The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Anthony teleported back to the entrance and left after buying a leather pack with 20 dp his mana and stamina restored still hungry but he and Chip headed north up the mountain eager to earn some money and dp. After 3 hours of hiking Anthony and Chip started to see signs that they were in icy bat territory by the random snow covered tree's and fozen berry bushes as they hiked Anthony came to rely on his cane more and more for the climb. Anthony finally made it to the edge of a large ice cave which could be the monsters nest since it's too risky to just rush head first into the cave Anthony decided to send Chip in to scout it out. Anthony watched as Chip slowly snuck into the ice cave slowly looking every which way as he advanced into the cave. Anthony watched the cave entrance for about ten minutes when he heard screeching from inside the cave as Chip ran out followed by a couple dozen icy bats in chips little jaws was a icy bat which some how wasn't dead screaming its little lungs out for help all of this would have been hilarious if Chip wasn't running straight at Anthony. "I said scout and let me know if they're in there not bring over thirty of the little shits" as Anthony cursed he slammed his cane into one of the bats sending it slamming into a rock instantly killing it.Congratulations you have unlocked icy bats for your dungeon " I dont care right now system" Anthony yelled as he slammed his cane into another bat its screeching ending instantly. Chip immediately bit the bat in its mouth in two and swung it's tail smacking another bat into the ground where he pounced on it tearing his claws into and ending its life blood splattering on his scales. When the fight was finally over Anthony was covered in bites and surrounded by bat bodies he was exhausted and Chip was laying on the ground and covered in blood half asleep. Anthony slowly collected each body tossing them into the bag thier wings looked exactly like ice you could see thier bones after counting the bats they had killed 37 they still needed 13 more. Anthony grinned "we have over half come on Chip after this we can get something to eat" Chip got up looking determined as he charged into the cave this time Anthony heard a loud screech that seemed to make the cave shake Chip came running out as fast as his little legs could carry him. Behind Chip was a icy bat that was 5 feet tall with a 9 foot wingspan it was shooting ice sickles at chip who dived behind Anthony whose cane slammed into one of the ice sickles shattering it ice shards flew in each direction "appraisal" yelled Anthony. Appraisal actavates Icy bat lord one of the many evolved forms of icy bats they wield ice magic to freeze their enemies "well thats a pain but you seem powerful and will definitely be useful in the dungeon". Anthony quickly shot a acid bullet at the icy bat lord but the bat blocked it using a ice sickle. Anthony dashed forward using his cane and his bash skill to swing at the bat the bat uses both its wings to block the attack the ice on its wings cracks a little but not enough to stop its flying a little blood flows from the cracks. Anthony tries to follow up the attack with another bash but the opens it's wings creating a couple of ice sickles at point blank range. Anthony desperately uses flash trying to save himself from being impaled he's with a blinding flash he successfully stuns it but that doesn't stop the ice sickles that were already launched land one impaling his left shoulder the others are a little off target cutting his right thigh and his right arm. Anthony fought through the pain to lanch one more bash with his cane this time it hits the bats unprotected chest making a loud crunching noise as the bats chest caves in they both fall to the ground one dying from its lungs being impaled by it's own bones and the other cursing like there's no tomorrow. "Chip rip that bats head off" Anthony growls out as he puts pressure on his shoulder Chip runs over chomping into its neck Chip breaks the bats neck killing the bat. Congratulations you have unlocked the icy bat lord for your dungeon congratulations you levelled up you gained 10 stat points and 2 skill points "finally ill have something besides the shaman hobgoblin for insurance wait what the hell are skill points screw it I'll find out later".Anthony slowly stands up pulling some rope out of his leather pack he tie's the bat up and attaches it to Chip "since your little ass was a coward your carrying that thing back". Chip barely able to stand with the weight starts dragging the bat behind it as the two slowly make thier way down the mountain they desperately avoided every monster on the way back down. Surprisingly on the way down they found it way easier to traverse even with injuries while it took 4 hour's to climb it took them an hour and a half to climb down to the dungeon. When they enter the dungeon Anthony immediately teleports to the core and walks to the hobgoblin shamans hut as he enters he sees the two burned goblins bandaged up with animal leather "please bandage me up like them".The shaman looks Anthony up and down seeing his wounds it walks over to a wooden box in the corner of the hut retrieving some old leather strips he instructs Anthony to sit down and begins applying a weird green salve to his leg then wraps it he repeats the process for his arm but points at his shoulder and shrugs basically saying nothing he could do.Anthony nods his face pale from blood loss " you deserve a name I'll name you Yen" you have named a monster it can now be revived and will gain a random skill shaman Yen has gained the skill flame breath "well that just explains itself dosent it".


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