The Dungeon Horde
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The Dungeon Horde
Author :Moonsshadow666
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Please choose three monster nests from the choices below water monsters blood piranhas, vampiric leaches, thunder eels, slimes, metal rays, saw fish, bladed octopus. land monsters goblins, iron warthogs, mud dogs, bush vipers, thorn geckos, vine snakes. Hmmm so is this my ability creating a dungeon really this is my ability well whatever may as well go along with it show me the descriptions of blood piranhas, goblins, thorn geckos, iron warthogs, thunder eel, saw fish. Blood Piranhas highly sensitive to the smell of blood, reproduces quickly, highly protective of its territory, will swarm anything that is unfortunate enough to bleed in its territory. This could be a super good monster for traps show me the next one thunder eels are able to turn a small pool into certain death but when they release their electricity they make a loud thunder like sound stealth is not in their dictionary but they will kill the enemies. So they are good at killing enemies but one attack and everyone will know to watch out for them now show me the last water type monster saw fish. Saw fish are like sword fish except the teeth on its blade rotate at very high speeds to a deadly effect the problem is whenever they start to rotate their teeth the water splashing will give them away.Alright so basically the same principle as the thunder eels now on to the land monsters lets start with goblins is there anything i don't know about them.Goblins are intelligent crude are able to see in the dark and fight dirty along with their proficiency in using all kinds of weapons from spears to bows they are a deadly threat not to be underestimated. They are pretty decent monsters overall and they are intelligent enough to use with my traps. Next I'd like to hear about the iron warthogs I've heard of iron pigs but never warthogs. The iron warthogs are known for their courage to take on any monster to defend their young and their love for mud as they are from the iron pig family their defensive strength can block most physical attacks although their magic defense is lacking especially weak against electricity. So they're tanks with no fear nice i think i know what i want but go ahead and show me what the thorn geckos are about. Thorn geckos are mostly notable for thier camouflage the thorns all over their body contain poison they they are known for jumping off their trees to land on invaders to bite and claw them to death. "Isn't that kind of inefficient i mean the camouflage is decent but without the power to back it up its useless ok i know what monster nests to choose I want a blood piranha nest a goblin nest and finally a iron warthog nest ". Please place your nests after the floor design "ok so how do i design a floor" system is preparing three floor plans "then please explain to me how monster nests work".Monster nests are area where a certain breed of monster is comfortable enough to have children be warned nests do not come with monsters. Monster nests cost 10 times the amount of a single monster of the nests type also nests have a 5% chance to spawn a monster of the same species except a higher evolution example a goblin nest has a 5% chance to spawn a hobgoblin. " Is there a restriction on monsters i can summon or can i just summon whatever i want if i have enough dp" you can only summon monsters of your dungeon current grade for example dungeons of F grade can summon while a hobgoblin while dungeons with a grade of G can only summon normal goblins.System has readied choices for dungeon layout choose wisely for there will not be a way to change this layout but keep in mind you can expand your dungeon floors by the way you are a G rank right now.


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