Reborn As Harry Potter
13 Flying, Potions & Decisions Second Half
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Reborn As Harry Potter
Author :Profound1
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13 Flying, Potions & Decisions Second Half

Harry smiled to himself and overcome his shock. Harry listened intently to Snape's lecture and took notes continuously. After Harry's correct answers, Hermione's competitive spirit had been lit. After all, being a nerd was her forte and she wasn't allowing anyone to take it from her, even if he was her friend. Daphne's curiosity in Harry also soared and she paid a greater deal of attention to class compared to before. After the lecture, Snape had everyone immediately brew the potion.

Harry was very excited when it came to brewing potions as it reminded him greatly of the Chemistry lessons of his past life. He was always interested in science as he had opted to study medicine. He would have completed it too had he not died.

Once the lesson was over, Harry, Hermione and Daphne had made a very high grade Forgetfulness Potion.

Once the class was over, Harry agreed to meet Daphne at the library the next day after classes and told Hermione to go ahead of him. He also told her to get some food from the kitchen before going to their meeting place. He stayed behind and waited for everyone to leave before approaching Snape. He was a little surprised but didn't show it.

"Something I can do for you, Mr. Potter?" he asked curtly.

"A question and a request, Professor, if you have a few minutes to spare?" said Harry politely.

"Be quick with it," replied Snape.

"'My regrets follow you to the grave', may I ask who you are referring to?"

Snape's face hardened and looked at Harry coldly. "What are you talking about, Mr. Potter?"

"According to Victorian Flower Language, Asphodel is a type of lily with that meaning," replied Harry coolly. "And Wormwood means 'absence' which also symbolises 'bitter sorrow'. Need I say what they mean if you combine them together?"

Snape was shocked to his core and despite trying hard not to show it, it could still be seem in his face and from his quickened breathing. He would never have believed this eleven years old boy to be so sharp and knowledgeable if he had not witnessed it before. He was not that surprised by his performance earlier as he had already heard about his talents from the other Slytherine students in his other classes. However, what he revealed just now greatly shook him. "You are full of surprises, Mr. Potter. May I ask what you want from me exactly?"

"To keep things short and to the point, I would like you to take me on as your personal student. I know you have never taken a personal student before but I hope you could make an exception for me," said Harry with a smile. He was truly enjoying Snape's reaction to the fullest as he was not sure when would be the next time he would encounter such a chance.

"Do explain your request, Mr. Potter," said Snape, while trying to regain his composure. "Make sure your explanations are satisfactory."

Harry's smile widened as he raised his hand to his forehead. "I believe we are both aware what this scar of mine symbolises and I can tell you with confidence that the man who gave it to me isn't as gone as everyone believes him to be. The night he tried to kill me, a connection was formed between us and I can feel him regaining his strength. From what I can tell, his return to power won't be long. A few more years at best until he makes a full return."

The little composure Snape had regained slipped away like water from a net and you could now clearly see the immense shock in his face.

"He lost pretty much everything when he tried to kill me, Professor," continued. "When he returns, do you really think he won't come after me again? I have no intention of being killed nor do I have any intentions of running away nor of hiding. I will fight him off to the last breath. Don't think of me as a naive child who is dreaming of a fairy tale heroism. I understand the disparity of power that exists between us. He is like a mountain where I am like a fly. However, I believe in my potential and I have a plan. I know that power alone is not enough otherwise Professor Dumbledore would have already killed him. I also cannot rely on Professor Dumbledore as he's getting old by the day. I have his permission to view the Restricted Section of the library and I have Professor Flitwick helping me with the practical usage of my powers. However, there is no one that I know amongst the teachers who understands the Dark Arts better than you. With your help, my powers will mature faster and I will have a better chance at putting him down when he returns."

Harry stopped there to allow Snape to think about his long monologue. "God, I hope I don't have to give these long explanations to anyone else," he thought. "This is killing me. How do those politicians keep talking and talking without feeling suffocated?"

