Cold Summer
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Cold Summer
Author :monoinstress
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3 → Las

@@I let my tears fall as the thought opened up so many wounds.

Because of the continuous heavy rainfall, many classes were suspended, so the school decided to hold a summer class.

The very same day the fire happened. Few survived, many died. Including my friends. They died. It was the same feeling as leaving. The difference is, they're never gonna come back.

I was so devastated that I did not went to their funeral. I expected it one day, but 'one day' came sooner than I expected.

"Xiàjì, we're here."

As I get out of the car, my knees became weak, my body trembled. This is it. Finally, I can let go of this heavy feeling in my heart. Until this day, my guilt was never erased, maybe because we fought two days earlier and we did not talk at all. I never thought that would be the last time.

I crouched down your tomb, touching your carved name on it. Wáng Dōngjì. What a beautiful name it was. You were young too.

Remember when you talked to me the first time? I did. It was you who approached me first. Then after that, we started talking more and more. The time came and you confessed. I answered you 'yes'. It was June 21st.

"Happy Anniversary."

I'm sorry. I lied when I said I'll forget about you. I miss you

I love you. I'll always do.

; June 21, 2019: 1 Missed Call from My Wáng




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