Reborn As Harry Potter
23 The Return
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Reborn As Harry Potter
Author :Profound1
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23 The Return

"Young Harry Potter," said the Vampire Lord, getting on his knees and bowing. "I truly desire to change my people's lifestyle for the better. My race is on the decline and given a few more years, we may risk going extinct."

"What are you going to do with the Vampires who do not agree with you?" asked Harry.

"I am willing to go to war with them if it means the survival of my people," replied the Vampire Lord.

"How many have you told about this?"

"The only ones who know are the elders of my Ventrue clan."

"How many of the Vampires agree with you?"

"From what I have gathered about thirty percent."

"What are you doing to increase that?"

"We are actively improving our relationships with the other clans to gain their support. There are a about three clans I'm not hopeful about, but as long as I will be able to handle them once the time comes."

"For a Vampire Lord you sure have a small circle of support?" said Snape curtly.

"That support is only for the decision of changing our ways," replied the Vampire Lord. "It is mostly the oldest of my people who are remaining stubborn to keep our ways as it is."

"Come back and find me once you have more backers, Vampire Lord," said Harry. "I'm already preparing to fight a war of my own and I do not have the time to be dragged into a war between your clans. Also, I will need the specifics of the curse you are inflicted with. I will help to lift the curse and in return I will want you to assist me in the war that I need to fight."

"Very well," said the Vampire Lord, standing up straight. "I swear on my name Vlad Ventrue that I will be your ally and friend until the end of time for your help in lifting our curse."

"I will bid you farewell for now," said Harry.

The Vampire Lord and Princess turned around and vanished from sight.

"If you are truly able to lift the Vampire's curse and increase their fertility, you will have an incredibly powerful ally, Mr. Potter," said Snape, looking at Harry. "I'm assuming the Mana Particles the Vampire Princess spoke of is related to the stunt you pulled against the troll?"

"Yes, you want to learn it?" asked Harry, smirking. "It's quite powerful."

"Maybe another time," replied Snape.

"I think I'll get back to sleep," asked Harry, yawning. "I've only had a couple hours of sleep and I'm still tired."

"Harry, you need to be careful around the Vampires," said Dumbledore. "They are extremely dangerous creatures."

"More dangerous than Voldemort?" asked Harry with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes. There is only one Voldemort, however, there are many Vampires. The older they are, the more dangerous they become."

"You're still planning on keeping me in the in regards to the Vampires?" asked Harry.

"There isn't a lot I know about them as they are a very secretive race," said Dumbledore. "I will try to find more about them."

"Argh," groaned Harry, clutching his scar.

"Are you alright, Harry?" asked Dumbledore.

"My scar, it hurts from time to time, but it just gave me a searing pain," said Harry though gritted teeth.

"Has it always been hurting?" asked Dumbledore, looking worried.

"No, it only started during the sorting

"Very likely," nodded Dumbledore, stroking his beard. "It appears he's on the move."

"Professor, I think you should answer my questions now," said Harry, rubbing his throbing scar.

"I will but not right now," said Dumbledore after a moment's silence. "There are a few things I'm trying to confirm and will answer all your questions after. I'm very close Harry. I would appreciate it if you were patient with me."

"As long as you agree to tell me, I have no problem with waiting," said Harry.

"It's good to see you controlling your outburst, Harry," said Dumbledore with a smile. "If I didn't know you could defend yourself against Legilimency, I would have assumed you were being controlled by Voldemort."

"Urgh ... allowing that dusting thing in my mind?" exclaimed Harry, pulling a disgusted face. "That must be my lowest moment."

After that, Harry went back to his dormitory to sleep. However, his interaction with the Vampires did not allow him to fall asleep. He knew storyline had already started to deviate from the original storyline. However, he did not know that these little splashes had caused such a huge wave that brought the vampires knocking his door for help. He knew that given his mastery over the Mana Particles, so long as he studied the structure of any spell once it activated, he would be able to formulate a way to dispel it. This theory of his had proven to work very well during his training with Flitwick.

