Shadow Monarch
34 The Crystal and the Daggers
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Shadow Monarch
Author :Aileus
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34 The Crystal and the Daggers

*Warning: There may be an infodump of sorts near the end from a very talkative dagger.*

"Where am I?" I said, my mind was confused as I felt a sense of fatigue wash over me – it was the first time in months I had felt this fatigued, it was the same feeling of fatigue I was used to after a night of partying.

My body felt weak and heavy as I struggled to move it, even my eyelids only opened barely with incredible effort – my body ached as my entire being was in pain, I barely managed to glimpse a look at the place I was in before my eyelids involuntarily dropped again and wouldn't open despite me trying to open them.

The room was spacious and I was sprawled on the floor, something I couldn't tell due to my entire body being numb to anything but pain – I could feel my nerves had been damaged by whatever had just happened.

'Is this a result of my body not being able to withstand moving through space?' I made an educated guess based on what had just happened and my own knowledge from the novels I had read – it made sense that I wouldn't be able to withstand moving through space itself with my cultivation as is but it came at the cost of nearly killing myself.

'Hopefully, that guy doesn't discover whatever it was I went through…' I could only silently pray in my heart, I had no idea if he would be able to withstand it himself but on the off chance he does, I would be the one to die.

I continued to lay on the ground, I estimated that at least an hour had passed and yet I still couldn't move – my core had been working none stop circulating energy to heal my wounds but they seemed to get no better, every time I healed one nerve another would rip open again.

Like a puzzle I had to heal them in the correct order, failure would mean starting over from the beginning and an incredible amount of pain bearing down on my soul.

Another three hours passed…

I was slowly beginning to figure out the 'sequence' I had to work in to heal my body but it was a long and tiring project, after a while I was even becoming bored of it but it was the only thing I could do other than rest, god knows how long these injuries would take to heal if I left them to naturally.

A day passed…

'Two more… It's a fifty/fifty chance…' I thought in my mind, my 'freedom' was within reach I could only put my trust in luck and…- 'Aghhhhh' I screamed internally again, it was a pain I was naturally familiar with by now, I felt my nerves rip open once more.

'I was so close…' I wanted to break down and cry but I couldn't even do that – what even is this situation? Why won't they just heal like a normal person's nerves would! I wanted to scream in my heart but I knew wasting time was pointless at this point.

'One more time…' I said and began to circulate my energy to heal my wounds once more, this time determined this would be my final attempt before I could finally be free from this brief hell I had been subjected to.

An hour later…

"Finally!" I shouted, my throat felt incredibly dry but it was so pleasurable to be able to move my body I couldn't help but laugh through the dryness.

"Now where the hell am I?" I said aloud, I had spent the last few hours on the floor of this room knowing nothing apart from it being pretty huge.

In the middle of the room sat a crystal on a pedestal, every so often the crystal would shimmer a different color vibrantly as it went through every color of the rainbow before repeating itself once more – I noticed that it had lingered significantly longer on black than any other color in its spectrum.

"What are you?" I said, looking at it with interest – it was the first time I had seen something like this but, I was cautious as I approached it. If there was a rift in space leading to this room which was somewhere I could only assume was in the palace still from the familiar building style it most likely had something to do with this thing.

With impatience, most likely from the hours I had spent lying on the floor, I threw aside my patience and replaced it with intrigue as I reached my hand outwards to put it on the crystal.

Very suddenly it reacted, it stopped randomly going through its myriad of colors and settled on black, a pitch black as if staring into an abyss where nothing but darkness remained…

The Abyssal Daggers on my waist began to react violently as they began to vibrate, "What the-?" I managed to say before I was shocked, the crystal had begun to float and visibly shrink as both daggers had voluntarily flown out of their sheaths and began to hover around it as if protecting it.

'Hehehe, time for us to leave.' Childish voices echoed in the room, I could only look at the three objects in shock as I tried to understand their intent.

"Wait!" I said, reaching out to grab the crystal in the middle, as my hand came into contact with the crystal just barely a blinding flash of light filled the room – I moved my other arm to protect my eyes but suddenly felt myself losing consciousness like I had when beginning my breakthrough.

'Wake up!' I heard a voice nagging me at the back of my head, 'Wake up!' It said again, slowly I began to wake up from my unconscious state – I tried to open my eyes only to be filled be blinded by the light of the sun.

'Wait… the sun?' I thought to myself, the familiar warmth washed over me as I bathed in its light.

Slowly I opened my eyes and saw myself standing amongst a field in the middle of nowhere, even on the horizon there was nothing but nature – it was beautiful yet mysterious.

'You idiot!' I heard the voice that had woken me up again, I looked up to see the two familiar daggers hovering in front of me.

"You can talk?" I said cautiously, I was wary of them, after all, I knew it wasn't my own impatience that had me throw caution to the wind and touch the crystal, I had clearly felt 'something' but had brushed it off but it had to have been them…

'Of course, I can talk! Who do you think's been whispering in your mind all this time, influencing you from the shadows! Me of course!' The voice sounded childish yet proud of its deeds; however, the words made me want to shatter both the daggers into little shards and throw them to the wind.

"Where are we?" I asked I hated not knowing especially when I had no control over where I had been taken…

'Not in that hell hole!' Is all it said in reply, "Outside of King's world? How?" I said questioning the daggers, it should've been impossible to have escaped without alerting him.

'Let me clarify for you then. I, despite having two bodies I am still one 'soul' is how you would refer to me, was born from the world itself. The crystal you saw was also another treasure naturally born from the world but unlike me, it was filled with power as a natural treasure. We're treasures created from the birth of the world itself. The man, King as you call him, had no knowledge of our existence or else he would've done anything to acquire us. But putting it simply I had planned to escape on my own, you were simply dragged along for the ride.' It said cockily.

"I'm still confused…" I said again, this entire situation was too sudden – 'How many times would I be taken places against my will?' I thought it was a good thing I had somehow managed to escape the world belonging to such an eccentric but what waits for me out here?

'Ugh Humans, you always get confused by the slightest twists it's honestly annoying – you'll have to figure it out on your own, the only reason I'm still here is to tell you I'll need a favor in return from you in the future.' It replied quickly, it had a point about the confusion however no matter how much I wanted to retort.

But, "A favor?" I asked, it may have taken me out of Kings World but it was entirely against my wishes. 'Yes, a favor – I never intended to take you with me, but touching the crystal you absorbed it into your body. In short, you have a one-way ticket back to that little plane I was born in. Convenient right? Wrong, I have to activate it for it to be of any use and I have no intention of doing that just yet – when I've built up my own strength I'll come looking for you there are still some natural treasures left in that world.' It said, greed evident in the tone of its voice, but with that, it turned and flew off into the distance at a lightning fast pace – much faster than when I had controlled the daggers myself.

I was left standing atop the hill, dazed and confused about what had just happened. I was free of the world I had been imprisoned in and yet I had no idea where I was, I didn't even know if I could still keep my promise to the Tiger King…

'Forget it… The more I think the more confused I get, let's just find some form of civilization before I plan my next move, hell I don't even know if I'm on Earth anymore.' I sighed at my thoughts, why the hell did this keep happening to me?


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