Bound to Evil
67 Impostors 5
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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67 Impostors 5


5 hours before

Gymnasium (M.I.T campus)


Trevor was lying a little apart from the other sleepers on the parquet of the basketball's court, not because the group had excluded him but because he had excluded himself, 'Wolves don't mix with lambs.'

He was staring at the gymnasium roof thinking pessimistically that he was more likely to die than survive in the coming days, 'To whom do I want to make believe that? Do I look like a wolf right now?!'

Unlike the others, his anxiety took over his tiredness; he just couldn't sleep knowing he was waiting for his death, 'Anyway, if I was sleeping I wouldn't be able to enjoy every last moment of this shitty life.' He complained with a sad smile, before turning his head to his right, in the direction of those from whom he had voluntarily distanced himself, 'If at least there was a fuckable girl in the group...'


'Fuck!' Trevor hurried to get up off the parquet as if his life depended on what he was going to do in the next few seconds.

The noise didn't particularly scare him, but the faint purple light coming through the gymnasium windows did for a reason he couldn't explain.

When he stood up, Trevor realized that he was the only one who had done so and therefore undoubtedly the only one who had seen the purple light and heard the noise.

'Okay, okay, Think! Think for fuck sake!' His thoughts were confused, he couldn't decide what was the best thing to do right now.

He managed to come to his senses only when the purple light was no longer visible.

'I don't have the time anymore. If it's those fucking skeletons that want to break into the gymnasium, I have to choose who I'm going to bring with me and who I'm going to let die here to save time.' He thought coldly as he tried to remember where two people in particular were lying down.

They were the only people he could trust, or at least, the only people he could manipulate without any problem since he had managed to convince them to steal a part of the food supply with him.

Trevor got down on all fours, went where he thought the first person was and stared at the guy lying in front of him, 'You never know, I may have made a mistake.' In spite of the darkness, he bothered himself with finding a distinctive sign indicating that he had the right guy.

'Yes, that's definitely him.' He said to himself as he recognized the shinning silver chain hanging at the guy's neck.

Now that he was sure it was the right person... Trevor crouched down and put his right hand on the mouth of the young man with brown hair in front of him to wake him up without him being able to make the slightest noise.

When Trevor saw him open his eyes, he made a shush sign with the index of his left hand in the case he didn't understood that it was necessary to be discreet, "George, do you know where Caroline is lying down?" He asked, whispering as faintly as he could.

George, who had quickly recovered from the shock because Trevor had already woken him up like that to steal food more than one time, slowly lowered his head from bottom to top several times to say yes.

"All right, wake her up and come to the top of the bleachers to the left of the basketball court, something's happening." Trevor whispered before taking his hand out of George's mouth and crawling on all fours in the direction of where he had told him to join him with the girl he just mentioned.


Several seconds later


Trevor was glued to the window, looking outside for something comming out of the ordinary.

He was then joined by George and Caroline.

"Why did you wake us up?" Caroline asked Trevor with annoyance in her voice. This time it looked like he hadn't called her to steal food, so her interest was non-existent.

He didn't even need to answer as a kind of blue lightning in the distance did it in his place; the Energy Slash that Lazar had thrown at the Draugur.

Since the leader of the Draugur was trying to block Lazar's skill, Trevor, George and Caroline were able to understand what was going on because the 'blue lightning' was illuminating its surroundings.

They saw the leader of the Draugur struggling against this blue lightning, they saw several Draugur behind him getting sliced because he couldn't resist it in the end and they also understood that all the Draugur they were seeing were rushing towards one place.

It was only when Lazar launched his next attack, his Dark Slash, that they understood that the Draugur were running towards a human since this time they had seen that the attack wasn't coming from nowhere.

The fact that a human would try to face these monsters was already unbelievable to them, but what happened afterwards was even more incredible.

From Lazar's point of view it was already shocking but for 3 people who have yet to see what the Apocalypse had to offer, it was much more impressive.

These purple glows which were coming out of the eyes of several hundreds of monsters at the same time and were dissolving in the air, it was both beautiful... and disgusting when you remember where this beauty comes from.

Ironically, the last thing they saw of Lazar was his premature escape; it was when he didn't realize that the Draugur were all dead.

When Lazar turned around after noticing that he didn't need to run away, he was too far away from the purple glows for Trevor, George and Caroline to see that he had figured out his error of judgment.

Too bad, if they had seen that Lazar hadn't really run away, they wouldn't have made the decision they were going to make now.

"Let's go see if he's gone..." Trevor said with a big smile which was exuding ambition, "...If it's the case, then we will become fucking kings."

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    《Bound to Evil》