The God Of Sex in Magic World
3 ignition point 03
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The God Of Sex in Magic World
Author :WizardOFCreation
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3 ignition point 03

Tyler starts walking slowly, like he's the king of everything.

Even being a horrible student in some subjects.

Tyler never ran away from a fight at school!

He always liked to fight, because it makes his blood boil.

And to complement Tyler's life, in academia in his past world.

He was one of the best students in muay thai.

A boy with a piece of iron in his hand noticed that Tyler was approaching.

He soon alerts his entire group.

Brothers! Be careful!

Tyler comes close to the group of teenagers and says in his calm voice.

(Tyler): Who among you is the Leader ??

Before the leader can introduce himself.

Tyler begins to make a small mental map of his possible friends / enemies.

In this small group there are 5 people.

4 boys with little muscle.

Minimum height between 1.70 / 1.75 maximum.

Even though they didn't have muscles like Tyler.

In return, they are armed with sharp iron spikes.

And some with some sort of brilliant technology in their hands.

It looks a lot like a slingshot.

However, Tyler can feel in his body that if that slingshot hits his flesh.

He is quite sure that this can be extremely lethal.

But the leader who must be the strongest has a hood.

And that Leader must be the most dangerous for the simple fact that he is the lowest in the group.

With your height between 1.60 / 1.70 at the most!

It is not clear whether this leader is very dangerous or not.

The boy who was closest to Tyler wastes no time and says.

Who are you ???!

Tyler hearing his question he smiles and says.

I want to talk to your Leader!

The boy realizes that Tyler is not afraid.

And to improve Tyler's image, this boy realizes that Tyler's body is well toned.

But the boy is not intimidated and says.

What do you want with our leader ???

Tyler takes a deep breath and says.

You are the leader ??!

The boy smiles at Tyler and says.

To find our Leader you must first prove your worth.

Tyler looks at him and says in a serious tone.

I don't have time for petty games.

The moment Tyler treated the boy with contempt.

The young man points the iron at Tyler and says.

Who do you think you are ???

You arrogant shit!

You will die!

Tyler is afraid.

but he successfully hides his fear!

The moment the young man with the piece of iron thought of striking Tyler.

The hooded young man says in a commanding tone!

Jhon! Shut up!

The moment jhon heard the young man in the hood, he gritted his teeth in anger.

But still he obeys.

Tyler hears a female, rebellious voice from the hooded youth.

Tyler almost bleed from the mouth, for the simple fact.

That even in hell Tyler couldn't imagine that the leader of this gang is a Girl!

The hooded young man starts walking slowly towards Tyler.

The other young people in the group are silent and make room for their leader to pass.

Tyler looks at the girl approaching him smiling and says.

(Tyler): Are you the Leader of this Group ????

The Girl looks at Tyler from head to toe.

However, she soon deduces that Tyler is just another boy without fear of dying wanting confusion.

The Girl gets up and removes her hood.

She immediately looks directly into Tyler's eyes and says.

(Cryie): Who are you ??

Tyler looks at that rebellious and arrogant girl.

He feels his heart beat faster.

This girl has short pink hair.

Eyes as red as the purest blood.

Right under his right eye, he has a small tattoo with the letter V.

His skin is white as if he had never been in contact with the sun.

Your lips are small and shiny.

Tyler can't see the volume of her breasts, that is, this girl doesn't have much seductive power.

So this girl has to stand out in other attributes.

(We think of Tyler): I just love this kind of girl!

She is doing this because in this group here there is no real man.

Tyler already imagined how this girl would react between four walls.

He will do whatever it takes to break that pride and her arrogant pose.

Tyler is going to make her moan and scream like a bitch.

Only then will she understand that Tyler is not just a Boy like the others.

Tyler smiles and says.

(Tyler): I'm Tyler!

You sweet beauty can only call me Ty.

The girl realizes that Tyler is flirting with her.

The gang members start to see Tyler in another Light.

Tyler is either crazy or not afraid to die.

This girl's reputation in this city is to give chills to anyone.

However, Tyler did not show fear when flirting with Cryie.

She is a little surprised, but doesn't let anyone notice that she was surprised by Tyler.

(Cryie): You better say what you want!

Before I lose my temper and send my henchmen to blow your brains out.

Tyler smiles and says in a serious tone.

(Tyler): I want to be part of your Gang!

The moment Tyler spoke those words to the people behind Cryie.

They started talking to each other.

They know that Tyler is very different from the boys.

First he is not afraid of his leader's power, and second he is not afraid of death.

Having him as a gang member will be a big help when they go to fight again.

The girl in front of Tyler is surprised and says in a doubtful tone.

(Cryie): Why do you want to join my gang ??

Tyler looks deeply into her eyes and says.

(Tyler): This attitude of yours, this appearance of yours I fell in love with you! It was love at first sight!

The moment Tyler said those words.

Cryie cannot stand his ground.

Your skin that is white starts to turn red because of shame.

In this dirty and violent place there is almost no romance.

Cryie never thought in his life that he was going to meet a boy who is not afraid of his dark reputation.

She tries to hide her smile but Tyler realizes that he has successfully managed to awaken certain feelings in Cryie's body.


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