My Saviour
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My Saviour
Author :zCara
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1 Wedding Stealer

THE white carpet was complemented with a beach blue and a light grey. Eliana, walked with grace as her pure white dress trailed behind her.

The place was brightly decorated with hues of blue and grey. The audience divided into two. The grooms guest and the brides guests.

Her veil concealed her pale divine face, chocolate eyes and stained red lips. Her bouquet was filled with roses and blue orchids.

Her father's arm was entwined with hers and was holding up an act but was on the inside terrified that his little girl has grown. He was a good guy who at first was against them being together but much to my consent he was a little bit happy with her decision a little bit.

Many people from both parties were not happy at all. I should say me and him were engaged. I was the love of his life and he was mine. My best friend even supported us through our relationship.

Now I am watching her take MY place next to him by the alter. She was stealing my plans with him our life goals. She knew what he meant to me but never stopped her from getting what she wants.

I shifted my face away from her and to my other best friend, Avery beside me.

"You would think that she would walk a little faster my feet hurt." Avery joked.

"I rather go to HELL than be here." I said harshly. I heard her light laugh.

She knew that it hurt me so much to see them be together. When she asked me to be her maid of honor, I felt as she was mocking me. My heart was breaking even more when she said that. Being the nice friend I accepted.

She finally reached the alter and her dad handed her hand to his. I swore to never utter his name as long as I drew in oxygen. They stared lovingly into each others eyes. His grey ones and her brown ones where the perfect mix. He pulled her the slightest bit closer so fast I almost didn't catch him.

That's when the music ceased but my heart was playing anther tune. One of great sarrow. It was singing 'at last' by Etta James.

I must have slipped into my thoughts for to long, since currently they where saying their vows.

They said their 'I do's'.


He pushed her veil over her head. She smiled and he smiled.


They kissed.


He picked her up bridal style and ran out the room. Everyone cheered except for me. They were doing the reception tomorrow wanting to have the rest of the day to themselves.

My mom, her mom, her dad, my dad, my brother, his wife, and my cousin all asked me if I was alright. They hugged me, eyes flowing with sympathy before congratulating the newly weds. I reluctantly followed them.

"Celine, darling thank you so much for coming. You don't understand how much this means to me." Eliana said with joy. Her cheery voice maid me wince the tiniest bit.

"Well I would miss my ex-fiancee and my best friend marriage." I deadpanned. Her smile faltered and his head turned the other way.

I felt pinches from a couple of people. I knew that was really low and flaw but what they did to me these past few months were torture.

"Celine,.." I cut her off.

"Please save the apologies and sympathy for someone else. Okay. Becusae I am sorry but I can't pretend that I am not okay."

I excused my self from the mass of people and walked to my black BMW 5 series. I thank my amazing brother that got my this car ever since last year. Thanks bro. That's at least one thing to be happy about ... Right?

I would rather for a more low key class car. But... It will just have to do. I pulled my hair out of its chignon and ran my hand through it a couple times.

I revved the engine and blasted my way out of the church place. My hand curled around the tan leather wheel with grace.

Finally at a red light that I was forced to stop at, I saw my reflection. But only this didn't look like the strong minded confident girl. This was a weak and hurt girl.

My grey eyes where red with fresh tears that spilled for eons. I finally reached my apartment and cut off the engine. I stumbled into my lovely abode.

The kitchen was set with marble and few blue items. The living room was decorated with tan wood, grey, and blue. And the dining room was a long sandy wood stable from real trees. I had candles littered every where. They help calm my down when I am in my moods.

I looked in the mirror in living room with disgust. My makeup was ruined, if any kid were to walk by they would have mistakined me for Pennywise even, my hair messed up from its elegant shigon. My light grey dress that was off the shoulder and went down to the floor with grace was disheveled.

'Damn this world and everyone in it!'

I grabbed wine from my rack, popped it open and took a swing. I kicked off my grey stilettos and went to my room. My room was neatly decorated with yellow, blue, and white. Adgoing it was a bathroom and closet.

I stumbled into the bathroom and turned on that bath. I sat on my toilet waiting for it to fill. Once it was finished I grabbed some beach and breeze scented candles and lit then up. I grabbed bath salts and dumped it in with rose petals.

I had this day planned out since I got the wedding invite. Before stripping bare I grabbed beer and wine and placed it at arms length in the tub.

I stripped from my disgusting clothes, ripping them off of me. I stepped in layed down. I played music from my phone while I got drunk off my ass.


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