Bound to Evil
57 A sharper Hate 1
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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57 A sharper Hate 1

Whether it was on his left, on his right or in front of him, imposing human shaped creatures were slowly advancing towards Lazar for anything but a peaceful reason as different types of weapons were sparkling in their hands.

With their appearance came a change in Lazar's night vision.

For once, it wasn't showing him just shades of black and white, its color range was a little richer...

In the moment, it couldn't be said that this improvement, if it could be called like that, made Lazar particularly enthusiastic since if what he saw was no longer bichromatic, it was because the third color he was seeing was a gloomy purple emanating from the eyes of these monsters.

Lifeless eyes that were all staring at him, which finished to convince him that he had been unlucky enough to come across monsters that also had night vision.

Lazar took advantage of the fact that his closest opponents where still far from him and didn't seem to be in a hurry to attack him to calmly assess the situation.

He quickly came to a conclusion with a shrug, 'Meh, I guess scouting will not be possible for me tonight.'

It was a wise decision taking into account that in the meantime, many other of those creatures had arrived and that even more were still coming, making increase their numbers from a few dozens to a few hundreds judging by the number of pairs of eyes he was counting.

Not being sure that he could force this encirclement and not wanting to take the risk against opponents whose strength he didn't know, Lazar quickly understood that if this encounter didn't end with his death, it would be with him jumping on the other side of the barrier to flee.

'At least I'll come home earlier and Amandla will be less annoying.' Lazar said to himself in a detached way while jumping on the spot to warm up his muscles since he knew that the next few moments were going to be particularly intense.

Even if scouting was no longer possible, it didn't affect Lazar that much since it was still possible to fulfill his most important objective as well as an additional objective he had just set himself.

The most important objective was still to know what kind of monsters he was dealing with by killing at least one of them in order to get their description in his Bestiary.

As for the additional one, in order to fulfill it he would have to kill a little more than one monster...

Seeing that the creatures were getting closer and closer, Lazar raised his weapon with one hand to place it between his eyes and his ennemies on the horizon, then he took his blade out of its sheath with his other hand to admire its sharpness, 'Offer us a beautiful show and become even stronger.' He thought, indirectly addressing his blade.

He hadn't forgotten that he only had 10 E-rank monsters left to kill before his weapon could evolved and he also knew that now was the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

Suddenly, all the monsters stopped at the same time.

'What?' While he was trying to make sense of this sudden halt, Lazar saw in front of him one of the monsters break away from the others to advance a few meters in front of them.

When he saw it approaching, Lazar couldn't understand how he hadn't noticed this particular monster earlier which was at least one head taller than all the others and whose eyes were of a darker purple.

"SO IT'S YOU!" It shouted in an angry tone to Lazar with a deep and rusty voice.

Lazar, confused, raised an eyebrow.

It was the third time out of four that he met a species of monsters having the possibility to communicate with him, so it didn't surprise him that much to have an interlocutor...

What surprised him was what the monster was saying and that he seemed particularly mad at him.

"ME WHAT?!" Lazar asked to satisfy his curiosity even though he suspected it had something to do with the fact that he was the disciple of Death.

In response, the monster insulted him and made him a totally absurd proposal in an even more aggressive tone, "COME AND FIGHT ME IN DUEL, DEATH'S BASTARD!"

"GO FUCK YOURSELF!" Lazar didn't take it seriously anymore and stayed where he was, 'If it wanted a duel that badly, nothing prevent it from coming to me instead, what a ridiculous trap.' Lazar didn't believe for a second that this monster was looking for a fight for honor, it was much more plausible that it was trying to lure him towards it so that the other monsters can close the encirclement on him.

Anywway, Lazar wasn't looking for a duel, it wasn't a good scenario, he was hoping that he would only have to deal with the small fry to quickly achieve his goals.

'I wished they would all come to me at the same time like good dumb monsters but it seems that it's not their style.' Lazar understood at once that these monsters were a more organized species in combat than the Ganipotes and the Garaches when he saw what happened when the monster he had been talking to had raised his right arm.

Purple lights were shining in the hands of some of the monsters to Lazar's left, which made him also realize that these monsters could use energy, that what they had in their hands were probably projectiles and that he would better move from where he was if he didn't want to get killed.

But not yet... Lazar was going to wait until they launched their projectiles to move so that they couldn't adjust their attacks after they saw him leave his position.

"KILL HIM!" The monster in front of the others yelled as he lowered his right arm.

Immediately, the monsters having prepared their projectiles threw them in a curve to reach Lazar.

The latter then began to run at full speed towards the monsters on his right, in the opposite direction of the projectiles throwers knowing that he would have the effect of surprise by not attacking the monsters which threatened him directly.


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