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Demon Husband's loving and his naughty wife
Author :Dirachaya
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2 Chapter 1

Hi , Everyone I think I can write some good novel which you guys can enjoy

First day of my college one of the top most reputed college in the world of music

Royal college of London.
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"I Love You My Love","I love You too My Prince "

"Hey! liz wake up come on ",Henry said. "Perfect, I was about to see his face bro , Do you have to ruin it Ha....."I started pouting my face."oh !come on liz same lines everyday when will you stop it, Stop dreaming sweety ,Come on get up it's your first day.Do you want to miss your first day" said henry. "Oh! no shit shit what's the time now oh! got I am running late for my college tis is a complete disaster " I started getting ready . Running down from my room there was a nice smell that started to linger around me "oh! damn my Chocolate chip Muffins"I said .There came the first eldest brother edward typical CEO attire three piece suit of grey and black combination of recent release. My other two brothers playboy type torn jeans t shirt and leather jacket .They both were also studying in my same University but business is harry's major and medicine is henry's major.There comes my mother who is trying to stop me from running to college without having breakfast. "Oh come on mom I need to leave brothers are waiting "I said ."Atleast Have some muffins and juice liz"Mom Glared ."Baby, come and have some breakfast "My stern faced brother edward said.O! I forget to tell only my eldest brother Edward calls me baby if and so anyone calls me that then they would see the hell and the lord of hell in him including my family.He is overprotective towards me . "there it goes Hell lord calls "I muttered.

"Coming edy Bro" Saying I grabbed some muffins and some juice and ran away before anyone stops me by kissing my father ,mom,granny and of course my Edy bro.He Glared at me which turned into a small smile after seeing my pout face "Good Day baby"Edy told.I started to go with my brothers in my favorite Mercedes white in color to my dream college."Here I come college"I shouted.


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