The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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"Have the goblins set an ambushe for them while they are stuck behind the poison arrow trap try driving them into the river". "I really thought that it'd only fire one arrow not be a damn turret" Anthony turned his attention away from the battle and back to the raise undead book in his hands " no better time to learn a skill i guess". Anthony opened the skill book a screen appeared in front of him on it said you are trying to learn the skill raise undead do you accept and learn or reject "of course i accept". Confirmed a ton of information poured into Anthony's head giving him a small headache you gained the skill raise dead level 1 to raise a skills level requires repeated use. "Wait so i need bodies for this shit" then it hit Anthony like a train if he could get skill books from gacha he could most certainly buy them with his dp."System please show me the skill books i can currently buy" searching results confirmed here are the results.

Cane arts a basic martial arts style that focuses on using a cane cost 100 dp.

Bash accelerates the swing of blunt weapons doing 20% more damage uses 10 stamina for each use cost 70 dp.

Appraisal tells you about an object or person the level of this skill determines what you can see cost 90 dp

Acid bullet shoots a ball of highly corrosive acid at a target uses 18 mana for each cast cost 125 dp.

Flash creates a spontaneously bright light causing temporary blindness can be blocked if eyes are closed or protected uses 7 mana for each cast cost 70 dp.

These are the only skill books you can afford right now " wait hold up whats this mana and stamina crap how can i even tell how much i have" would you like to see your status "yeah please maybe that will explain some stuff.

Name Anthony Race human Hair black Age 20 Status hungry Health 100/100 Stamina 100/100 Mana 100/100 Job dungeon master Level 1 Skills 1 Titles none Class none Strength 14 Intelligence 18 Endurance 14 Wisdom 11 Agility 13 Perception 15 Charisma 11 Luck 31

Skills Raise dead level 1

"Why's my luck stat so much better then every thing else anyways im just gonna assume this works just like a game". Anthony looked back at he screens showing the current invaders the group of three was currently slowly inching closer to the poison arrow trap with five goblins rushing at them from behind. The goblins were armed with various weapons three had wooden clubs and shields two had small hunting bows "wow that equipment sucks seems I'm going to have to invest in alot of weapons and armor yet another thing to drain my dp". The goblins arrows managed to halt the adventurers progress past the poison arrow traps range "Damn it why now" screamed Lauren as Adam activated his bloody howl power intimidating the enemies and boosting his allies power. Zacks face paled "this is bad Lauren I've got 3 grenade please tell me you guys have more ranged weapons" "I've got two molotovs Lauren you got anything" shouted Adam. "I've got two bottles of slime jel the highly flammable stuff I'm going to throw a bottle in the middle of those goblins one of you make light it up" she yells as she tosses a bottle with a deep green liquid in it landing near one of the archers. Zack throws a grenade at one of the club user's the goblin raises his shield making the grenade bounce off the shield but it doesn't bounce far enough to save the goblin. With a loud boom three of the goblins blow up along with the bottle of slime which explodes sending flaming slime all over the last two goblins who scream in pain diving towards the river. "Holy shit thats brutal tell the two surviving goblins to fall back to here for healing once they wash off the slime damn i was hoping to at least injure one how strong are these guys buy the cane arts skill book and four goblins lets hope these guys are worth some good dp" confirmed you are out of dp. The book appeared in Anthony's hands a couple seconds after with the goblins appearing around him. Anthony switched the view of the screen to the two surviving goblins were a club and bow user. He could see the severe burns on their bodies as they climbed out of the river and limped towards the second floor entrance. "You four go help those two get here" as the four goblins ran off towards the first floor. Anthony switched the view back to the adventure team they had safely escaped the poison arrow traps range and were taking a breather near some trees they left the goblins bodies were they were. Anthony opened the skill book learning it "order the acid slug not to engage and to bring those three goblin bodies here".


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