Bound to Evil
68 Impostors 6
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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68 Impostors 6



Baseball field (M.I.T campus)


Just after they landed on the other side of the barrier, Francis was able to confirm thanks to the fact that there were no longer the bars of the barrier to block his view that the two individuals who had just entered in a rather original way the baseball field were a woman and a man.

They didn't seem to want to waste any time and they looked like they knew what they wanted since they weren't paying attention to what was on their right or their left but only what was in front of them...

Side by side, they were walking straight in the direction of Francis and the people present without that really surprising the latters; the timing with which they had arrived and their behaviour was suggesting that they were here for them.

The man on the right was entirely dressed in black, his hood was covering everything above his eyes and his pace was particularly sluggish.

He was giving the impression that he didn't wanted to be noticed and in a more visible manner that he didn't wished to be here in the first place.

If not being noticed was indeed the intention of this man then the woman on the left was doing him a favor, her enchanting beauty made him almost invisible to the eyes of the great majority of the men present, including Francis.

One would think that being around someone as intimidating as Lazar in high school would have made him tougher, and it was the case in some ways, however, it didn't cured his shyness with girls.

A boy as inexperienced as him couldn't resist this woman's mesmerizing face which was evoking him no other words than synonyms of gracious... not only that, but he was also bewitched by her captivating ocean-blue eyes and her very sturdy yet feminine body that was giving her the allure of an Amazon.

By dint of looking at her, the mind of Francis drifted into another reality, a perverse reality where he could touch, feel this woman...

However, before he arrived at the state of imagining the perfume which was emanating from her, he came back to reality, 'What's wrong with me?!'

"Stop talking shit."

Francis turned around because he suddenly heard a man's voice a few meters behind him.

Given the reprimanding tone he had used, it sounded like that man was in a heated debate with someone.

"I know what I saw fucker!" Barked aggressively the blonde girl in front of him before pointing at a truck with a dark green paint scheme right in the middle of the road in the street alongside the baseball field, "They got out of the military truck there! They are soldiers!"

Everyone around them became interested in their argument since they were assuming that the 'they' the girl used was mentioning the man and the woman who were approaching.

The man whom Francis believed was a teacher, given his advanced age and his clothes, retorted in a disdainful tone, "Did you look at them? There are only two of them and they don't have uniforms, they aren't soldiers. The truck must come from the soldiers who were here days ago and got killed by those skeletons."

Francis stopped listening shortly after the teacher said this because what followed between him and the blonde girl was nothing more than a flood of insults.

Instead, he focused his attention on Trevor, who seemed to dread the arrival of the man in black and the woman more than anyone else here.

His complexion had become pale and he was shaking to the point that his dagger fell on the ground, there wasn't a trace of the arrogance he still had a few seconds ago, and one had to be stupid not to understand that there was a link with the arrival of these people.

'Looks like he knows why they're here and that it's not a good thing for him.' Deduced Francis, hoping it wasn't also a bad thing for him.


'Logan?' Francis wondered confusely if he had heard correctly the name that had just been shouted by a feminine voice which was oddly familiar to him...

He then saw a blonde girl with an angelic face wearing a volleyball outfit running towards the man in black and the woman and he understood why she had shouted this name when he recognized her and stared more closely at the man, 'Oh shit...'



Amandla didn't even need to ask if it was Kathelyn, she could sense the immense disgust that Lazar was feeling every time this insane girl was shouting his other name and her pupils were so dilated right now that it looked like she had just taken 3 lines of cocaine, 'He wasn't kidding when he said she was crazy.' She thought with sympathy for Lazar.

"I can handle her if you think you're not going to be able to stop yourself from killing her." She said half-seriously as she guessed what kind of thoughts were going through Lazar's head.

Lazar took off his hood, even with it on his head Katelyn manadged to recognize him, so he didn't need to wear it anymore, "She hasn't seen me in almost 3 years, believe me, she won't listen to anyone." Lazar retorted with a depressed expression showing how much he hated being in this ridiculous situation.

"I'll knock you out if you come any closer." Directly threatened Lazar without having any illusions about whether or not she was going to do the right choice.

Seeing that there was no signs pointing that Katelyn was going to do as he ordered, and that she had the same vicious glow in her eyes as a dog on the verge of raping its master's leg, Lazar took action.

His weapon appeared in his left hand when she was barely 5 meters away from him and when she threw herself on him, he avoided her by pivoting on himself at 90° before putting her to sleep by hitting lightly the back of her skull with tip of the sheath of his weapon.


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