Solo Leveling Novel
6 Chapter V
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Solo Leveling Novel
Author :Mackoy_Macasampon
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6 Chapter V

All the Hunters heard the voice of Jinwoo.


There was hope in the eyes of the Hunters.

Unlike when you were told to bow down, the Hunters moved quickly.

Of course, if Jinu is wrong, he will die right after approaching the statue with the instrument.

But at this moment no one doubted the truth.

Song first arrived at the stone statue with the instrument.

"…"Song lifted his breath and lifted his head.

Then the stone statue with the harp started to move his fingers like a lie.

It was a beautiful sounding.


"Everyone with a musical instrument!"

The hunters ran to the statue near the hamlet.

The stone statue with the trumpet blows the trumpet, the stone statue with the flute plays the flute, and the stone statue with the lira straps the line.

"Huck, huck, huck."

Kim, who was on the verge of exhaustion, kneeled down in front of a stone statue of Joo Chul.

Ding – Ding – When the stone statue started to play, the god who came after Kim stopped the pace.

Kim shed a thick tear while sitting down on his emotions.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …"

The statue turned sharply.

He looked around and immediately found the next prey.

"Damn it."

Jin, who confronted with the gods, spit out his nausea.

I started to run as if my heart had burst.

The back was already soaked with cold sweat.

'Why! Why only here! '

Jinwoo looked up at the stone statue in front of her with grim eyes.

The stone statue with the drum had no sign of moving.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

The statue has narrowed the distance at an alarming rate.

The gap between the almost end and the end was gradually getting closer to zero.

She swallowed her spit.

'Do not you and Mr. Zhuhei both play under the same stone and play?'

I had to think so.

Because the stone statues where the others stood were playing without problems.

'I do not have time to think.'

Jinwoo put Zhu Xi down and was ready to play elsewhere.

"Mr. Jinwoo …"

Frightened Zhu Xi held Jin 's sleeve.

Jinwoo calmly whispered into Zhu Xi's ear.

"If we are together, we both die."

Tears began to form in Zhu Xi's eyes.

His fingertips were shaking as he caught his sleeves.

But I did not have time to explain to her.

Jinwoo carefully separated Junhee's hand and ran to the other side.

A round.

Looking back, the stone statue behind Zhu Xi began to hit the drum slowly.

'thank God.'

The remaining task was one.

Running to another statue safely!

Jinwoo was the only one who was not yet protected by the stone statue.

Of course, all the rage of the image has been concentrated on one person.

Jinwoo desperately walked across the room avoiding the foot of the house.



While falling and rolling, Jinwoo was not stepped on by the foot of the image.

"Huck, huck."

Even though it was E class, the battle system hunter's body was very helpful in this case.

'Just a little, just a little more!'

Jin watched the movement of the image and gave strength to the bridge.

The speed got faster.

The distance to the stone statue was only a few steps away.

"It is not you!"

Song screamed.

Jin-woo, who was nervous about the movements of the priesthood, was surprised and looked ahead.


Is not it a statue with a musical instrument?

I realized that what looked like a musical instrument from a distance was actually a shield.

The stone statue slammed down the shield without any reason.


Jinwu flew sideways.

"Aw, awake!"

Zhuhei screamed.

Jinwoo, who was on the floor, lifted his head and a picture was in front of him.

"Mountains beyond the mountains …"

As I rolled, the forehead was torn, and the blood flowed in my eyes.

The field of view narrowed, and the distance did not look right.

Jinwoo's head moved quickly to the left and right.

'Instruments, instruments …'

However, no matter how I look around, I did not see a stone statue with an instrument.

The priest lifted his foot toward Jinwoo.



Jinwoo blew again and barely escaped the foot of the image.

But now it was really a limit.

It was extremely dizzy and strangely hard to balance.


If there was a god, it was a desire to give a prayer.

At that time, a statue holding a weapon, not a musical instrument, came in the sight of Jinwoo.


Jinwoo put his last hope there.

I moved to the bottom of the stone as I moved the floor.

And barely turned over, he turned to the side where the statue ran.

There was no way to move anymore.


Jinwoo confronted the approaching stone statue and took a rough breath.

Jin-sang was wrinkled more seriously than Jin-woo, who was a nuisance to me.

The statue stood straight in front of Jinwoo.

A man with a skyscraper blocked his breath, and his breath was blocked.


Do you think it is a catching mouse?

The priest just looked down.

'It's over …'

Jinwoo preached the inevitable death in the two eyes of the goddess facing himself.

But then.

