Bound to Evil
42 Possibilities 2
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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42 Possibilities 2

As soon as Lazar thought of using the Inventory, a window with several rows of empty boxes appeared in his mind. There were 3 horizontal rows of 10 boxes, above each box was another small rectangular box with a question mark inside and below each box was written '0/20kg'.

With the visual information he had, Lazar thought he had already figured out how to use the Inventory, but since there was an [Inventory Explanation] button at the bottom of the inventory window, he mentally pressed it to confirm his assumptions.

▼ [Inventory Explanation] ▼

⚫ You can store whatever you want in your Inventory by simply taking the trouble to think about it and as long as you respect two prohibitions and three restrictions.

⛔ You can't store a living being.

⛔ You can't store several items of a different nature in the same box.

⚠ You must touch what you intend to store.

⚠ Limit on the number of boxes ➞ 3 ✖ your level.

⚠ Weight limit for each box in kilograms ➞ 2 ✖ your level.

Lazar was wondering if the Inventory was perhaps more complicated to use than he initially thought. One of the prohibitions was confusing, 'What does the system consider two objects of different natures?'

He understood from the description that he couldn't put food and his weapon in the same box, but how accurate was that? Could he store a pear and a strawberry in the same box?

'I've got to stop asking myself shitty questions. I'll do tests or I'll ask Amandla, it's no more complicated than that.'

Realizing that he still had to discover the store and that it might take some time, Lazar stopped thinking about this issue and examined his weapon.

He wanted to see how many rank E monsters he still had to kill before his blade would follow his example and evolve.

▼ [(Rename your blade any way you want, kid)] ▼

🔹 Grade 🔹 E ★★★★★

🔹 Bonus and malus 🔹 +1 agility ✦ +1 energy ✦ -1 constitution.

🔹 Skills 🔹

▶ Energy slash (Offensive skill) ▶

🔹 ▶ Description ▶ 🔹

🔹 Evolution conditions 🔹

⚫ Kill 150 monsters of rank E ⚫140/150 ☐

⚫ Achieved level 10 ⚫ 10/10 ⌧

Lazar had intended to look at the bottom of the weapon window immediately after opening it to directly check the conditions for which the blade would evolve, but a blinking message written in place of 'Gift of [?????????]' caught his attention before he did so.

When he had finished reading the message, he raised his eyes up the sky thinking that it was the kind of 'honor' he would have gladly dispensed with, 'I wish Death hadn't given me this choice, I'm obligated to do it now.'

Lazar hadn't forgotten where he came from, a background where superstitions and traditions are omnipresent.

He didn't care much about that personally, but his grandfather respected and applied some of them, so he did the same because he associated everything his grandfather did with success.

One of the traditions his grandfather followed was to name his favorite weapon for good luck. For him, it was the sniper rifle he had used during the war, he called it 'Zmeï'.

According to a legend from their country, Zmeï was a multi-headed fire-breathing dragon symbolizing chaos and destruction.

It was a suitable name for a weapon, pretentious too... 'At least that's what I thought before I saw him use 'Zmeï'. No wonder he was allowed to keep it after the war.'

If Lazar had to compare his sniper skills with those of his grandfather at his peak, he was a little better. But how could he consider himself to have any merit to have surpass his master?

His grandfather had learned how to use a weapon in a self-taught way, unlike him, who had benefited from his tutoring before he even fired his first bullet.

'Sorry in advance Grandpa, but you know I'm bad at finding names.' Deplored Lazar when he mentally pressed down on the blinking message of Death.

The space where the message was located emptied but continued to blink. Lazar understood that he had to think of something to fill the space and thus confirm the name of his blade.

Lazar thought about the name he would choose, 'He would have said I have no personality and Lana would have liked this solely if I won't use it on humans.'

After giving up Lana's and his grandfather's names for his weapon, a better option, according to him, came to mind, 'I'm going to name it with something that characterizes me well...'

▼ [Hate] ▼

Lazar didn't know if it was a good name for a blade and it certainly wasn't the best, but still, he liked it.

Now that this detail was taken care of, Lazar went to the very bottom of his weapon window to do what he had planned from the beginning.

'Only 10 more.' Of the 150 E-rank monsters to be killed, Lazar had already eliminated 140. He was a bit surprised to have been so prolific.

He then thought of storing 'Hate'.

his blade disappeared and when he saw it in the first box of his Inventory window with its name on top of the box where it was, he finally decided to close it.

It was time to see the latest novelty.

'Shop.' Thought Lazar to bring up the corresponding window.

'This is the most organized window I've seen so far.' This was Lazar's first thought after seeing a preview of the Shop window.

It was actually a huge board with Lazar's contribution points balance at the bottom of it, 'So, it's definitely a currency.' And at the top of it 3 different tabs which were all blinking.

