Bound to Evil
63 Impostors 1
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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63 Impostors 1

Lazar still couldn't believe it, '2500 contribution points, 30 statistics points and the evolution of my weapon, all of this because of mere seconds of fight...'

Taking into account the statistics points alone, it was equal to the sum of his four basic statistics when he awakened!

While Lazar was raving about the rewards he had earned from his nightly escapade, another notification resounded in his head reminding him not to feel satisfied of his strength as long as he could have more.

⚫ Kill 500 rank E monsters ⌧

◼ 5th ◼ Lazar Sogorov.

◼ Reward ◼ +9 stat points.

Nevertheless, he let his enthusiasm overcame him again and he hurried to open his status window, 'Might as well add my points now.' He thought, after all he wasn't in a hurry anymore and had 39 points to distribute.

▼ [Lazar Sogorov] ▼

🔶 Age 🔶 20

🔶 Level 🔶 13 (12750/14000)

🔶 Energy points 🔶 (2117/2142)

⚫ Energy regeneration rate ⚫ (13,1(+0,6) ➞ 13,7 points/min)

🔶 Evolution status 🔶

⚫ [Disciple of Death]

▶ [See details] ▶

🔶 Skills 🔶

⚫ Body of the Disciple of Death (Passive skill)

▶ [See details] ▶

⚫ Strength of Harvested Souls (Passive skill)

▶ [See details] ▶

⚫ Immature Energy of Death (Active skill)

▶ [See details] ▶

🔶 Statistics 🔶 [Stat points available ⚫ 0]

⚫ Constitution ⚫ 29 (+2) ➞ +8 ➞ 39

⚫ Agility ⚫ 46(+10) ➞ +12 ➞ 68

⚫ Perception ⚫ 35(+5) ➞ +9 ➞ 49

⚫ Energy ⚫ 34(+8) ➞ +10 ➞ 52

🔶 Set bonus 🔶

⚫ [Set of the Disciple of Death] ⚫ (2/6)

▶ +2 all statistics

▶ +5 % energy recovery

A surge of power overwhelmed Lazar in the form of an icy and disturbing sensation crawling under his skin.

This time there was no black smoke emanating from his body, this phenomenon had even ceased to occur when he was leveling up, 'Who knows why...'

In any case, he was beginning to regret the smoke as what he was experiencing was way more unpleasant.

It was certainly not as radical as his evolution but considering that even the difference between his past and present strength was easily noticeable to him when the second form of his weapon was revealed, as much as to say that the change he was feeling now wasn't trivial.

'Cold.' It's the only word he could think of when his whole body started shivering uncontrollably.

He was feeling like his blood had suddenly frozen and was crackling in his veins and when he unrolled the sleeves of his sweatshirt to examine his arms as this sensation was more pronounced here, he wondered a bit concerned if he wasn't far from the truth.

His blood didn't seem to circulate at all and his veins were a perfect contrast with his skin due to their blackness, 'If the destiny that Death has set for me requires me to transform little by little into a zombie, it would have been nice to warn me in advance.' He told himself with a little bit of sarcasm while clenching his fists to try to feel his hands again.

Eventually his veins were no longer apparent and he finally regained control over his body, with that discomfort gone Lazar could thought about much more important things.

First, how to make the most of the contribution points he had earned? 'It cost me 300 contribution points to get my gloves, maybe I will be able to buy the other 4 pieces of equipment with what I have now.'

Obtaining the Dark bomb skill wasn't particularly tempting since Lazar couldn't use it without being able to materialize his energy, it seemed obvious to him that he had to prioritize the completion of his set to get instant results instead, 'I maybe even have enough contribution points to buy both anyway.' He relativized while shrugging his shoulders.

Second, 'When I look up and see all these dead Draugur, I can't help but think of all the trouble it's going to cause me.' He lamented while massaging his forehead.

It wasn't a good to believe that the death of the Draugur had settled everything, now that they were no longer there, many more variables had to be taken into account and many more choices had to be done.

Before, Lazar thought he and Amandla would have to take care of everything, but now he could just contact Buren when he got back. He could tell him that he have dealt with the monsters and all the Army had to do is proceed with the evacuation tonight.

That would prevent him from having to spend the next day solving issues on the campus and getting a headhache called Katelyn, 'Problem solved? Yes, but not without creating new ones.'

After all... what will happen when Buren will see what Lazar was seeing now?

What kind of ideas will go through his head when he will look at those hundreds of corpse of monsters rotting face down on the grass?

What will he think about when he will remember that this massacre took place barely an hour after Lazar left the room of their meeting?

'He will try to find ways to get rid of me or control me.' And if Lazar allowed the Army to do the evacuation, then that would give Buren an opportunity to try to control him.

'Andrew must have guessed that I wanted to get Francis out of the M.I.T... He will have the nerve to suggest to Buren to take him hostage if it could force me to marry his daughter or do some other bullshit.' Lazar thought with a disgusted grimace, 'I'd rather let Francis die than be reduced to that. But I wouldn't get to such extremes if I use my head well.'

He sighed, just a few days ago his daily life was more simple, 'Let's just go home, I need to talk to Amandla. Hopefully she will not become a nuisance as well.' He thought as he walked towards the barrier through which he had passed.


After spending all his time on his way home swinging his weapon around to try to accomodate himself of using it, Lazar finally arrived a few meters in front of the front door of his house.

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    《Bound to Evil》