My otome ドキドキ
17 Oh that....
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My otome ドキドキ
Author :Lightchoren
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17 Oh that....

Workplace bullying? Is that a thing?"

Nona raise a brow sipping on some strawberry soda.

"Of course it is. Adults can be bullied just as much as children can"

Nona looked unconvinced,

"But we're adults, in the adult world bullying just seems so…. Juvenile."

Her friend twiled the straw in their own drink.

"You're from america right? Let's use those statistics then."

Nona sat up with a blink,

"The definition of workplace bullying is "a persistent pattern of mistreatment from others in the workplace that causes either physical or emotional harm. It can include such tactics as verbal, nonverbal, psychological, physical abuse and humiliation."

"That's a lot"

Nona frowned.

"Of course but let's keep going in america did you know 60.3 million workers are affected by bullying?"

Shock filled her,


"Gender doesn't matter either males and females bully and get bullied while there are more male bullies and more female victims."

Nona shook her head,

"Boss' bully THAT much?"

Her friend stopped the straw,

"Well… it's true a majority of it is from bosses an estimated 61%, 33% are actually from co workers and even 6% are from those in lower positions bullying those high up."

Nona put her hand up while using the other to rub her forehead.

"Ok so everyone's bullying, but we have laws!"

There was a smile,

"Of course we do. But those are for harassment, and discrimination in other words protected groups and in fact you will only find 20% of cases fall into that category. So while we do have laws bullying is actually legal."

Nona slumped back in her seat,

"That's….that's crazy"

"Of course it is. And most people will feel it's morally wrong. There is nothing wrong with reporting it but just be aware the response you get might not be what you expect."

Nona frowned,

"What do you mean?"

There was a shoulder shrug

"Generally there are four responses when a report is made and the percent goes like this: 46% do a 'sham' investigation. In other words they claim they are going to look into it and gather more reports and information but actuality they forget all about it or even purposely put it aside. 25% do nothing."


"Yep! They ignore it and put it away. 23% help the target. They after support and assistance for the victim."


The paused.

"That's great right? I mean employers are helping that means… well i'm not sure but it's a good thing"

Her friend gave her a mischievous smile that sent a chill down her spine.

"Of course. That's great but let me just add the last response. 6% punish the perpetrator."

There was silence,

"Hold on…"

Nona said looking away.

"How is that possible? If 23% are helping then should 23% be punishing the perpetrator?"

Her friend took a sip of their drink,

"Isn't that the hope. But the truth is even if the someone steps in that doesn't mean that the criminals get caught. I mean if the consequence was so bad when you got caught bullying do you think 60.3 million people would still be being bullied?

Defining workplace bullying behaviour professional lay

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