The 3 tabs were respectively; Skills, Equipments and Miscellaneous.

The board was empty. Lazar was used to it by now, he understood that he had to mentally select one of the tabs to see something, 'Miscellaneous first.'

Lazar saw that the Miscellaneous tab was now highlighted and that other small tabs appeared below it; food, clothing, construction, furniture, etc...

Lazar selected 'clothing' as soon as he had finished reading all the subtabs of the Miscellaneous.

About 15 various generic clothes appeared in the board and a tiny scroll wheel on the left side of it indicated to Lazar that there were many other clothes underneath those 15.

Prices were written just below every clothes and they were all set at 1 point of contribution.

Lazar browsed through the board and the prices were still all set at 1 contribution point, no matter what the garment was, 'Maybe this means that no matter what I buy, it will be the minimum to spend and that 1 contribution point has a high value since with it I can buy anything I want in this subtab.'

'There's really everything I need in this store.' Lazar thought with a satisfied gaze as he was searching for new clothes.

He thought about buying a random pair of underwear:

[You bought the boxer shorts (11), it was automatically stored in your inventory.]

[You have spent 1 contribution point, your new balance : 311 contribution points.]

A tank top:

[You bought the tank top (4), it was automatically stored in your inventory.]

[You have spent 1 contribution point, your new balance : 310 contribution points.]

A pair of sneakers:

[You bought the pair of sneakers (23), it was automatically stored in your inventory.]

[You have spent 1 contribution point, your new balance : 309 contribution points.]

A jogging pants:

[You bought the jogging pants (7), it was automatically stored in your inventory.]

[You have spent 1 contribution point, your new balance : 308 contribution points.]

And a sweatshirt:

[You bought the sweatshirt (3), it was automatically stored in your inventory.]

[You have spent 1 contribution point, your new balance : 307 contribution points.]

Lazar checked his Inventory window to make sure that the clothes he had just bought were there, and indeed, the box next the one of his weapon showed a shirt icon and 'clothes' was also written just above it.

Focusing on the box, Lazar also saw the list of what he had bought.

He then closed the Inventory tab and switched to the Skills tab.

It was presented in a simpler way than the Miscellaneous tab and there was also less choice, much less... This didn't fail to arouse Lazar's dissatisfaction, 'No shit, only one skill is accessible.'

The Skills tab was actually a sort of huge skill tree of several dozen skills with some leading to others through branches.

The only visible skill was blinking and it was the one which could be considered as the trunk of the tree. This skill as a trunk was dividing in two and was leading to two question marks each replacing one skill.

After that the organization of the Skill tree changed. Saying that the branches of the tree were intertwined would sum up well the whole thing.

Looking at the details of the skill, two problems arose for its acquisition.

▼ Dark bomb (Offensive skill) ▼

⚫ A unique rank D ★★★★★ skill, effective particularly against groups of opponents with weak constitution. To use this skill, you must compress your energy to create a ball. This ball, if thrown, will explode on impact. The explosion will not be very powerful, but it will have temporary unpredictable negative effects on the stats of the opponent who was hit by it. The effects will be more and more severe depending on the proximity of the center of the explosion.

⚫ Energy consumption ⚫ 50

⚫ Requirements ⚫

◼ The complete mastery of the Immature Energy of Death ☐

◼ Achieved level 10 ◼ 10/10 ⌧

⚫ Price ⚫

◼ 500 contribution points ◼ 307/500

There was the lack of contribution points, 'Amandla was right, it's super expensive.' And once again there was that damn prerequisite of mastering the Immature energy of Death.

There was nothing more to see here, so Lazar switched to the Equipment tab.

The board this time divided itself into several parts with titles, only one titles was visible, 'Set of the Disciple of Death.' The others had a question mark in place of it.

The title was enough for Lazar to understand what he was seeing.

There was a hex in the 'Death Disciple Set' section and the name of a piece of equipment was blinking at one of the junctions in the hex, while at the other junctions and in the middle of the hex, there were question marks.

When Lazar thought of the name of the only equipment revealed and saw the detail window of it, he breathed a sigh of relief, 'At last, something I can pay.'

▼ Gloves of the Disciple of Death ▼

🔹 Grade 🔹 D ★★★★★

🔹 Bonus and malus 🔹 +4 agility ✦ +3 energy

🔹 ▼ Description ▼ 🔹

⚫ These gloves will give you a better grip and maneuverability of 'Hate' and will improve a bit the transmission of energy from your body to it.

🔹 Requirements 🔹

⚫ Kill 50 monsters of rank E ★★☆☆☆ ⚫ 84/50 ⌧

⚫ Achieved level 10 ⚫ 10/10 ⌧

🔹 Price 🔹

⚫ 300 contribution points ⚫ 307/300


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