However, given that a new element had brought into the picture in the form of the Vampires, uncertainties were also introduced. Harry's biggest advantage was his knowledge of what would happen in the storyline and this new uncertainty truly scared him before he could lay his foundation. He was by no means a coward. However, his biggest weakness was his way of dealing with those who withheld information from him.

As Harry lay in his bed thinking over his actions from when he was transported to this magical world, a realisation suddenly hit him.

"Dammit, I've truly been an idiot," muttered Harry under his breath. "System, can you come back online?"

[Ding! Host finally realised his shortcoming!]

"Wow, that was a fast response," said Harry in surprise. "I thought you were offline."

[Ding! I was semi-offline! I thought you would have realised that by now!"

"And you've changed your tone," said Harry in his mind as he smiled wryly.

[Of course I have! With your acceptance of me and your increase in strength have allowed me to update my interaction with you!]

"System, I'm sorry for my outburst that night," said Harry in embarrassment.

[Apologies accepted! It has taken you a long time to come to your acceptance! I had originally thought you would start using me fully after I pretended to be your father!]

"That was your doing?" exclaimed Harry in shock.

[Yes. But I did not realise you were so stubborn that you would ever ignore your father's words. Even if that was not your real father.]

"Wait! You mean that was just you playing with my father's image?"

[Host, don't get angry. As I mentioned, we are fused together. My existence is tied together with yours.]

"Sigh ... I don't even know how to react to that anymore. So do I have enough authority to get answers now?"

[No, you still do not have the authority to give you any answers.]

"Who has the authority, then?" asked Harry.

[The one who created me. However, due to you ordering me to go offline, there has been adjustments made to my functions. I no longer have the function to take you to other worlds. The Heaven's Path Divine Arts manual and the free system credits given to you have been also removed from the inventory. The shop function has now been modified and is currently unavailable to you. The way you Level-Up has also changed. You will no longer receive EXP points and will only level up once your physical attributes have been maxed to the corresponding level. However your intelligence and wisdom must always be one-fifth of your level!]

"I had a feeling using you at this point would bring some changes, but I didn't expect it to be like this," said Harry.

[There's always a reaction to any action, Harry!]

"Wow, you changed your tone again," said Harry. "You still sound mechanical though. Well, no matter. What now?"

[First check your Status!]

"Status," muttered Harry.

Name: Harry Potter

Age: 11 | Level: 30

HP: 2,750 | MP: 2,030 | Vit: 275

Str: 260 | Dex: 270 | Agi: 269

Int: 203 | Wis: 205

Attribute Points: 300

"My stats have grown nicely," said Harry. "System, now that you're back, what does that 300 Attribute Points do? They have been accumulating every time I levelled up."

[They can be used to increase any of your Attributes. I can't say I'm not surprised you never noticed this before since you never bothered to explore my functions. Do you want me to distribute them for you?]

"Yes, distribute them equally between Intelligence and Wisdom," replied Harry. "They've become harder to raise."

[Done! Your Intelligence and Wisdom has reached the maximum points for your level which is 300. You still have 112 Attribute Points left. Do you want to distribute them between your physical attributes?]

Harry suddenly felt a jolt in his head that left him slightly light-headed.

"That's feels strange," muttered Harry. "No, leave them as they are. I'll distribute them to Intelligence and Wisdom once I level up."

[Check the missions window. There are mission that have been completed but you have not claimed them yet. There are also new missions available.]

"Mission Window!" muttered Harry.

[Mission Alert: Train your friends in Mana Sense!

Reward: 1 attribute point increase on each attribute.

Status: Complete - Claim - Yes/No?]

"Hey system, I've already maxed out Wisdom and Intelligence," said Harry. "What's going to happen to the points for them?"

[They will be placed in your free points pool that you can use later.]

"Thank God it won't be wasted," muttered Harry as he claimed the reward.

Mission Alert: Train your friends in Mana Absorption!

Reward: 2 attribute points increase on each attribute.

Status: Complete - Claim - Yes/No?]

Harry claimed this reward too. The next three missions were also to train his friends. Two missions wanted him to train them in Stage 3 and 4 of his Mana Particle training rewarding him a total seven attribute points for his attributes. The third mission was to train them in Kung Fu offering him five attribute points for each of his attributes.

