Bound to Evil
65 Impostors 3
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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65 Impostors 3

Amandla's eyes were already wide open in astonishment before Lazar even had the time to finish his sentence, she immediately realized that something unusual had just happened, 'He said that just before I was going to open my mouth to apologize and there was almost nothing indicating that I was going to do it.'

What he said was far too precise and unexpected for her to see it as a coincidence, especially since she had a logical explanation for it; the bond they had between them, 'Lazar feels it too then?' She wondered before turning her head to the driver's seat.

'After all his aura has nothing to do with what it was before we split up, which means that his statistics have drastically increased.' Amandla focused her vision and a silhouette in the shape of Lazar appeared before her eyes, a silhouette so dark that the obscurity around it seemed to be devoured by it; Lazar's 'aura', 'It would be surprising if the bond still had no real effect on him considering that it is directly related to the perception statistic.'

Although Amandla was almost convinced that Lazar was also beginning to feel the influence of the bond between them, she nevertheless thought that he wasn't aware of its existence because he didn't seem to be more disturbed than that, 'He rely a lot on his instinct, he must have thought that it was what made him guess what I wanted to do.'

In any case, if he didn't know, she didn't intend to inform him... at least not immediately. She was assuming that knowing that she had some sort of 'right of oversight' over what was going on in his mind would put him in a very bad mood and she preferred that they focus on the task at hand.

Realizing that she must have been staring at him for a while and hadn't said anything concerning what he had declared, Amandla looked away from Lazar and started hitting her headrest with the back of her scalp as if it was going to make her think of something worth saying at one moment.

At some point, she stopped tormenting her headrest and chose to keep it simple, "Don't worry, I'm back to my normal state. Crap like that won't happen again."

"Very good." He answered promptly and without much conviction. Although he believed that Amandla was sincere, he was placing very little value on her words compared to her actions.

Something struck Amandla all of a sudden, "By the way..." She recalled that Lazar had promised her explanations when they would be in the truck, "...what exactly have you done tonight?"

"Well..." Lazar took a deep breath, "...basically I was going to scout around, figure out what kind of monster we were dealing with and theeeen..." He emphasized the last word and didn't continue his sentence to further arouse Amandla's curiosity.

"Aaaaand what?" She asked, getting restless.

"I found myself encircled by several hundred of monsters right after I set foot on the campus." He said with a discreet smile. Once again he was deliberately not telling everything, one would think that he was enjoying teasing Amandla.

Amandla grinned at her turn, "How did you manage to kill them all?" She asked, implying that she already knew for sure that this was the scenario that had happened and that she was only interested in the details.

A heavy silence settled in the truck and Lazar's smile faded from his face, "How do you know that?" He asked in a cold voice, staring at Amandla's face in search of the slightest sign of a lie.

Amandla turned to him as well, 'Can she see me?' Lazar wondered since she was strangely looking directly into his white iris, even though the obsurity was supposed to prevent her from seeing him.

Her gaze was both cold and warm, as if she was going to give a warning to a good friend, "Don't forget who you're talking to Lazar, I'm resourceful and far from being stupid."

The recalling of a recent event destabilized her and made her change the end of her sentence, "Far from being stupid... most of the time."

"I'll keep that in mind." Lazar replied, postponing the questions he wanted to ask to Amandla because he could see in the distance the baseball field whose lawn he had soiled with the corpse of the Draugur, "We've reached our destination."

"*Yawn*" It took until they arrived for Amandla to start showing signs of tiredness again, "Great!" She declared happily while stretching her arms.

Lazar 'parked' the truck in the middle of the road, it was to the left of the sidewalk which was itself just to the left of the barrier which was separating it from the baseball field. In a burst of paranoia he verified through the window if the Draugur's corpses were still there while Amandla was getting out of the truck to go to the back doors.

Lazar noticed quite quickly that the Draugur were still there and therefore well and truly dead, but it was manifestly not fast enough for Amandla who, seeing that Lazar hadn't joined her directly at the back doors, immediately came knocking at the driver's door window.



Amandla started talking through the glass and since it was well soundproofed, Lazar wasn't sure what he had heard. He took the keys off the ignition of the truck, opened the door slowly to give Amandla time to get out of the way and he got out.

"Did you really said you was going to spank me if I didn't get out right away?" He said to her in a threatening tone as she hurried back to the back doors of the truck.

"*Cough* Did I told you I took pillows and blankets in my inventory for tonight?" She changed the subject without any embarrassment.

"You take one spot and I'll take another one very far, if you ever come near me in the night, we'll see who's going to spank who." Lazar warned, half joking.


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