The Heathen
29 The Third Lesson
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The Heathen
Author :Aardae
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29 The Third Lesson

The days dragged on with the only major difference is the presence of the old man. The vedrfolnir who had become Aos' companion grew bored of the area surrounding the wooden cave and began to prefer the perch on Aos' forearm.

Aos continued to memorize the druidic tongue until she eventually reached the second third of the tome. This section composing of the rules and grammar to from sentences rather than single words.

She rather struggled with this section since it was rather complicated with rules building on top of other rules making the entire process rather messy.

The old man began to meditate alongside Aos. Although unlike Aos who broke meditation every few minutes to relieve herself from the strain the old man would continue meditating for several days without end. Only stopping his meditation when Aos would get rather stuck on a specific druidic rule for a prolonged period of time.

Suddenly one morning Aos was interrupted when the old man said, "I guess you've progressed enough for the next lesson" the old man pulled out another tome he had hand-written out of his robe. This one significantly smaller and far more fundamental. Written across the leather cover there was a set of runes


Aos flipped through the pages before coming to her own conclusion that the next lesson would be about the runes she had seen engraved onto the old man's staff many, many months ago.

The old man soon resumed with the lesson, "The runes that have been discovered by the druids allow us to imbue magic and energy into the words used."

Soon from some contemplation, the old man said, "From now on you will need to study the runic tome alongside the druidic tome." then after some further thought, the old man reached under his robe and pulled out a wooden disc. He then proceeded to inscribe a series of runes.


Then, the old man threw the disc into the air. The wooden disc then continued to hover in the air for well over a minute before finally falling down to the ground. "The runes we inscribe can alter characteristics or even defy what would be considered normal. Such as the wooden disc, when inscribed with a decree of levitation it can conform to the runes as long as there is enough nature energy contained within the runes.


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