Reborn As Harry Potter
1 Frustration & Rebirth
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Reborn As Harry Potter
Author :Profound1
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1 Frustration & Rebirth

A black haired 18 year old boy just finished reading one of the most popular novels of the year with an extreme frustration. He held the hardback book that had just come on sale that week tightly and walked to his bookshelf. Grabbing six more books that had been tied together and stomped out of his room. Less a minute later, the youth was standing in front of a bin outside of his house in the cold morning air. Giving the books he held one last, he angrily threw them away.

"Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!" screamed the youth at the cloudy morning sky.

"Harry, what's wrong?" a woman's voice sounded.

Harry turned around to see his mother standing at their house's doorway, looking worried.

"That bloody woman!" cursed Harry angrily. "How dare she make such an infuriating story?"

"You're talking about J.K. Rawling again?" siged Harry's mother. "I don't understand why you always get angry every time she releases a new book."

"Mum, I can understand why at the beginning the main characters are weak," said Harry, walking back inside his house. "But what frustrates me to no end is how they can be so weak at the end. They should be stronger! Much stronger!"

"Come now, Harry," said Harry's mother, smiling helplessly as she tried switched on the gas cooker. "Have something to eat and you'll feel better. But I still can't believe that you both have the same name; Harry Potter."

"Urgh, don't remind me, Mum," grumbled Harry, slumping down at the kitchen table. "I've always thought Harry, Ron and Hermione would become stronger by the time the Hogwarts battle started. I can't believe they pulled off killing Vold-!"


A loud explosion echoed throughout the neighbourhood. There were multiple houses where their glass windows shattered. Slowly, the people in the neighbouring houses walked into the streets. They saw a house that was burning with smoke reaching the cloudy sky.

"That's the Potter house!"

"What happened for their house to blow up?"

"Someone call the fire brigade!"

"Call the police, too!"

There was utter chaos and confusion on the street. No-one knew what had just happened. The kids that had come out were crying. The adults were pale faced with shock. Very soon, the neighbours from the whole street were crowding outside the burning Potter household.

The police and the fire brigade soon arrived and blocked off the surrounding area of the Potter residence. It took the whole morning for the police questioned the neighbours to gather any information. Yet nobody knew what had happened. Soon, the fire had been put out and an investigation was underway.

As most of the house was destroyed by the explosion, finding its cause had been made very difficult. It took almost a week for the news to be released.

"After an explosion had taken place earlier this week on a household in Dulwich, it has been concluded after extensive investigation by the police that the explosion had been caused due to a leakage in gas pipes. The council has been informed of this and it has been ordered that a Gas Safety check is to be carried out with immediate effect to prevent this tragedy from occurring again.

During the explosion earlier this week, it has been confirmed that Marry Potter and her son Harry Potter had been present at the time of the explosion and both have been killed. The mother and son will both be kept at the morgue for a month and we request for any relative to step forward and claim them before they are both buried.

In other news ...."


Somewhere far far away, a large red train had just left from its station and was slowly gaining speed. In one of it's cabins, a black haired young boy suddenly receive a sharp jolt. He slowly opened his green eyes and looked around with much confusion.

"Urgh, what happened?" groaned the young boy as he grabbed his aching head. "Where am I?"

The young boy looked around again and saw he was in a train compartment. He looked out the window to see the open fields flashing before his eyes.

"What the **** am I doing in a train?" muttered the young boy. "I was just talking with my mother."

Suddenly a sharp pain assaulted his mind as flashes of images appeared in his mind.

"Aaargh," the boy held his scream as he grabbed his head with both his hands.

The pain slowly subsided as he tried to make sense of the images inside his head. These seemed like memories but they were not his own. Once be was free from the piercing headache, he analysed these 'memories' that were his but not his own. Once he went through them, his jaw dropped from shock, not believing it to be true.

"No way!" the boy gasped. "How is this possible?"


The Dimension System welcomes Host to the Harry Potter world.]

"What?!" gasped the boy, looking up. "Who said that?!"


I ... the Dimension System said that. I am a system that binds to the soul of someone that has just died that is extremely dissatisfied with the ending of any work of fiction and brings them to that world so that they can change it to how they see fit.]

"No way," muttered the boy.


Yes way. Of course, the soul that I bring must possess the absolute quality to elevate the world of fiction into a higher tier.]

"How did this happen?"


Host has died in his original world. System found Host's soul to be most compatible to bind with. Then System travelled through the dimension bridge into this Harry Potter world. Host's soul has now merged this world's Harry Potter and since Host's soul was stronger, Host has gained dominant control over the physical body.]

"So I was and am Harry Potter in both world," muttered Harry. "Wait, what about my mother?"


Host's mother has also died. But Host needs not worry since Host's mother has already passed into the afterlife.]

"I see, so what happens now?"


Now Host needs to live his life as Harry Potter of this world. System reminder: Host does not have to follow the storyline of the books. Although major events will occur as they did in the books. The stronger Host is, the bigger changes Host can bring to these major events. Please open Newbie gift pack from Inventory. Just calling it out from your mind will be sufficient.]


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