Bound to Evil
66 Impostors 4
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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66 Impostors 4


6:30 a.m

Gymnasium (M.I.T. campus)


A little less than 50 people were sleeping on the parquet of the basketball court in the gymnasium, most of them were students and the rest were professors or staff members.

Some had the luxury of resting their heads on their backpacks or purses, but of course, they weren't numerous to have burdened themselves with them while fleeing when the Draugur came out of nowhere and began slaughtering everyone they came across just a few minutes after the Apocalypse had begun.

Francis, for instance, was part of the people who had the parquet as a pillow.

Although he was initially paralyzed with fear when he saw them, he didn't hesitate to throw his bag on the ground and sprinted to the nearest shelter as soon as he saw one of those sadistic skeletons rip a student's throat out with his rotten teeth as if she was a wrapper of ketchup sauce.

Fortunately for him, his fear of ending up like this student was stronger than his fear of taking action at that time.

Through the windows above the bleachers on the left of the basketball court, the first rays of sunshine of the day were passing.

Those rays were starting to tickle the faces of several sleepers and even waking up a few of them, however, they went back to sleep right afterwards with the intent of staying like that for another several hours.

In this ordeal, laziness was a friend; they all knew it. Their only mission of the day beeing to save their strength, sleeping a lot was the best way to achieve it.


The sound of the opening of a door resonated throughout the gymnasium, causing people who weren't completely asleep to violently straighten up from the floor as soon as they heard it.

Why such a nervous behaviour?

Because the sound was coming from a door opening to the outside, in other words, a door that they were supposed to have barricaded.


Before they saw who had just passed through the door they were expecting the worst, they were thinking that those creepy skeletons were going to barge in the gymnasium, that they were going to surround them in a corner and that they would kill them one after the other in the cruellest possible way...

...But they realized that their trembling of fears were unjustified when they saw that it was a young blond man who had just entered the gymnasium, not the skeletons.

He was undoubtedly a student and when a teacher made the link between his blond hair, his morphology and the dagger he had in his right hand, she even managed to recognize him.

"Trevor, what the hell were you doing outside?" She shouted with legitimate indignation considering that this student had barricaded himself with them since the beginning and was then without a doubt the person who had removed the barricades from that door to get out.

Francis woke up with a startle after hearing the teacher shouting and started to grope around for his glasses in panic to put them over his nose, 'Where the hell are they!?'

When he finally found them and managed to put them on not without difficulty because of his shaking hands, what he saw was certainly much less horrible than the skeletons but nevertheless worrying.

Francis hadn't heard the door open and close neither did he clearly heard what the teacher had said, so he didn't knew that a door was no longer barricaded and that Trevor had just come back from outside...

When he in turn noticed that door and saw Trevor approaching with his dagger and clothes covered with a strange dark blood, it was certainly not as terrifying as the skeletons, but it was still scary.

Trevor stopped approaching when he was a few meters away from the person who was the closest to him, he scanned everyone with a haughty gaze to see if there was still someone sleeping, then he said something that no one expected to hear, "You can come out, we killed all the monsters."


10 minutes later


Even though Trevor came from the outside, no one wanted to believe him at first, Francis the first.

Those skeletons? Dead? It was just impossible, surreal.

However, Trevor gave them an undeniable evidence, 'Look out the windows above the bleachers towards the baseball field, then join us there.' He said before leaving through the same door he had come in through.

They weren't taking any risks by doing as he asked, so everyone went up the bleachers and looked.

Although they first doubted their vision when they saw what they had in front of them, they couldn't deny that the hundreds of monster corpses before their eyes weren't the result of a collective hallucination, nor were the hundreds of people gathered around them.

There was nothing keeping them from going out anymore...

Like everyone else, Francis rushed outside and headed straight to the baseball field.

Although diminished by hunger, the first thing on everyone's mind wasn't to eat but to get a closer look at those dead bastards.

Once there, Francis, who always had in a corner of his head the fear that the skeletons would get up and resume their murderous impulse because everyone dropped their guard, definitively abandoned the idea.

"If they aren't dead now..." He whispered after his sprint as he watched how some people were venting their anger on the Draugur's corpses.

They were trampling them, spitting on them and even stabbing them with their weapons, 'If Lazar was there, he would have said something like: it would have been nice if they had been that combative when those monsters could retaliate.' He thought with a nervous grin.

And Francis for once would agree with him because seeing them, he couldn't figure out who was more pathetic right now between the dead skeletons or the people who were mutilating their corpses.

"HEY!" A male voice was heard over the ambient noise, when Francis turned his head in the direction of this voice, he saw Trevor triumphantly trampling with his shoe the corpse of a skeleton much more imposing than the others.

The attention of Francis, like that of many others, would have been focused entirely on Trevor if he hadn't noticed in the background the silhouette of a woman and a man jumping well above a barrier that he was estimating to be 1,50 meters high.


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