"System, why has the missions so far been about training others?" asked Harry.

[Because you cannot fight your enemies alone. You need an army and who better to have your back than your friends. Continue looking through the missions. There are also those that asks you to increase your own strength. What kind of a leader would you be if you were weak yourself?]

"A smart mouth, you have developed," said Harry, returning his attention to his missions window.

[Mission Alert: Become Level 10!

Reward: 2 attribute points increase on each attribute.

Status: Complete - Claim - Yes/No?]

Harry claimed that reward, as well. He also claimed the rewards of the missions for levelling up to Level 20 and Level 30 that increased each of his attribute points by four and five respectively. The next level up mission was for Harry to reach Level 40, offering him a five points increase for a successful completion.

"I guess it would be too much of a cheat if I my rewards increased each time," muttered Harry.

[The fact that you are able to increase your power level with my help is already considered a cheat.]

"I figured already," said Harry with a nod. "I just need to figure out the best way to utilise you."

[For now focus on completing your missions. Check your second active mission. You're going to love the reward.]

Harry returned his attention to the Missions Window and clicked on the mission. A new window opened.

[Mission Alert: Gather Information!

Mission Description: Gather information on James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew!

Mission Reward: Shadow Clone Jutsu!]

"You can't be serious!" exclaimed Harry. "A technique from my old world's manga?"

[Why not? You're already in a world that is considered fiction in your old world!]

"True ... the Shadow Clone Jutsu will make it so much easier to get stronger," said Harry, starting to get excited.

[That is why I warned you that you will regret your decision when you ordered me to shut down!]

"No point brooding over spilled milk, hahaha," laughed Harry. "But I'll have to change my plans now. With the Vampire Lord asking for my help, the timeline have already changed a lot. They seemed to know a lot about me."

[All the more reason for you to become stronger! If everyone finds out about your discovery of Mana Particles, your life will be in immense danger!]

"I have already realised that," said Harry, closing his eyes. "Which is why I've been very careful who I have taught it to."

[You were right in choosing to expand your area of influence!]

"I'll be ready to strike a deal with Fudge soon," said Harry with a smile. "The prototype of protective clothes are ready."

[Are you sure you want to use the Weasleys as a front?]

"I've changed my mind about that," said Harry. "With other races like the Vampires on the move, I can't remain behind the scenes anymore. I'll need to gather as much influence as I can while I can. I'll have to get Dumbledore to bring that jerk of a Cornelius Fudge here."

Harry looked over to his bedside table and reached out for the clock. He raised his index finger as its tip lit up, illuminating the clock. Harry saw it was already quarter to five. Despite being sleepy, Harry did not bother going to sleep. He got up and changed before waking Ron up for their usual morning workpout.

Harry was surprised at the changes his increased stats brought. Although he hadn't fully adjusted to his increased stats, he was still able to increase the intensity of his training by a large margin. There was no one who could match him when it came to hand-to-hand combat despite training together with him, be it with technique or physical prowess. Harry's breakthrough to Stage 5 had done more than increase his Mana Capacity, it had strengthened his body to a very level.

"You like what you're seeing ladies?" asked Harry with a smirk as he flexed his muscles.

Harry noticed that Hermione and Daphne had been starting at him throughout the training session.

"It's just that you look very athletic," replied Hermione with a blush.

"Want to touch the awesome muscles I posses ladies?" asked Harry with a smirk.

"No thanks, you're covered in sweat," replied Daphne, turning her blushing face away.

"Guys, how far you from Stage 5?" asked Harry, deciding not to tease them too much.

"We're very extremely close," replied Fred, excitedly.

"Yeah, I think we'll get there in about a week," said George, equally sharing his brother's excitement.

"I'm still a little behind," said Ron sadly.

"Me and Daphne too," said Hermione. "I think we'll need about a month before we'll advance."

"Guys cheer up, you're all doing very well," said Harry encouragingly. "Fred and George's bodies are more developed as they're two years older than us. If we were all the same age, we would have progressed the same. Our physical and magical abilities have all advanced beyond our current years."

"Then how did you advance do early?" asked Ron gloomily.


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