Bound to Evil
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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At the turn of the corridor leading to the hotel reception, Suzaku shouted in an annoyed tone to the man who was trying to force open the door, "Stop! I'll open it!"


'He didn't hear me?' Seeing that the man was regaining his momentum to give another shoulder blow to break down the door, Suzaku ran to get to it while actively searching the pockets of his pajama pants for the key.

"Hey! I'm telling you that I'm going to open the door!" He shouted louder, waving the key of the door he had just found over his head so that the man, if he couldn't hear him because of the layer of glass that separated them, would at least understand when he saw him that he wanted to open the door.


Suzaku froze, anger was rising inside him as he watched the man shake his coat to get rid of the shards of glass on him coming from the door he had just broken, 'Where the hell did they find such a piece of shit?!'

He had seen the man's glance landing on him and the key before giving the last shoulder blow which had finally made the door give way, it necessarily meant that he did it on purpose.

Suzaku sighed in displeasure since he knew exactly who had sent this man and for what reason. Tired in advance of having to deal with an emissary again, he went back to his table to finish his breakfast while it was still warm.

"Hey! Wait! I need to talk to you!" The man asked in a commanding tone even through he entered the hotel uninvited.

'Why do I have to be so nice...' It was at times like this Suzaku wished he was a little more like Declan, and by that he meant being able to be as violent with humans and monsters without it disturbing him more than that.

"I'm talking to you!" Furious at being ignored, the man tried to catch up with Suzaku.

As Suzaku was about to arrive in the dining room...



He heard the sound of a coffee machine being used, 'He's awake.'

Wanting his breakfast to go better than the one of the day before, Suzaku stopped and turned around, "I advise you not to hold the same speech as the guy from yesterday." He warned the man behind him with a cold gaze.

For a moment fear was on the face of the man as he remembered the pitiful state in which the emissary who had been sent by his leader yesterday had returned, 'Both arms dislocated.'

Then he remembered the conversation he had with Bruce when he asked him what he thought of the two men their leader wanted to recruit, 'I'm much stronger than them. I don't know why she wants them, they are already doing what we want from them and they don't want to join anyway.'

It was of course a huge lie from Bruce who couldn't admit that there was someone stronger than him, but not having seen Suzaku and Declan fighting, he believed Bruce blindly.

Being the strongest person after Bruce in the organization, it was enough for him to believe that he was stronger than Suzaku and Declan, 'The person that the leader sent first wasn't even an awakenee... There's nothing to be impressed with.'

Arrived in the dining room, Suzaku and the man saw Declan more relaxed than ever, leaning against the table where Suzaku was before with a cup of coffee in one of his hands.

"So..." The man was about to speak but Declan got ahead of him, "Who's this clown?" He asked Suzaku with a fake smile, raising his sunglasses thus revealing his red pupils.

'What's up with his eyes?!' Wondered the man as he tried not to show that he was intimidated.

"Who else would come bother us this early in the morning?" Suzaku replied casually before returning to his seat to finish his meal.

Although the man wasn't getting any respect, he decided not to show that he took their comments bad, something was bothering him about Declan and his instinct was telling him that it wasn't a good idea to antagonize him, "My name is Richard, I've been sent by..." He began to say courteously.

Declan completed his sentence, "Sent by the bitch, yeah, I got it." He took a sip of coffee and then continued talking in a half-interested tone, "If you're here to cry, it's never the right time with me, even less in the morning, but if you have something interesting to say I'll take it."


1 hour later


Suzaku looked sideways at Declan as they were walking towards the same barricades where they had met Judith, her brothers, Gabriella and the other awakenees posted there yesterday.

"What?" Declan asked, feigning ignorance with a big provocative smile despite the fact that he felt that Suzaku's gaze was disapproving.

Suzaku continued to look at him with the same gaze to see if it would eventually wipe Declan's smile off his face, then he gave up, "Nothing..." He replied in a dry tone, looking away from him with disappointment.

Although Suzaku gave up, Declan didn't, "Oh, stop it! You don't fool me with your act, Mister I have no hate in me, I am perfect in every way!" He said, ridiculing Suzaku's judgment of his behavior.

"Don't tell me you didn't want to smack him in the face when he started saying 'Wah! Wah! It's too hard! With the power of friendship we can all get through it! Wah! Wah! It's not nice to break people's arms!" Declan said to Suzaku, imitating a 3 year old child complaining.

"I'm not pretending I didn't want to..." Suzaku replied, trying to remain calm, "...and there's no need to caricature what he said to justify the fact that you broke his legs." He added with dissatisfaction.

"Without the shapes he put in it, that's exactly what you should have understood, and he said it was wrong to break arms, not legs." Seeing that he hadn't been able to make Suzaku laugh, Declan added something to justify what he had done, "With his legs gone he'll take longer to report to the bitch than the guy from yesterday."

"I hope the others aren't like you..." Suzaku told him with a sigh.

"What do you wanted me to do! I remind you that he also busted our damn door!" Declan yelled in a fit of false consternation.

"Yes, but you broke his legs before knowing it!" Suzaku replied, dismayed by Declan's shamelessness.


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