Uh-uh – A beautiful voice came out of the back of this world.

Jin turned his head and looked back.

Ow, owl – Whenever a stone statue holding a book moves its lips, a holy singing sound echoes inside.

The face of Uh-uh-woo-sang gradually regained its previous look.

The terrible wrinkled facial muscles were spread out neatly.

Shin Sang turned around when the songs and performances of the statues were over.

And as the other statues did, I sat back to my original place as if nothing had happened.


The sound of the priest sits inside the temple.

"Ha, ha, barely, safe?"

Jin made a pale smile.

Zhuhei, who was on the other side, rushed to Jinwoo.

"Mr. Jinwoo!"

Junhei, who ran at full speed, shed tears and sat down beside Jinwoo.

"Oh my gosh… What should I do … "

Zhu Xi spent all of his magic powers and cast a healing spell.

But nothing changed.

The scattered Hunters flocked around one or two of them.

Their faces were as dark as one.

"what can I do… Jin Woo … "

In the meantime Zhuhei was feeling sick.

Why do not you all do it?

Jin-woo was sweating his mouth.

I tried to ask why, but my voice did not come out properly.

Jin-woo caused a squeaky upper body.

"…?"The bottom was bloody.

Jinwoo noticed the change that happened to his body late.


The lower right knee had disappeared.

Jinu's gaze moved to a statue with a shield.

I found a blood stain on the end of his shield.

The missing bridge was underneath.

Bottom-bell-blood droplets came out of Zhuhai's nose.

It is evidence that Zhu Xi's body has already reached its limit.

It was impossible to recover the body that was cut by the magic of B Rank Hunter.

Pour water on the underlying poison.

Juhee 's physical strength was rapidly depleting.

"That's Okay… Zhuhi. now stop…"

"I'll treat you! I'll make you better! "

The hunters looked at the two and made a terrible look.

Only six of the 17 people who stayed here were left.

Of those six, two suffered terrible serious injuries. Song lost his arm and Jinwoo lost his leg.

My life was saved, but no one could laugh.

Then a roar sounded again.

The old town -!

The central part of the temple where the magic circle was drawn up suddenly.

Jinwoo thought that it was coming.

'Prove your faith …'

It was a faint guess what it meant.

5. The last test The round circle carved on the bottom of the temple sprang up to the height of two stairs and stopped moving.


The hunters responded sensitively to Jin-woo's private speech.


'It's just an altar …'

The person who saved their lives in the previous two crises was not a grade-awakening person but rather a jeong who ignored it as an E-class.

'If it was not for you, now we are …'

The Hunters were all the same idea.

In the present situation, Jin-woo's words were like lifelines.

The word 'altar' that Jin-woo took out unintentionally.

Kim, who was quick to notice, caught up with the point.

"I see, I see."

Kim pulled out the sword that was in her waist dancing.

Originally, it was used as a tool to cut the water.

But now, in a different sense, I really needed this guy.

"No matter how ignorant the country is, I'm getting a sense of what it means."

The hunters swallowed the dried spit by looking at the sword of Mr.

"Hey, Mr. Kim, why are you taking out the equipment all of a sudden?"

"Let's talk."

There is no one who can overcome Mr. Kim who is quite strong in the D class now that the highest ranked C class Hunter Song of the members is seriously injured.

Mr. Kim pointed to the altar with his goggles.

"Prove the last discipline, faith. And suddenly it was the center altar. "

Mr. Kim's gaze moved to Jinwoo.

"In short, we must offer sacrifices, is not it, Sung?"

Jinwoo nodded his head.

So did his idea.

One of the six survivors must be sacrificed.

'Maybe that's the last rule …'

Jinwoo was the conclusion.

When I looked up at the crowd, Kim's eyes were approaching.

One long sweat flowed to the side of his forehead.

"Mister… what?"

"You have to stay silent!"

Mr. Kim, who was buzzing, sat next to Jin – woo and turned to Mr. Song, who was watching the state of Jin – woo.

"Who brought us here? Is not this Mr. Song here? So, Mr. Song will be responsible for the last time? "


When Jin-woo tried to get up and walked, Song's bark-like hands blocked him.

Jin looked around Song.

"…"Song shook his head silently.

His eyes were asking not to say anything.

Jinwoo had many words to say but had to swallow it.

Song raised his body slowly.

"Kim is right. I have to take responsibility. "

"Now that makes sense, inspiration."

Kim stroked his sword toward the altar.

"If you know, let's go. Because of the inspiration, there are already over 10 people dead. "


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