Reborn As Harry Potter
8 Why, What & How?
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Reborn As Harry Potter
Author :Profound1
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8 Why, What & How?

Professor McGonagall came out of her daze and instantly became angry.

"You annoying brat!! Don't take me for a pre-teen idiot!! Who's going to fall for a snotty brat?!" she hissed angrily.

"Hahahahaha, it's good you're back with us," laughed Harry.

"Can you also do Transfiguration wandless?" asked Professor McGonagall, ignoring Harry's cheek.

"I haven't tried it yet but I should be able to," said Harry. He looked at the needle and tread he'd transformed earlier and extended his hand towards it. He willed them to flow into his hand and he felt his mana extending towards it. The needle and tread floated towards him and landed in his hand. He had them float an inch above his palm and he could feel the mana particles dancing around them. A few seconds later, both the needle and tread transformed into mini wooden spikes.

Professor McGonagall's mind was in utter chaos and she was finding it very difficult to believe Harry's story. Upon seeing him transfigue the needle and tread, her mind exploded. There may have been many wizards who could do wandless magic, amongst them very few could Transfigure wandless. Each of those wizards who could were a powerhouse in their own rights and had many years of constant daily training. Even amongst them, the nunber of wizards who were able to pull off chantless AND wandless Transfiguration could be counted in the single digits.

Even Professor McGonagall herself had achieved such a feat years after graduating from Hogwarts. And this eleven years old boy in front of her could achieve that after a single night of discovery? If that was really true, he made geniuses like herself, Voldemort and even Dumbledore himself look like pieces of shit, even with their many decades worth of experience. What he was doing in front of her right now was something that scores of masters of magic could not achieve in their whole life.

Booom! An explosion rang in her head as her body shook from agitation.

"This boy will definitely decide what direction the magical world takes," thought Professor McGonagall. "Potter, follow me."

"So she's finally taking me to that old bat," thought Harry, following Professor McGonagall as a smile formed. "This will be interesting. Should troll him a bit? Hmmm, maybe later."

"We cannot afford another Voldemort," thought Professor McGonagall, as she sped towards Professor Dumbledore's office. "This boy's talent is too shocking! Dumbledore needs to know, for sure! What he's demonstrated on his very first day is enough of a shock to cause many heart attacks!" That was the only thought in her head as she increased her pace further while keeping an eye on the boy that was following her.

The teacher and student soon reached the spiral stairs of the Headmaster's office. Professor McGonagall called out the password even before reaching it and the stairs started revolving, taking her with Harry up. Upon reaching the floor above, the mighty office that many Headmasters of Hogwarts occupied came into full view and boy was it legendary. There were countless portraits of the previous Headmasters hanging on the wall and Harry knew many were only pretending to sleep so they could eavesdrop.

Harry could see many unique gadgets scattered throughout the room and Harry had to fight the urge to run towards them and play with them. He also saw the talking hat perched on a high shelf with many shiny instruments.

Harry decided that he would definitely take the Alchemy course after his O.W.L.s and with together with gaining full mastery in Transfiguration, he wanted to create many powerful and crazy objects. One such object he wanted to create was a trinket that would increase gravity so that it could help him with his physical training.

Also, as opposed to his previous life, technology in this timeline had not advanced yet and he wanted to take full advantage of that. That and the fact the internet was still in it's infancy meaning the information age hadn't fully started yet.

Chucking to himself, Harry's attention was to the creature he had always been fascinated by perched on the stand to the side of Dumbledore's table; Fawkes the Phoenix.

Being a very proud mythical creature, Harry had always wondered how the old man managed to convince the Phoenix to be his companion. Harry had a great desire to get a Phoenix companion as well, but he knew just how difficult it was when you compare the lifespan of a human and a Phoenix.

Harry shifted his attention to the old powerful wizard who was staring at Harry and McGonagall with interest over his half-moon spectacles from behind his desk.

"Minerva, what can I do for you and our young Harry, here?" asked Dumbledore in his usual voice.

"Yes, Professor McGonagall, do share what I told you with Professor Dumbledore and then we can proceed with 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" said Harry with a smile as he tilted his head slightly.

This caused the corner of both Dumbledore and McGonagall mouths to twitch.

"You always want to act cool, don't you, old man?" thought Harry, chuckling in his mind. "Let's see how you can act cool today."

McGonagall relayed her conversation with Harry to Dumbledore. As the explanation came to an end, Dumbledore's shot towards Harry and Harry felt a sudden force invade his mind quickly realising what the old man had just done. He immediately calmed himself and imagined a sea of flames which transformed into a gigantic dragon. He willed the flames in his mind to emit a searing flame that could melt even the toughest of metals. He felt a very sharp pain like being stabbed with a sword, causing Harry to shut his eyes tightly. He willed the burning image of a dragon to release a ferocious roar sending out powerful shockwaves. Harry clutched his head as the pain from resisting the mind invasion intensified before subsiding.

"Hey, old man, if there's something you want to know, ask!" growled a scowling Harry, slowly opening his eyes to show his Sharingan activated. "Next time you look into my mind without my permission, don't blame me for returning the favour."

Then he witnessed the rarest sight that shocked even the composed McGonagall for the second time that day: Dumbledore's face showing 'surprise' & 'shock'.

"What is this child?" thought Dumbledore.

"I can't believe he caught the Headmaster using Legilimincy!" exclaimed McGonagall in her head.

"Damn, I can't believe I fought him off!" thought Harry, also in great shock.

Dumbledore leaned back in his chair and looked at Harry. He knew there was truth to what the boy in front of him said. He had watched Harry the night before and the aura Dumbledore had felt then was nowhere near as strong as it was now. There confidence that was seen in Harry's eyes now was not there during the Sorting Ceremony. There was still that sadness present, but Dumbledore ignored it thinking it was due to his childhood and his dead parents. After thinking for a few minutes, he asked the question that had been bothering him ever since McGonagall recounted her conversation with Harry. "Why?"

"Pardon?" asked Harry, surprised.

"Why reveal all this to me? What do you hope to achieve from this?" asked Dumbledore. "You could have hidden this ability of yours and played it like any other student."

"Old man, are you seriously asking me these questions?" asked Harry, scowling. "Is there even a need to ask me?"

"There is, Harry," said Dumbledore, slightly annoyed by Harry's attitude, but he hid it.

"Look at this scar in my forehead," said Harry with an angry tone. "Look at the graves of my parents and everyone else that bastard has killed! Look at my childhood! Think of all the damage that snake has caused! So Professor, is there still a need to ask me those questions?"

Dumbledore didn't respond and simply looked at Harry.

"Honestly, old man," said Harry, sighing. "Has he scared even you to this extent? Ask. Ask me the question that's really bothering you and enough with the nonsense."

"Fine, how do I know you are not going to become another Voldemort?"

"Because of the pain he's caused me. But more importantly due to the environment he had grown up in, both before his time at his time before attending Hogwarts as well as the seven years he spent here," said Harry. "And because of his lack of willingness to trust his friends."


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