Snape just stood there and looked at Harry, while everything he had heard was going through his head. Snape knew what the boy in front of him said was true. He stopped looking at Harry as an eleven years old boy, but that of a mature adult. He looked at Harry's eyes that showed clarity, endless confidence, and a great degree of control over his emotions. There was not a single trace of arrogance, that could be found in him but there was a strong sense of pride. All of these qualities exuded out of him and coupled with his intelligence, it was captivating. He now understood why that Greengrass girl was looking at him with such feverish eyes. He had also seen the look of utmost that Granger girl was giving him.

"This boy has the necessary qualities of a great wizard," thought Snape. "He has inherited the talents of his mother as well as that good-for-nothing father of his."

Snape still could not believe Harry's request. The son of his the man who endlessly tormented him was asking him, Severus Snape, to personally teach him. How preposterous. Then when Snape remembered Harry's question and what he had based it on, cold sweat tricked down his spine.

"This boy is too monstrous," thought Snape. "Having this monster as my student? Interesting! He has piqued my curiosity! Now I want to personally see what his future holds!"

"With a mind like yours, why were you not sorted in Slytherine?" Snape couldn't help asking.

"Do you really want me in Slytherine?" asked Harry with a smirk.

"No thanks," said Snape quickly. "I don't want to deal with you anymore than I need to. Very well, Mr. Potter. I will take you on as my personal student. Read this book in the library and I expect a basic mastery of the listed spells. Donnot bother me again if you cannot even do that much," said Snape quickly as rushed out of the dungeon.

"Huh? What just happened?" Harry was left standing in the classroom. He looked at the slip Snape had shoved in his hand. He read it and put it in his pocket. "Sigh ... I was prepared to try and convince him more ... oh well, at least I've got him onboard too. Now it's time for some serious training. I wonder Ron has decided to join me. If he has, would he and Hermione join my training routine? I'll have to see if they can handle it if they agree. But first, I'll need the see the old man for the permission slip."

Harry rushed out of the classroom and made his way to Dumbledore's office. When he reached it, he gave the password McGonagall had given hoping that the old man hadn't changed it yet. He was relieved to discover that it hadn't been changed and went up the revolving stairs. Upon reaching the office Harry saw Snape talking standing in front of Dumbledore.

"Wow, this broody man sure is fast," thought Harry. "He must be here to talk to the old man about me."

"Ah Harry, what can I do for you?" asked Dumbledore, looking at Harry.

"Professor, I'm here for my permission slip, you didn't give it to me yesterday," said Harry looking at Dumbledore.

"Do you have the book titles you want to read?" asked Dumbledore.

"Yes, these are the books Professor Flitwick wants me to read and this is the book that Professor Snape just asked me to read," replied Harry, giving the two pieces of parchment that had the book titles.

"I see, very well," said Dumbledore. A minute later, he handed Harry a new parchment as well as the the other two. "Ah while you're here, I also want to give you this Time-Turner I logged for you today. Make sure you keep it hidden and not reveal it to anyone. Since you knew about it, can I assume you are also aware of it's rules?"

"Yes professor," replied Harry, taking the Time-Turner from Dumbledore. "No one must see me using it nor must I interact with myself when I do use. I'm aware of the consequences caused by its misuse, professor. If there's nothing else, I'll be on my way then, Professor."

Harry noticed a slight twitch on the corner of Dumbledore's eye before walking away. "That will never get old," thought Harry, smiling as he made his way out of Dumbledore's office.

"That damn kid, he's doing that on purpose," muttered Dumbledore.

-----Room of Requirement-----

Harry entered the Room of Requirement to see Ron and Hermione in a heated discussion. As soon as they saw him enter, they got up and greeted him. Harry looked at Ron.

"Have you decided?" asked Harry.

"Before I tell you my decision, I want to ask you something," said Ron.

"Go on."

"Do you really believe I have the talent to become a powerful wizard?"

