Bound to Evil
41 Possibilities 1
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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41 Possibilities 1

Lazar's energy points had nearly tripled, all of his stats other than his constitution had drastically increased and 19 points were still distributable.

He should be happy of that, but having no element of comparison, he considered he had no reason to be.

'These additional points must come from some sort of reset of the points of statistics that I obtained by my achievements. However, I thought I got 14 stat points from them so far, not 19.' Assumed Lazar with a dubious air as he was checking in the achievements window the rewards he had obtained for the ones he had carried out.

He reviewed his achievements one by one, '5 points for the Eeqidi, 1 for the Red Cap, 8 for my mastery of the Energy Slash...' Then he found the one who justified his total of 19 extra points, 'Ah, yeah, that was for the Alpha. In addition to being stupid, he was also forgettable.'

⚫ Kill a rank E ★★★★☆ monster ⌧

◼ 6th ◼ Lazar Sogorov.

◼ Reward ◼ +5 stat points.

'6th?' Lazar frowned, he felt like he was losing ground compared to the rest of the top of the Awakenees since he didn't know if he was able to kill a monster of rank E ★★★★☆ under normal conditions with the limited knowledge he had of his own abilities.

When he looked at the list of names of the 5 people in front of him in this ranking, he recognized the two names in the first and second position, 'They were already in the same places in the ranking for the elimination of a monster of rank E ★★★☆☆. Now I have confirmation that it wasn't a fluke.'

The name in third place caught his attention even more, 'Declan Hughes.' Unlike all the other names he had seen in the rankings so far, this one wasn't in black writing but blazing red.

'Weird. But, what if...' A hypothesis came to Lazar's mind.

He scrolled through one of the ranking looking for names with unusual writing and after a little while of research, his hypothesis confirmed itself, 'It was probably hidden from me before because I didn't had my class.'

⚫ Understanding a rank E ★★★★★ skill ⌧

◼ 11th ◼ Suzaku Himura.

This name was written in pale green.

⚫ Understanding a rank E ★★★★★ skill ⌧

◼ 14th ◼ Amandla Lütgard.

And Amandla's name was written in crisp white.

'The colors corresponding to the different Horsemen of the Apocalypse are known as red for War and white for Conquest. Death told me that the color associated with him was black so by elimination it's green for Disease.' For Lazar, this meant that he knew the names of the remaining Disciples.

'I should focus on myself now.' He thought.

He was going to hand out his extra points, but finally changed his mind, 'I'd better see what kind of skills I have before doing that.'

He reopened his status window and mentally pressed the [see details] button of the first skill he saw.

▼ Body of the Disciple of Death (Passive skill) ▼

⚫ A unique rank D ★★★★★ skill that had modified anatomically and energetically your body to give you different benefits.

◼ Night vision.

◼ Immunity to any negative effects of a skill of rank D ★★★★★ or inferior.

◼ [?] (Requires the complete mastery of the Immature Energy of Death to be unlocked).

⚫ Energy consumption ⚫ only for [?] and depending on its use.

⚫ Upgrading conditions ⚫

◼ 3000 Contribution points ◼ 312/3000

◼ Achieved level 30 ◼ 10/30

This was only the first skill Lazar was discovering and he was already telling himself that his class was promising, 'Night vision only would have been enough to meet my expectations of one of the skills given by Death. To freely fight at night is a definite advantage, especially if there is a low proportion of monsters and humans with a similar skill.'

His immunity was even more interesting if the kind of skills it protected him from weren't uncommon and given that the last advantage his body was giving him required the use of energy, he was telling himself that it couldn't be worse than the 2 others.

'In addition, I now have an idea of ​​what the contribution points are for. Let's move to the next one.' Lazar selected the button to see the details of the second new skill, hoping it was as good as the first.

▼ Strength of Harvested Souls (Passive skill) ▼

⚫ A unique rank D ★★★☆☆ skill, it's very useful only when fighting multiple enemies since it allows you to feed on the souls of those you kill to temporarily increase your constitution.

◼ You gain 1 constitution point for each person killed.

◼ The limit of souls you can absorb is 10.

◼ Each soul absorbed will only strengthen your constitution during the 60 seconds after you killed its owners.

◼ If you've reached the limit of the absorbable souls but still killed someone afterwards, his soul will replace the one that will expires the fastest.

⚫ Upgrading conditions ⚫

◼ 1500 Contribution points ◼ 312/1500

◼ Achieved level 30 ◼ 10/30

Lazar was less enthusiastic when he discovered the effects and limitations of this skill, 'It's not very good compared to the precedent, but I suspected it when I saw the rank of this skill. The description is accurate, I will not be able to use this skill in singular combat. However, it's true that I wouldn't spit on 10 more potential constitution points if I'm in a big scrum.'

Anyway, he already had more than he expected and as soon as he had seen the names of the skills he had acquired earlier, the only one for which he had high hopes for was the one he was going to discover now.

Lazar closed the Strength of Harvested Souls details tab and opened the one for Immature Energy of Death.

▼ Immature Energy of Death (Active skill) ▼

⚫ A unique rank D ★★★★★ skill, you won't be able to harness the full potential of your class if you don't master this skill and it will require a really harsh training. This form of energy is arguably the most complicated to use of its rank, but the benefits are worth it since this energy is compatible with a large part of your skills.

◼ [?] (Requires you to be able to circulate this energy in your body to be unlocked)

◼ [?] (Requires you to be able to materialize this energy to be unlocked)

⚫ Energy consumption ⚫ Depending on its use.

⚫ Upgrading conditions ⚫

◼ Get 25 cores from monsters of rank D ★★☆☆☆ ◼ 0/25

◼ 5000 Contribution points ◼ 312/5000

◼ Achieved level 30 ◼ 10/30

Lazar's feelings were... complicated, he was enthusiastic as this skill was obviously the best in his arsenal and on the other hand, the fact that he couldn't exploit any aspect of it right now was really bothering him.

'The hardest form of energy to master of its rank...' He repeated to himself several times, imagining himself smashing the head of the garden gnome again to calm himself down.

Wanting to focus on other things, Lazar closed the skill details and dealt with distributing the additional stat points.

He found that the distribution of points that the system considered to be optimized for his class was indeed logical, so he proportionally and approximatively invested the same number of points in each statistic than what the system did, '4 in constitution, 6 in agility, 5 in perception, 4 in energy.'

After taking care of that, Lazar became interested in how the inventory worked.


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