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Demon Husband's loving and his naughty wife
Author :Dirachaya
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3 Chapter 2

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we reached the college . I am very excited ."oh God just help me",thinking I walked into the my college as my brothers were in another building they wished me luck and went to their respective classes . "Now lets start the show" I heard some one saying this.I started trembling when some of my seniors called me. ok I don't know if you guys know this but few members in the college teases the freshers . I don't think they know my identity as I strictly told my family not to allow anyone know about my family status . I was never introduced in front of the media or anyone because they were worried about my safety .So here I am finally studying music and learning violin from this reputed college. But I was recently introduced to everyone through media but in a very royal manner but here I am in a very plain clothes light blue torn jeans and bell hands light peach top with tassels and the charm bracelet which I had from my childhood which is my great great great grandmother's grandmother's so technically family heirloom . I know sha is following me and very near to me to keep me safe from any danger as my family always tell me that I would be in danger so I have to take care of myself. Same thing goes everyday. Edy is one of the board member of the college . so, I know that he will come today to keep an eye on me. ok ok lets get back to reality I went near them . I think they didn't found who I am actually ." hey girl, Let's have some fun , ok first tell us your name"they said.'liza' I answered slowly ."Now give me a kiss"One of the senior told me while pointing towards his lips .I shivered . I was never came out of my mansion even I would come but under complete protection with my family. Every time we come out Edy would hold me tight to avoid anyone to touch me. While thinking about him I with teary eyes looked up there it goes they already ran away . I don't know what happened but there comes a handsome guy with sharp honey colored eyes muscular body, I was in amaze state looking at him. I felt some similarity. His gaze on me is very caring. "Who are you " Liz asked him.


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