The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Anthony ties the icy bat lord corpse to the two blood raptors "let's go chip you coward" they head out as Anthony checks on the mountain creeper brood mother the screen showing the creeper clumsily digging out a burrow with her remaining pincer. "Well lets head out the sooner we get this done the sooner we can eat" chip growls as he and the newcomer start pulling the icy bat lord corpse down the mountain the journey takes two hours due to their slow pace.Anthony waves at the two guards as he and the raptors drag the corpse towards the guild along the way Anthony can hear various gasps and murmuring of other people.Anthony finally made it to the guild pulling the corpse up to the receptionists desk "I'd like to turn in this icy bat lord it was in a cave with a bunch of icy bats that my mission wanted me to kill thanks to the injuries i sustained fighting this guy i couldn't finish my mission and i think there could be more of these guys in the cave".The woman looked at the icy bat lords corpse "let me go get my superior" Anthony watches as the receptionist rushes towards a office in the back she entered the office after about ten minutes the door swung open revealing Helen her green eye's stared at him in shock. Helen shook her head "you look like hell i sent you on a low level mission how did you get so many wounds hunting icy bats". "Well everything was going fine until this thing came out of the cave and almost killed me Chip was no help as soon as he saw this guy he actually dived behind me for cover".Anthony sighed giving chip a glare "I took an ice sickle to the shoulder my other injuries are nowhere near as bad as this one and i can't go to the hospital without money unfortunately thanks to my injuries I've only managed to kill 37 normal icy bats and that monstrosity". "The reason i brought the corpse is I think there may be more of these guys in that cave I didn't want you to send any other unlucky adventurers up there is there anyway I can get some money for this corpse I need to get proper medical attention".Helen came around the desk and untied the corpse lifting up the wings and checking various things on it "I believe the guild will purchase this monster corpse for 200 dollars since its in good condition it's body can be used to make various different items".Anthony "sounds good i just want to go to the hospital my shoulder is killing me" Helen smiles "we'll get you sorted out and taken care of dont worry you will also probably receive a reward for bringing back this information you don't have to worry the guild takes care of it's own". Helen gives the corpse another once over "honestly I'm just wondering how you managed to kill it with your current strength level" Anthony grins "don't worry I'll be sure to put all the juicy details in the report" Helen nods "I'll hold you to it for now here's the 200 dollars get to the hospital already you look like shit".Alot of things have changed since the shift hospitals were one of them hospitals would no longer see anyone without medical insurance unless they had at least a quarter of the money their fee costs.Hospitals have also been searching out and hiring anyone with a healing ability although healing abilities are one in ten thousand there is much demand for anyone with one they are so sought after that hey are basically celebrities there is even a new religion which believes healers are the descendants of god. Anthony was finally released from the hospital after receiving healing and twelve stiches he was told to lay off adventurer missions for at least two weeks Anthony cursed his luck he now owes the hospital 1200 dollars."Damn it my first mission and I'm already unable to take another mission for two weeks how the hell am i suppose to eat and get the gear i need for future missions when i owe the damn hospital over a thousand dollars" Anthony grumbled as he arrived at the adventurers guild.Anthony walked to the counter Helen smiled "how was the hospital they get you healed up and ready for your next mission" Anthony shook his head "no they said i should take a break from missions for two weeks so where's that report form i need to fill out any news on that reward i could really use some good news right now".


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