The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Zombies are undead creatures that will only die once their heads have been destroyed or to be more specific their brains.Zombies are stronger then humans but their rotting bodies make them slower then most humans just like most undead they hate fire and light/holy magic attacks. "So overall they're surprisingly strong monsters but they'd be more effective when put in a group" suddenly the screen in front of him changes congratulations you have successfully repelled your first invaders you have gained 300 dp from them and successfully completed one of your missions you gain 500 dp and three thunder eels. "We currently have 800 dp ill take one thunder eel nest for 200 dp place it and the three thunder eels on the second floor somewhere".New misson become an adventurer rewards 1000 dp and a free new random floor type for your dungeon "apparently this system isn't going to let me be a shut in fine i get it I'll go but first I'd like to buy the skills 'bash', 'flash', 'acid bullet', and finally 'appraisal' for 355 dp also are there any other skills i can afford".Here are the only skills you can currently afford with 245 dp

'telekinesis' the ability to control objects with your mind mana usage depends on the object you move cost 200 dp.

'Summoning magic' allows you to summon allies to help fight mana cost depends on creature summoned cost 225 dp.

'Bone wall' the ability to summon a wall of bones for cover from ranged attacks durability depends on skill level costs 30 mana per use cost 175 dp.

'Blood burn' literally boils the targets blood in their veins causing massive damage costs 75 mana per use cost 240 dp.

"I'll have to go with 'summoning' magic i mean I'm not that much of a physical fighter so I'll purchase summoning magic for 225 dp". Anthony then looks around his seat to see the various skill books "lets get this over with" would you like to learn bash, flash, summoning magic, Appraisal, and acid bullet yes/no "yes now lets go become an adventurer and make some money with that said teleport me to the entrance of the dungeon". A flash of light teleports Anthony to the beginning of the dungeon Anthony peaks from the entrance to see if anyone is outside the dungeon everything appears clear he rushes into the bushes."Thunderspire should just be down this hill and to the right a bit" as Anthony follows the path he hears a loud roar in the distance along with some explosions "system can you tell what kind of monster that was by its roar" system can only confirm by its sound that it probably belongs to an insect type monster. "An insect can make that much noise that's insane" as Anthony makes it to the town gate he remembers his suit has the disguise ability when equipped."System is there anywhere i can place my hat" you can store it in the system until you can afford a magic bag this store option is only for equipment and will not store an infinite number only one set of equipment can be stored at anytime."Well that's helpful but i need a magic bag pronto better start completing some missions"Anthony slowly makes his way to the guild.The guild is a massive building with 6 floors each floor has its own purpose the first floor is for the actual guild level the second a library the third a storehouse the forth a training room this is also were they check peoples abilities the fifth floor is where documents are kept the sixth is the guild masters office. Inside the first floor is a bar and food joint along with a registration counter and mission board. Anthony walked up to the registration couter behind it sat a redhaired lady she looked like she was in her early twenties her hair up in a bun with glasses and earbuds in listening to music her nametag said Helen. Her green eyes caught Anthony's movement towards the counter as she put her business face on "how can i help you today" "I'd like to get registered as an adventurer today as i have just recently awakend my powers and would like to be given a rank". "Right this way sir" as she said this a big bear of a man to the side of the door opened it saying "this way and good luck on your combat test" "thanks I'll definitely give it my best" Anthony enters the room and follows Helen to an elevator. When they enter theres another huge guy at the buttons he asks "which floor" "forth please" responds Helen he pushes the button the elevator slow rumbles and starts rising. "So what kind of power did you end up with kid" Helen casually asks "summoning creatures to fight is my ability" "that's pretty nice there are only two other people at this guild branch with that ability" "really I'll have to look them up see if they know how to improve my ability" "its always a good idea to seek advice from your senior adventurers". Ding you have reached the forth floor as they exit the room looks like your basic gym with treadmills, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment. They pass through the room and enter a door at the edge of the room with a basic office separated from an obstacle course with bullet proof glass as a barrier with camera's in each corner of the room. Helen looks at Anthony "please enter the obstacle course room and summon your creature to run the obstacle course after that I'll give you further instructions" "alright".As Anthony enters the room the door locks behind him he starts to focus his mana on summoning magic when a voice suddenly speaks into his mind choose a type of monster to summon you can only choose one type of monster.


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