The God Of Sex in Magic World
2 Ignition point 02
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The God Of Sex in Magic World
Author :WizardOFCreation
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2 Ignition point 02

Tyler starts to get nervous, his heart starts to race.

Everything around him is strange, people's clothes, the structures of buildings.

Tyler closes his mouth and grits his teeth!

He tries to stand his ground, so as not to get anyone's attention.

Tyler takes a deep breath and starts to think as soon as possible.

But the moment Tyler took a deep breath he felt his nose burn.

Tyler feels that the air in this place is extremely polluted.

He was never a good student, but the fear of dying and the unknown.

They make Tyler's mind start to unlock certain inanimate brain pathways.

Tyler feels his head burn, but right after the pain.

Quick, assertive thoughts begin to flood Tyler's consciousness.

First he needs the basic knowledge about everything!

After thinking and creating a small mind map.

Tyler starts to move.

He looks everywhere, he realizes that he is on top of a busy bridge.

Tyler comes close to the edge, he looks down and realizes that there is no water or river.

On the contrary, this bridge is just one of several other paths that connect one place to the other.

Tyler looks down and realizes that every time you go down.

People's conditions are worse.

And the air gets more polluted.

Tyler makes a mental note in his mind.

This place is just overwhelming!

And the inequality in this world is not small either.

Tyler for the first time in his life he feels like a protagonist of Isekai.

After looking at the depth of the bridge, Tyler begins to remember the man on the subway.

Tyler easily remembers his words.

Do not let me down! Boy...

That's what the mystery man said to Tyler.

However, Tyler is not a slow boy.

He also remembers that the mysterious man said that Tyler is his most perverted version.

In other words, that man is someone very powerful, and somehow he can travel between realities.

Tyler is envious of his most powerful version.

He can already imagine the types of women that his most beautiful and powerful version must prove every night.

Tyler is angry at his most powerful version.

However, he soon throws these thoughts into the back of his mind.

(Tyler): Shit!

I am alone, and to make matters worse I don't know anything or anyone in this new world.

After complaining about your own condition.

Asking anyone in this dark place for help, Tyler has already ruled out that option.

Tyler decides to look for the dump closest to this bridge.

Maybe he can find something useful or someone to help him.

Tyler begins to observe the people around him.

And he soon manages to identify something common among them all.

The vast majority have some sort of monocle in their right eye.

Some rarely with the monocle in the left eye.

Tyler is sure in his soul that this monocle is not normal.

It is as if its users could see invisible letters and numbers.

Tyler soon thinks that maybe it was connected to some kind of network.

Something very similar to the Internet!

Suddenly, Tyler feels someone moving his right shoulder.

The sudden movement takes Tyler out of his mental bubble.

He looks back and realizes that they are children and a teenager, who just bumped Tyler's shoulder.

The most interesting of these children, is that they all seem to survive in this city for a long time.

They all have marks and wounds on their faces.

Some carrying iron pieces.

Others with bright and strange little inventions in their hands.

As if they were just fighting a rival gang.

Tyler smiles to himself.

Because he has already reached a basic conclusion.

These children and teenagers certainly have experiences and know this City.

And perhaps to improve, they are not demanding when it comes to recruiting a new member for your group.

Tyler has an intelligent mind and an agile body.

And somehow Tyler was born very well endowed!

Your Meat sword at the age of 15 can fill any woman, regardless of age.

Tyler has already created a plan in his mind.

Tyler wastes no time and removing his tie.

He ties his own tie in his right hand.

Making it look like an English punch, or something that made your punch more firm.

He also doesn't waste time and mess up his own hair.

Tyler never liked long hair.

For the simple fact, those who wear long hair are extremely effeminate.

And to make matters worse, Tyler has always hated effeminate men.

In Tyler's mind it doesn't fit, the fact that there are men who like to feel pleasure like a woman.

Tyler was always arrogant and narcissistic.

That's why he hates weak men.

Tyler is not the smartest man!

He is a gentleman, he is the typical athlete who treats all women like queens and princesses.

However, he is a violent man between four walls with all the women!

Even though she is a Virgo, Tyler knows that for a woman to climax many times.

He has to be crude and dominant.

Tyler knows he has to make women feel the pleasure of the female body.

He knows how to make the girl moan and scream with pleasure, while she remembers that she is a woman.

Only then will this woman never forget that Tyler is a Real Man.

And he is one of the few men who can make a woman remember that she is just a fragile little girl.

Tyler wastes no time and puts his short hair back.

Letting your hair form a tuft like a hawk.

Soon after, he rips the two ends of the arms of his school uniform hard.

Letting your Athlete toned arms appear.

However, Tyler noticed something.

It is still clean and free of scars or bruises.

Tyler wastes no time and starts to attack himself strategically.

He pats his face a little, just to leave a few bruises.

After that he picks up some dust that is on the floor and sucks it out strategically to spread it on his clothes!

After dressing up as a street fighting king.

Tyler took great care not to hide his beauty.

He is an elegant warrior, not a dirty barbarian.

He smiles and starts walking slowly towards the small group in front of him.


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