The Heaven Defying Sect
-1 The Prologue
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The Heaven Defying Sect
Author :Porfatos
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-1 The Prologue

#AN: Hey the author here! this prologue will be a test to so if people like this kind of novel, so if you like the novel give me a review or say so in the chapter comments! If the response is positive I will be putting out more chapters. Author out! (ᵔᴥᵔ)#

It was a beautiful morning in a small country side town. A handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes by the name of Fionn was running to his job at the local supermarket.

"Fuck, I am way too late."

Fionn was born an orphan and grew up in the local orphanage, and by the age of 18 he was thrown out and had to make money for himself. However Fionn was a smart and hardworking young man and decided to get a job instead of an education to secure his living expenses. So Fionn did an interview at his local supermarket and he got the job! However, he overslept on his first day and was now running late.

Fionn didn't have many friends, in the orphanage he was isolated, and other children ignored him too, but he did have one very time consuming hobby. Fionn's hobby was reading Chinese Wuxia novels online and enjoyed reading mostly the overpowered system novels. He also enjoyed watching various anime and reading manga. Just as Fionn was thinking about the anime he had seen last night, a falling star with the speed of sound was falling towards earth. Heading towards Fionn.

"Hey, is it me or is the sun brighter today?"

Thought Fionn.

"Why is it coming toward me?!"

Just before it hit Fionn he was teleported away by a mysterious power.


Fionn woke up shortly after, he was in a white room with nothing in it, and it stretched out as far as he could see.

{Greetings Fionn} said a monotone voice inside his head.

"Who is speaking to me! Show yourself!" screamed Fionn.

{I am the supreme being}

"A supreme being? So, I died because of that meteor huh" said Fionn.

{No Fionn you didn't die, and this isn't heaven}

"Huh but why am I here then if I didn't die?" questioned Fionn.

{Well I want to ask you for a favor}

"A favor? What kind of favor?" Fionn was now getting wary of this supreme being. After the question was asked a normal looking old man in a toga with a beard came out.

{Well I am not exactly a god, I am a supreme cultivator who stands at the peak of the cultivation world, and I created my own universe}


{Indeed, it is the same one as in your memories}

{I maybe am a supreme being, however being at the top of the world is quite lonely, so I decided to reincarnate myself without my memory and restart my journey}

{However, I don't want my legacy to be forgotten in the passage of time, and was searching for someone who can spread my legacy, and take it to the apex of the world}

"And that someone is me?"

{Indeed, you are the perfect candidate for the sect master position for my legacy}

"Why? I don't know anything about cultivation, and I am not as strong as the cultivators in those novels."

{Don't worry Fionn, my lifespan will run out in about one thousand years or so. I decided to train you to be my successor because of your potential} The god looked at Fionn with a gentle smile


The thousand years pass by, Fionn and the god were still training, Fionn's talent for cultivation is immeasurable. Even the old god needed millions of years to get to his current cultivation stage, and Fionn's cultivation, even surpassed this old man. His foundation was astonishing, by cultivating he specialised in all of the nine different elements: Fire, water, earth, air, metal, wood, lightning, space and time. He used a self-made cultivation technique, he created it by combining the highest rank technique of each element. Even the heavens stopped sending tribulations when he was advancing in his cultivation because they knew it was useless, and the heaven were scared to offend this monster.

Fionn's body was also rapidly evolving, by bathing in the stars and absorbing the celestial power of the stars. This technique was called <Celestial Body> technique, It is the strongest physical body in existence. To train this technique, the user absorbs the celestial qi in his or her body, and integrate it in their body. The user also generates a celestial core in the centre of the chest, where they store their excess celestial QI, which can also be used to strengthen physical attacks. After that they temper their body slowly by pumping the celestial qi around in their body, by doing this the muscles, tendons and veins gain the power of the Celestial system, and the user gets a boost in cultivation. If the technique reaches full completion, they can grab the whole multiverse in their hand, and travel entire realms with one step. Fionn was fifteen years of body cultivation away from the full completion. If he reached full completion with his celestial body, he will be the most powerful being in the universe. Right now he only places in the top 3, behind the God of life and death and the God of the universal truth.

Fionn also trained his additional occupations, for example he was already a 10-star ranked: alchemist, blacksmith, formation master, beast tamer, herb farmer, master tutor, doctor, cook, painter, appraiser, musician and tea maker.

The supreme being was also astonished by his progress, even he didn't have so many mastered occupations. He was also happy because his remaining life force was currently running out, and because Fionn was so powerful he didn't need his protection.

The being also created with his remaining qi and lifeforce a system, and coupled it to his own treasury. He named the system the Sect building system, and imprinted it on the soul of Fionn. Fionn of course noticed this and looked at the deity with questioning eyes.

{This is the sect building system, it can help you create you sect and set goals for your disciple}

"A system!" Fionn was very excited because he always wanted a system like he read in the novels. Even though he could create one himself if he wanted to.

{Fionn, I am going to give you a little bit of basic information about this multiverse, There are millions of realms in this multiverse, however there is a classification for the power level of those realms mainly: <Lowest realms>, <Lower realm>, <Low realm>,<Under Average realm> <Average realm>, <Above Average realm>, <High realm>, <Higher realm>, <Highest realm>, <The End realm>. Earth is classified under the lowest realms because there is almost no Qi in the air. A normal cultivator in the Lower realm can easily destroy every human on earth. A normal human can also not survive the pressure of a <Low realm>. And people who can survive in an <Above Average realm> can be classified as Gods. Currently we are in the <End> which is the most powerful realm in existence. And only the supreme being, the one who stands at the top of all cultivators can inhabit this realm. That's why your cultivation progressed so fast, and could also improve your body at such a ridiculous pace. Every realm also has their own cultivation classification and techniques, however it's almost impossible to beat someone from a higher realm}

{Fionn, I am going to send you to a <Lower realm>, called the Azure Dragon realm. In the Azure dragon realm, there are the following cultivation realms: <Body refining > - <Martial seed>- <martial pond> -<Martial river> - < Martial sea>- <Martial Ocean> - <Martial Pillar> - <Martial Palace> - <Martial Palace expansion>, after reaching this stage you will transcend to the next realm. I hope you will travel with your disciples from realm to realm and teach them about cultivation. The system that I gave you is called <Sect building system> and you will get rewards if your sect gets stronger.}

Now Qi energy from the supreme being surrounded Fionn, who became a beautiful heavenly god because of his <Celestial body>. The supreme used a space law to teleport Fionn towards the Azure Dragon realm. After he teleported away the deity sighed, his life force was running out slowly. A rare smile was shown on his face, he muttered one last sentence towards the disappeared Fionn.

{Fionn, I wish you success with your journey, and I hope you can bring your sect to the Apex of the cultivation world , Goodbye...…my son}

After saying this the being died, his soul however entered the wheel of reincarnation. This was the end of an old legend, but also the beginning of a new one.

This was the start of the Heaven Defying Sect which will shake the multiverse


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