The God Of Sex in Magic World
4 no pain no gain 01
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The God Of Sex in Magic World
Author :WizardOFCreation
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4 no pain no gain 01

Tyler seeing that he managed to make Cryie's heart race.

He smiles and kneels down like a gentleman.

Cryie seeing Tyler's statement.

She does her best to not show emotions.

Even though she did her best to hide her emotions, Tyler was able to see them all.

He smiles and says.

(Tyler): Will my princess allow me to join your gang ???

Cryie looks firmly into Tyler's eyes.

It concentrates a type of invisible energy identical to that of the mysterious man in the subway.

Tyler feels a chill from head to toe.

However he remains firm without showing frankness.

Cryie managed to read Tyler's soul.

And the only thing she could feel was Tyler's burning desire for her.

She has never seen anyone feel such a burning desire for her.

Almost every other Boy is afraid of his cold, calculating personality.

She takes a deep breath and remains cool and emotionless.

Anyone looking outside thinks Tyler has failed to charm Cryie's heart.

But inside Cryie's body it's like an atomic bomb.

She is working hard, so as not to show emotions.

She looks at Tyler on her knees and says in a cold tone!

(Cryie): A stray dog ​​just like you, Do you really think you'll be able to own me ???

Tyler hearing Cryie's words he can feel in his soul.

That she is doing her best, just to maintain that superiority pose.

Tyler smiles because he knows when she is undressed and between four walls.

It will make her moan until her mind melts with pleasure.

He's going to give her a good spanking so she can learn to be a submissive woman.

Tyler begins to make a false expression of disappointment and sadness.

He looks at her and says.

(Tyler): my beloved princess, will you at least allow me to join your gang ??

Cryie goes to great lengths to stay cool.

She never thought any man would dare to flirt with her in public.

She turns to her followers and says in a commanding tone.

(Cryie): If he wants to get in! Then take him to the Test!

The moment Cryie said Tyler is going to pass the Test.

The Boys started to Smile as if a Rare show was ready to start.

Right after you say that Cryie.

He takes his position as Leader in front of the group.

And then put on your hood, completely protecting your face and body.

However, the moment she started walking, Tyler smelled the nectar of the Gods.

Somehow Tyler managed to make Cryie's body want him sexually.

However, only Tyler realized this.

He smiles and then gets up.

Jhon looks at Tyler and says.

(Jhon): Welcome to Hell! Tyler ....

Tyler hearing Jhon's words he feels a little shiver in his body.

(Tyler): what do you mean by that ??

(Jhon): HAHAHAHAHA! Very soon you will understand .....

Tyler ignores what jhon said but he also makes a mental note.


After crossing some streets in this polluted and toxic city.

Tyler's group enters a large dark cul-de-sac.

On this dark street, Tyler stands his ground.

He stares at Cryie's ass.

And cryie notices every action Tyler takes.

(Thoughts from, Cryie): Why is my body so hot ??????

Why am I feeling this way ????

Is that because of that Boy ??

Cryie feels her underwear get wet.

But she still stands firm.

Even your body Wishing to live a woman's pleasure.

Cryie raises his hand and says, it's time for you to prove that you deserve this with us Tyler.

The boys around Tyler start to laugh.

Jhon looks at Tyler and says.

(Jhon): It was nice to meet you ..... Tyler the Boy who dared to flirt with my Lady!

Tyler smiles and approaches Cryie and says.

(Tyler): My beloved princess, what do I have to do ???

Cryie hears Tyler's male voice, calling her a princess.

She can hardly stand her ground.

She looks into Tyler's eyes and says.

Are you seeing that book store ???!

Cryie shows the place well hidden at the end of the dark street.

Your mission is to distract the woman who takes care of that place!

If you can keep her Distracted, how much my gang and I will plunder the safe.

You can be part of our gang.

Tyler smiles at Cryie and says quietly and very quietly just for her to hear.

(Tyler): I want to join your Gang!

But if this theft goes as planned, as a reward I want your body!

The moment Tyler said those dirty things.

Cryie uses his energy and attacks Tyler's chest heavily.

Making him fall to his knees, Tyler puts his hand over his mouth and realizes that he is drooling blood.

He looks at Cryie angrily.

The love that used to be in Tyler now remains only anger and desire for Cryie.

When Tyler puts this girl in the position of four he will fuck her so much.

He's going to be so Wild with this girl, she'll remember Tyler for the rest of her life.

The boys watching Tyler bleed, they start to laugh.

(Jhon): This Boy is crazy! HAHAHAHA!

(Jhon): Pyter! What do you think of this crazy ???

The boy with the energy sling looks at Jhon and says.

(Pyter): HAHAHAAHAHA, this boy is certainly not afraid to die.

Cryie looks at Tyler's condition.

She wants to help this strange boy.

Cryie, for the first time in your life is feeling confused.

Throughout her life, she always thought she was ugly.

That's why she is wild and brutal.

To try to hide your shame of being born with little physical beauty.

However for some reason the Boy who is in front of you.

He is simply wanting her to the point that he is not afraid to die.

The girl looks at Tyler with a rebellious look and tells the entire group to listen.

(Cryie): Tyler, If you really want me!

Fulfill your mission, that I will fulfill your Desire!

The group heard their Leader's statement.

Almost all of them bleed blood through their mouths.

Jhon listening is the first to faint.

Nor, in the craziest dreams in their lives.

They would dare to think that there would be a man brave enough to flirt and have a chance to taste their leader's body.

Now the only thing hanging over the hearts of Cryie's followers is envy.

And the wish that Tyler die in the middle of the mission.


know I'm being boring repeating this ....

but do an evaluation please!

And remember! English is not my first language.

so, have pity on some grammatical errors in the novel.

I am writing just for your enjoyment.



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