Bound to Evil
70 Impostors 8
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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70 Impostors 8

Lazar glanced disdainfully at Katelyn's motionless body and resisted the urge to kick her before he turned himself to the crowd, 'I've already dirtied my sheath because of her, I'm not going to soil my shoe on top of that.' He thought with the frustration of knowing that knocking her out wasn't enough to make up for all the shit she had brought on him.

As if it wasn't enough, when he focused on the crowd, it became very clear to him that those people weren't going to be cooperative.

'So this is how they want to play it.' He told himself with a frown when he saw the reactions that the appearance of Amandla's 'prison' had caused, 'You've got to be kidding me...'

Despite what was surrounding them, some people hadn't given up on escaping yet and had even begun to form a human pyramid at the edge of the wall of light behind the crowd to pass over it.

Lazar understood that panic could lead to poor judgment and that from his point of view he was certainly more lucid than them... but still, it was distressing to see that nobody seemed to realize that there was a fucking problem with this strategy.

Making a human pyramid would have been a good idea if the wall they were trying to pass over was a 3 or even of 4 meters high wall, but not if it was a goddamn 6 meters high wall!

If the purpose of this maneuver was to escape from Lazar because they thought he wanted to kill them; it wasn't making any sense to risk a fall that could also kill them at worst and at best immobilize them long enough for him to have the time to kill them later when the 'prison' will no longer be hear.

'Well, after all, they don't know what I can do and maybe they have forgotten how fragile the human body is...' Lazar concluded to try to understand their actions before sighing.

Something a little less stupid but even more hopeless; those who weren't helping to make the human pyramid and weren't frozen by fear had chosen to fight.

Lazar was thinking it was ridiculous but brave at first, then he saw that the eyes of the people who were pointing their weapons at him were more focused on Amandla than him, 'And now they are acting like bitches because they think that's their only hope...' He thought, deploring the lack of common sense they were showing.

He immediately understood that their goal wasn't to get rid of him but to take advantage of the fact that Amandla was exhausted to take her hostage and negotiate with him in order to save their lives, 'Smart, but it won't work.' Now that he knew, there was no way that people who didn't even know how to hold their weapon could get behind him and reach Amandla.

However, Lazar couldn't help but think that even though there were only a few dozen of people facing him and that it was obvious for him that he was going to win if there was a fight, if he went so far as to kill them, it would greatly complicate his task and...


'What?' At first Lazar didn't recognize the uncharismatic voice of Francis, but how could he not see that it was him when the latter broke away from the crowd waving his arms in all directions and that he stood between it and him to prevent the clash.


True to himself, the relief that Lazar felt when he saw that Francis was alive and kicking wasn't what he showed. Instead, it was the anger he felt because Francis had taken his time to manifest himself although he must have realized it was him when Katelyn screamed his other name and rushed at him.

"Shithead! It's now that you decide to reveal yourself?!" Lazar shouted, showing in the process to everyone that he and the frail student who just got noticed knew each other.

Francis, who wasn't expecting this reaction, panicked, "Uh... I'm sorry, it's just... you know, the arrows and stuff... It..." He began to say without being able to make a normal sentence.

Lazar sighed, "Damn, you haven't changed in three years..." He stated in a calmer tone, since if Francis was the same as before then he wouldn't be good for anything if he was pressuring him, "I have some things to take care of here, could you go see if she's okay?" He added, pointing at Amandla.

"Wait..." Francis said to Lazar as he walked towards him with an expression indicating that he could no longer hide his excitement, "First tell me what the fuck was that jump? And since you're evoking her, who..."

He stopped talking by himself when he was about to mention Amandla because he saw that Lazar was giving him a stare which was clearly meaning; what did I just said moron?

"I'm going." Francis ended up saying as he walked towards Amandla, who had recovered a bit from her energy exhaustion.

Lazar then hurried to take advantage of the confusion of the crowd to calm the everyone, "Let me introduce myself, Logan Walker, I am a soldier in the Special Forces of the US Navy."He declared with a powerful voice so that everyone can hear him while exhibiting his identification plates around his neck to support his statements.

Lazar saw that the people who were ready to fight the moment before were beginning to wonder if they should put away their weapons and that the morons who were making a human pyramid were beginning to stop building it, so he gave other arguments since this time his audience was receptive.

"Here's what we're going to do." Lazar said, making the file that Buren had given him appear.

"I've been sent here by the army for this..." He added with a ruthless grin while waving the folder above his head, "...and I'm willing to share it's content with everyone."


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