"Ron, of course I believe you have the talent. You're a Weasley and Weasleys are one of the most powerful families I've known. Your brothers are a prime example of this. You share their talent. I don't know how you developed this negative mentality of yours but it's something you need to cast away. You need to have more confidence in yourself and you'll grow into someone very powerful. You give up before you even try. As long as you're willing to grow strong and put in the effort, I promise I'll help you out."

"That's what I've just been telling him," said Hermione in an angry tone.

"Alright, I've decided," said Ron. "I'm in."

"Seriously? Just like that?" asked Hermione in an angry tone. "Then what did I spend the last hour for?!"

Harry looked at Hermione. "Hermione, there are times when men finds it easier to listen to other men."

"What! That's just stupid!" said Hermione curtly.

"No, Hermione, it is called being men. The same applies to women," said Harry. "And I'm not going to get into a debate with you about that. Now let's continue where we left off yesterday. Ron, make sure you focus. You're the least focused out of us three and you need to overcome that or you'll get left behind. Keep a calm mind and extended your senses out. Don't let yourself get distracted. What you need to sense are small lights that is the size of sand grains."

"Are you going to repeat what you were yesterday?" asked Hermione.

"No, I'm going to study my potions text book and practice a new spell," said Harry.

"What's it called?" asked Hermione excitedly, her eyes sparkling.

"It's called the Patronus Charm and no I'm not going to tell you more about it before you complete the third phase of the training," said Harry.

"There are phases?" groaned Ron.

"Yes Ron, there are three phases," said Harry. "If you're able to complete the third phase, your spell-casting speed will go through the roof."

"So that's why you're so fast in casting spells," said Hermione in awe.

"What are you talking about? I haven't even started the third phase yet," said Harry, taking out his textbook. "I've only completed the second phase. The third phase is a lot more difficult than the first two."

"What! You've only competed the second phase and your spell-casting is this fast?" asked Hermione in shock.

"Of course! And this training doesn't just increase the speed, but the power of the spell too. Because you won't just be using the the magic inside your body, but also from the environment," explained Harry. "Now enough questions. We're wasting time. You won't be able to do anything if you don't complete Phase One."

With that, Harry dove into his Potions textbook. Time slowly flowed as he continued to study. He found the text book extremely interesting and forgot about everything else. He had a very good memory and given his high learning speed, he had soon read and learnt the entire book. He closed his eyes to give them a much needed rest. He then looked over at Ron and Hermione and saw they were still in meditation.

Harry's stomach grumbled and looked over to the food Hermione had brought from the kitchen. He walked over it and started eating without disturbing Ron and Hermione. Once he was satiated, he walked back to his desk and started reading the book again while comparing the notes he had taken. However, this time he focused on only the first quarter of the book. By the time he went through it a third time, he had no difficulty with any of the content of the first quarter. However, by this point, his eyes felt heavily strained. He sat down on the yoga mat with his legs crossed and started absorbing the mana particles in the air.

Harry directed the absorbed mana in his mana network towards his eyes and the strain instantly lifted, giving him a refreshed feeling. He continued to do so for about fifteen minutes before stopping. He looked around to Ron stuffing his face and an excited Hermione.

"What are you so excited about?" asked Harry walking over to them.

"Oh Harry, I've done it, I can finally see them," said Hermione in a high-pitched voice. "They're so beautiful, Harry! The best part of it is, I can actually control them!"

"Good! How's your control over the mana particles?" asked Harry, as he took a sandwich.

"Very easy, I can move them around with no problem," replied an excited Hermione.

"That means you've already completed a third of the second phase," said Harry, biting into the sandwich. "Eat first. I'll explain the second phase once we get back to the Common Room. By the way, how are you getting on, Ron?"

"I feel like I'm almost there," replied Ron. "I can sense the magic but I can't see the lights yet."

"You're very close, Ron," said Hermione. "I was like that yesterday. You should be able to do it tomorrow."

"But I feel like I'm always the last one with the breakthrough," said Ron, feeling down.

"What are you talking about, Ron?" asked Harry. "This is only the second day of our training. I have a feeling that you will progress faster than Hermione in the second phase."

"Why do you say that, Harry?" asked Hermione curiously.


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