Bound to Evil
53 A place I never thought I would go 1
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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53 A place I never thought I would go 1


Although Lazar and Amandla left the room, Andrew and Buren didn't, the meeting wasn't over for them. There were still a lot of things they needed to discuss, a lot of actions they had to take as well.

Buren glanced at Andrew who was staring at the door in puzzlement, "Do you still think he's going to be easy to handle?" He asked him while thinking logically that, like him, it was the source of his doubts.

Andrew looked at him as if his question was unnecessary since the answer was obvious to him, 'Logan is like a member of my family, how could he betray me?' He thought, following a logic that only he could find credible.

Lazar's loyalty was unquestionable for Andrew, it was someone else who was bothering him, "You need to find everything you can about the woman who was with him." He ordered Buren, ignoring his previous question.

'Seriously...' Buren knew Andrew well, he was aware that it was another of his desires which was motivated by his obsession of Lazar, but well, in the present state of things he couldn't refuse him any request and it was true that it was useful to have intel on this woman, "I will take care of it..."


Lazar thought he could explain to Amandla what she didn't knew along the way, but the presence of cameras in the corridors dissuaded him from doing so.

There was no electricity in the city, but here everything was very well lit and although the cameras didn't seem to be active, it would be a shame to be fooled so easily.

"There's not much to say, we'll talk about it when we'll be sure to be alone." He explained to Amandla before starting to walk in the corridor while trying to remember the way to reach the exit.

She first thought that he was trying to buy time to avoid her questions, then she noticed that he had looked at the cameras around them insistently and remembered how cautious he was, "Very well." She then answered putting aside her frustration before following him.


Once at the exit, Amandla and Lazar saw the truck in which they had arrived waiting for them with lights and engine on in the middle of the road.

Lazar went directly to the back unlike Amandla who walked towards the driver's door, "Leave the doors open, I'll have a word with him then I'll be there in a second." She had decidedly not appreciated the discomfort of the outward journey and was intending to let the driver know.

Lazar didn't pay much attention to their conversation since he couldn't hear much from where he was anyway, but he was still able to grasp the substance of it when he heard very distinctly, "I'm going to cut your balls off if..."

'She will surely take the opportunity to insult him as well.' It wasn't really a surprise but Sullyvan didn't sit in the back of the truck this time, Lazar deduced that he had to be in the passenger seat, it was the best thing to do for him in his case, like that he and Amandla would be comfortable to talk.

After 30 seconds of waiting, Amandla finally arrived and closed the back doors of the truck behind her.

"You're feeling better?" Lazar asked her sarcastically.

"For the driver yes, for Buren and Sullyvan not really." Amandla replied lazily, slumping with all her weight on the chair in front of Lazar in the row opposite his.

Until now Lazar hadn't really paid attention to it but Amandla looked so tired that he wasn't surprised that she didn't notice his sarcasm, he even had to show her that he had fastened his seat belt so that she would remember to put hers on.

"I can imagine, but keep in mind they'll get what they deserve when the time comes..." One of the things that Lazar and Amandla had in common was a resentful nature, it had become obvious to them that they couldn't leave Boston without making a fuss.

"...And you can't afford to do anything rash, especially not now that you are their main concern." This last comment of Lazar brought Amandla out of her drowsiness.

"So, it wasn't just an impression?" She asked half surprised.

"Not at all, and I suppose that brings us to one of your concerns..." Lazar knew that Amandla was very curious about the nature of his relationship with Andrew, and he preferred to clear up this misunderstanding first.


The truck left the place smoothly, which put Amandla in a good mood, "Yeah, I'd love to know how you ended up in this mess with the mayor of the city ah ah." She said in a playful tone.

"I can't do anything about it, it happened in spite of myself. All you have to keep in mind is that Andrew Sullyvan is crazy, dangerous and that he sees you as threat for his daughter who is just as crazy and in love with me since High School." Lazar explained her in an excessively simplified manner so as not to have to spend too much time on this matter.

"Wait, not so fast." Amandla said suddenly to keep the same subject of discussion.

"First of all, my condolences, you won't get rid of the love of a madwoman anytime soon, believe me. But seriously, what are you, 19 years old? That makes us 8 years apart, we wouldn't be very credible as a couple." She said, in an effort to understand why Andrew came to such a conclusion.

"Amandla..." Lazar began to say, looking at her as if she was idiot, "I told you he was crazy, no? Besides that, I'll be 21 in 2 weeks and he doesn't know how old you are, he could easily give you a few years less."

"Sorry, I'm not quite paying attention, I have to get used to sleepless nights again, my last operation goes back more than 2 years." She told him before yawning, "I can't wait to go to sleep, don't you?"

Amandla didn't respond to Lazar's last comment, knowing that his only purpose wasn't to compliment her on her physique but to make her understand that someone who doesn't know them could very well take them for a couple.

"I don't intend to sleep anytime soon." He answered her with an idea in the back of his mind.


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