Our Goddess
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Our Goddess
Author :CatMyst
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Location: Polýtimos Palace

Aurum forest , Arcadia kingdom

Date: 3078.20.12

Time: 17:00

Luna POV

Okay calm down, put away the fragile Black rose and take out something to beat the crap out of this insect. What should it be? I'd use magic but that's just a waste to use it on him, something that will hurt and maybe knock some teeth out.

I can see Nathaniel and that insect arguing with each other, it's surprising that Nathaniel didn't return the favor and just punched his smug face. But I understand, Nathaniel is too polite to just start a fight within our estate unlike that uncivilized insect.

I was just starting to tolerate his smug face and even his presence but no he just had to say I'm his property and claim me as his own. Well the property part is what I hate the most, Ah finally, I found the perfect weapon.

Vesmír POV

I can see that things aren't getting any better, Knight and Nathaniel could start to fight at any second now. Luna's remark wasn't heard by Knight since his paying more attention to Nathaniel.

"What will you do?" Krásná looks towards the pair arguing with amusement in his eyes.

"They're fighting because of Luna, shouldn't you also be trying to remedy this situation as well?" my poor Luna, to think she attracted the attention of the two most ruthless individuals possible. Knight who just hates everyone and Nathaniel who is just ruthless and cold blooded towards his enemies during battle or does who he in his way but his caring and compassionate towards those he sees as friends and family.

"What is she doing?" Raven and Alexander look towards Luna who mumbling to herself about an insect while something appears in her hands and expands.

"That's an interesting choice." Krásná looks like he is trying not to start laughing. I get it, an adorable little girl holding a 183 cm long black baseball bat with spikes is certainly quite amusing.

"Nathaniel duck!" she yells as she appears behind him and as he does, she swings the bat towards Knight, he tries to stop it with his hands before it can make impact with his face but seeing his face change from amusement to shock, looks like he failed and is sent flying and can no longer be seen after just a few seconds.

"Home run!" Luna announces as she looks towards us with a huge smile on her face.

This isn't a baseball game!!


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