Bound to Evil
58 A sharper Hate 2
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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58 A sharper Hate 2

By the time the projectiles intended for him began to fall back towards his initial position, Lazar had already moved about thirty meters away from it, he was now sprinting towards the monsters on his right.

Being at least 100 meters away from them, he allowed himself to take a quick look behind him to judge of the power of the attack from which he thought he had escaped... He then came to the realization that these monsters weren't only well organized but also very precise.

Although each projectile was fired by a different monster, they were all converging towards his initial position, and just by their trajectories, Lazar knew that none of them would fall more than 5 meters away from it.

'They would have been more likely to hit me if they had targeted a larger area.'

He reassured himself by thinking that the monsters were stupid to aim at the same point because in the end the effectiveness of their bombardment would be reduced, but what he saw was completely different from what he had anticipated.

"FUCK!" Lazar exclaimed with his eyes wide open since what he was witnessing wasn't a succession of ridiculous explosions over a small area as he expected, but a huge explosion spreading over more than 20 meters in diameter.

He wasn't sure what he had seen given the ephemeral nature of the thing, but it seemed to him that when the first projectile fell to the ground it resulted in a first explosion, and when this explosion came into contact with the surrounding projectiles it triggered their explosions, and so on from projectile to projectile, creating increasingly powerful chain explosions that eventually combined into a huge, devastating one.

As if that wasn't enough, a shockwave followed the explosion and hit Lazar's back, 'DAMN!'

It didn't inflict serious damage to Lazar when it hit him, but it was nevertheless powerful enough to throw him to the ground and bring him to his knees.

"*Cough*" His breathing was cut off and he had an intense pain in his lower back because of the shockwave, but he still managed to ignore all of this to try to get up by leaning on his sheath.

Thinking that the monsters around him would surely take advantage of the fact that he was stunned, he raised his head before he had even finished getting up, and what he saw this time was something he expected.

"KILL HIM!" Screamed the leader of the monsters as each one of them with him on the front were rushing towards Lazar.

Back on his own two legs, it became instantly clear to Lazar that he would have to take care of the leader first and quickly if he really intended to fulfill his goal, 'He's way too close for me to ignore him.'

At this point, if Lazar was to find a weakness in these monsters, it would be their speed...

He estimated by observing them run that the monsters here were barely faster than normal human beings, as for their leader, as fast as an Omega, 'That leave me several possibilities to get the upper hand but...' Although the leader wasn't very fast, Lazar couldn't bypass him to attack the other monsters.

Even now, Lazar could turn around and safely go home, as he was much faster than anyone here, but he refused to think about giving up now feeling that it was still possible to do something useful.

The leader of the monsters was now barely 40 meters from him, which allowed Lazar to finally see clearly what he looked like.

He thought he recognized a zombie at first, but then he became a little more worried when he thought of another alternative...

What he saw was a giant of 2.40 meters tall wearing a heavy medieval tattered armor and who was brandishing a huge two-handed mass with runic inscriptions above his head.

Of course it wasn't just his weapon and armor that allowed Lazar to identify him with accuracy but his appearance even if the type of armor and the runic inscriptions gave clues...

The skin of this creature was dried out and dark, he was both massive and skeletal as if his bones had swollen, 'A Draugr.' It no longer gave any doubts about what he was to Lazar.

An aura of blue energy formed on Lazar's blade, it was a much darker blue than usual.

"I WILL SEND YOU BACK TO YOUR MASTER!" The Draugr shouted confidently to Lazar as he came within 20 meters of him.

Seeing a toothless smile form on his emaciated face made Lazar both angry and disgusted.

His blade split the air and an Energy Slash one and a half times bigger than usual went towards the Draugr.

The pleasure to see that the Draugr's smile had faded and to no longer have to shout the name of his technique because he had a much better control over his energy added up at that moment.

Although taken by surprise, the Draugr nevertheless managed to change his stance from offensive to defensive at the last moment and he managed to intercepted the Energy Slash of Lazar by putting his mass on the path of it.

However, he could only resist for a brief moment, Lazar's technique was too powerful for him to deflect it, let alone stop it...

Probably because he felt he couldn't hold on any longer at the risk of being cut off, he threw himself to the ground and Lazar's Energy Slash continued its race towards the other monsters behind the him.

Lazar then saw his attack cut up well over a dozen monsters before dissipating.

❗ [You have eliminated a Draugr swordsman (E ★★★☆☆)] ❗

❗ [75 experience points obtained] ❗

❗ [You have eliminated a Draugr spearman (E ★★★☆☆)] ❗

❗ [75 experience points obtained] ❗


❗ [You have eliminated a Draugr swordsman (E ★★★☆☆)] ❗

❗ [75 experience points obtained] ❗


❗ [You have fulfilled all the conditions necessary for the evolution of your weapon] ❗

❗ [Hate is evolving] ❗

❗ [You possess 2 of the 6 pieces of the set of the Disciple of Death] ❗

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    《Bound to Evil》