The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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These are your three layout options the first was a simple straight path " that is way too straight forward for me next". The second option was an s shaped path with a river in the middle and muddy land on either side with a lot of trees some bundled together others separate forcing invaders into the slippery mud unless they wanted to risk falling into the river." This is a good choice lets see what the last option is" the last option was a swamp lake combination with the entrance to the 2 floor hidden by bushes and trees it reminded Anthony of his current home. "We don't really need to hide the entrance to the 2 floor we are not that deep of a dungeon yet so I'll choose option two and id like to see monster and monster nest prices".

Goblin 10 dp for one 100 dp for a nest

slime 15 dp for one 150 dp for a nest

iron warthog 30 dp for one 300 dp for a nest

vampiric leaches 15 dp for one 150 dp for a nest

Blood Piranhas 20 dp for one 200 dp for a nest

fog walker 60 dp for one 600 dp for a nest

metal ray 30 dp for one 300 dp for a nest

thorny gecko 10 dp for one 100 dp for a nest

bullet turtle 35 dp for one 350 dp for a nest vine snake 25 dp for one 250 dp for a nest

acid slug 40 dp for one 400 dp for a nest

lizardmen 55 dp for one 550 dp for a nest

kobold 40 dp for one 400 dp for a nest.

You could also use the gacha to get a random monster 5% chance for boss monster boss monster the first time spin the 10 pack gacha you get 3 extra spins price for one spin 50 gacha price for 10 pack gacha 550 dp. " That's a decent amount of monsters and a gacha sounds fun but first I'd like to buy another floor same design as the first that leaves 3000 dp". "I'd like to buy 3 blood piranha nests and 8 blood piranhas for 760 dp I'd also like to buy 3 goblin nests and 8 goblins 380 dp and I'd like to buy 2 vampiric leache nests and 4 vampiric leaches for 360 dp and 2 metal ray nests and 4 metal rays for 720 dp and lastly 3 iron warthogs for 90 dp". Remaining dp 690 floor construction completed please place nests and monsters "I'd like to place my four blood piranha nests at the beginning and end of each river and my metal rays at the middle of each river". "Place the two vampiric leaches nests in between the metal rays and blood piranhas nests and place two goblin nests and my iron warthogs nest at the end of the second floor". "Place my last two goblins nests around the entrance to the second floor and I'd like to spin the 10 gacha once". System would like to inform you that gacha can also give out items are sure you'd like to spin the gacha also all of your requests are completed. "First id like to know what the upgrade chance monsters are for my other nests besides goblins". for your iron warthogs you might get a gold warthog, your vampiric leaches a gluttonous leache, your metal rays a steel ray, your blood piranhas a piranha matriarch. "Sweet lets spin that gacha please give me a boss " confirmed you now have 140 dp Remaining the gacha spits thirteen capsules 7 bronze 3 sliver 2 gold and 1 purple which one's would you like to open first "the seven bronze i guess". the bronze caps pop open to reveal three vine snakes one iron club two thorn bushes and one goblin "thorn bushes really well i guess its not bad but i know we can do better open the three silver capsules". the first capsule pops open to reveal one acid slug the second one pops open to show a sliver axe the third one opens to reveal a poison arrow trap" pretty decent so far c'mon boss please im counting on you gold ". The first gold capsule pops open revealing a hobgoblin shaman the second shows a skill book for raise undead " well not exactly a boss monster but i still have one more capsule still this raise undead skill book is a huge bonus alright please gimme a boss". The purple capsule bursts open with a dazzling light when the light finally dims down it reveals a classy suit and top hat complete with a black cane with a purple gem on the top the suit and hat are black with purple lines that look like cracks on the suit and hat. would you like to equip the tricksters suit yes or no " yes but man i really wanted a boss monster well i still got some great stuff".


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