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Reborn As Harry Potter
Author :Profound1
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-1 Stats

As of Chapter 28

Name: Harry Potter | Age: 11 | Level: 34

HP: 3,400 | MP: 3,400 | Vit: 340

Str: 340 | Dex: 340 | Agi: 340

Int: 340 | Wis: 340

Attribute Points: 191


Sharingan - Magekyo Sharingan - Rank: S-

(Allows user to perceive motions as well as be able to copy the motions perceived motions. Mangekyo Sharingan Abilities currently locked.)

- Aura Sense - Advanced (A+)

(Allows user to sense and see the auras of those around the user. Also able to see Aura Affinity.)

- Mana Sense - Advanced (A+)

(Allows user to sense Mana in the air.)

- Eye of Insight - Beginner (C]

(Allows user to see target's aura and its colour of affinity as well as target's strengths and weaknesses. When Eye of Insight have advanced enough, user is able to see more details.)

- Regeneration - Intermediate (B+)

(Allows user to recover recover from fatigue and light injuries at 4x normal speed).

- Mana Regeneration - Intermediate (B+)

(Allows user to recover 750 Mana Points per minute.)

- Mana Absorption - Intermediate (B+)

(Mutiplies the speed of Mana Regeneration by four.)

- Mana Circulation - Intermediate(B+)

(Multiplies the effect of Regeneration by four.)

- Physical Endurance - Intermediate (B+)

(Increases the body's durability, allowing for less damage to be taken.)

- Mana Armour - Intermediate (B+)

(Allows user to create a coat of armour using Mana to increase both attack and defence.)

- Mana Affinity - Advanced (A+)

(Allows user to become more sensitive to Mana and handle it better)

- Mana Control - Advanced (A+)

(Allows user to have better Mana control than the average wizard.)

- Dungeon Creation - Basic (D+)

(Allows user to create an alternate dimension with a horde of monsters. Number of floors corresponds with users strength. Current floor number: 17 Floor.)

- Wing Chun Kung Fu - Advanced (A+)

(A traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu styles in close range combat. Increases user's user's attack and speed powers. Mana strikes can be used when actively combined with Mana Infusion.)


Charms - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

Transfigurarion - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

Potions - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

Dark Arts - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

Herbology - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

Duelling - Mastery: Beginner (B)]


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