete quests on the quest board]

[The System shop is the shop of the system where host can obtain items by paying with Sect Points, or SP for short. Almost every item in the multiverse is available in the system shop. SP can be obtained by completing quests or obtaining respect from people host has guided]

[On the Quest board host can obtain quest and complete them. The reward of the quest can either be: Items, SP or lottery tickets. Currently available quest <2>]

"System open quest board" said Fionn in his mind.

[Quest 1: name and found your sect. Reward: <Sect Building Beginner Pack>

Quest 2: Obtain a disciple with a potential of 80 or higher. Reward: <uncommon disciple lottery ticket and rare sect item lottery ticket and 1000 SP>]

{Oh, I can to quest 1 easily} thought Fionn.

"System do you have any idea for a good name of a sect?"

[System cannot help host with quests]

{hmmm, what about Tang sect? no my last name is not tang, I am not even Chinese. Hmm Celestial sect of Wonders? No, I don't want copyright issues later.} Fionn thought

"I got it! I just name my sect after my cultivation technique." said Fionn.

"System I hereby found the Heaven Defying Sect"

[Congratulations host for completing Quest 1]

[Host has obtained <Sect building beginner Pack>]

[Does Host wish to open <Sect building beginner Pack>?]

"yeah sure open it" said Fionn

[Host has obtained: < high rare sect item lottery ticket>, <legendary sect item ticket>, and <mythical sect item ticket>. Host also obtained 5.000 SP]

"Wow that's a pretty good starter pack, system use the high rare lottery tickets" said Fionn

[Host used <high rare Sect building ticket> host has obtained: portable training battlefield]

[Does Host want a description of the item?]

"A portable training battlefield huh? Oh yes please."

[Portable training battle field: a portable battlefield where users battle an endless number of clones of the same or higher cultivation rank. Can also be used with a team. The battlefield is mainly used to perfect techniques or test them out. Time flow is 1:2]

"This is a very good item for my sect, when my disciples need to train their combat techniques"

"System use legendary sect building ticket!" shouted Fionn excitedly in his mind.

[Host used <legendary sect building ticket> Host obtained: <The library of the Heaven's Path>]

"Library of the Heaven's path? System can you give me a description?"

[Library of the Heaven's path: A library that is coupled to the user's mind, all the techniques that the users had will be sorted into manuals in the library. For example, if host uses it, it will store al the techniques and knowledge of the user in the library]

"That is a very good item for me, who inherited the legacy of that supreme being. But wait a second, system doesn't it also make books of everything that I have done?"

[Host doesn't have to worry; the library will only make books of techniques]

"That's indeed good news"

"If a legendary item is already so strong, I am excited for the mythical ticket!"

"system use the mythical ticket!"

[Host has used <mythical sect building lottery ticket> Host has obtained: The supreme mountain lake]

"The supreme mountain lake? System can you give me a description?"

[The supreme mountain lake: A mountain within a lake which host can store in his body or in the Space-Time river. It is the perfect place to build a sect, the Qi-level is always 10X in comparison to the outside Qi level. For example, if the current Qi level is 10 in hosts world the Qi level in the Sect dimension mountain range is 100. The Sect supreme mountain lake exists of one mountain that is surrounded by a large lake. The lake can be used to temper one's body and improve their physique, surrounding the lake it has farm land which could be used to grow immortal herbs. In the center of the lake there is the mountain which has the Tree of life, the Tree of life improves the cultivation speed on the mountain and the nearby area. The main mountain is also perfect to comprehend the powerful Dao of space and time, and the Dao of life and death.]

"Wow this is the best place for my sect! This system is perfect for making the best sect" Fionn decides to place the sect item in his inner world, which is comparable to a small universe on his own.

"System do you have recommendations what I should buy in the system shop?"

[Host has currently no disciples, system advises host to save points and only uses it when necessary]

"Hmm that indeed makes sense"

After settling everything Fionn opened a space dimension with his space law and stores the items he had won in his dimension that he created.

Fionn looked around and only then notices he that he is naked.

"System can I buy some clothes please?"

[System recommendations: Daoist clothes- 100 SP]

Fionn immediately bought the clothes, it was a long wide robe with Daoist ying-yang symbols on it. If anyone saw Fionn right know they would think he was a handsome wise young scholar.

[Host is recommended to change current appearance to not stand out too much]

"Huh why would I change my appearance?" But then Fionn realised that because he has the <Celestial Body> All the impurities of his body are gone, so his appearance is now like a young male god.

Fionn decides to change his face to his normal looks back on earth, with the <Face Transformation art> which shifts the muscles and skin of the body. After changing his appearance Fionn heads out of the cave and into the ancient forest.


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