Bound to Evil
36 The disciple of death
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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36 The disciple of death

The rank of Major General was the 3rd highest in the US Army, Buren was undoubtedly the person overseeing the reconquest of Boston. After hearing his name, Lazar understood a little better why he wanted to meet him. At his base, there were a lot of rumors circulating between the soldiers about the command abilities of the high-ranking officers and each time the name of this man came up, it was for praising him.

Buren was described as a careful and meticulous person, he was never leaving anything to chance and it would seem that one of the variables he didn't want to leave to chance in this operation was Lazar.

"Where and when should this meeting take place?" Asked Amandla, the one who was the most concerned about the time.

Sullyvan rolled up his right sleeve and looked at his watch, "It's 5:09 p.m and the three of us are due at 10 p.m at TD Garden, the place where Buren's regiment is stationed. I know it's rushed but from what I understood, everyone is on standby until he rule on the viability of your plan, reason why he wants to see us all asap."

Okay, wanting to see them real quick was understandable but still, "This meeting really had to take place at night?" Asked Lazar.

Sullyvan sneered when he heard this, "It's one of the downsides of only working in pair, if you had access to the Army surveillance reports, you would know that there is no longer monsters in Boston at night."

'At night?' It was important information but the way Sullyvan presented it seemed inaccurate, "The fact that Boston is empty at night doesn't necessarily means the monsters leave it, that can also be that they gather every night in a place you haven't yet discovered. And I advise you not to brag too much, knowing where most of your information comes from." Said Lazar to show Sullyvan that his information were incomplete and to remind him that before Slawn came to speak to him, no one knew who the Ganipotes and Garaches were in the Army.

Now uncomfortable, Sullyvan told himself it was time to go, anyway they all needed time to rest before they left, "Well, I'll leave you, I have to watch over the injured."

Amandla didn't fail to notice that Sullyvan looked anxious, "Let me guess... Lots of fever and an infection that spreads extremely quickly for every wound caused by a monster."

Sullyvan was about to get up from his chair and Amandla gave him a reason to stay, "How do you know that?" If he could solve this problem it would allow him to redeem himself in the eyes of his men.

She sighed, "Just know that at first the antibiotics will only serve to retard the spread of the infection. The problem comes from the shards of claws that the monsters leave after injuring you. They are easily missable if your perception is low or you don't know what to look for when you examine the injury." By explaining how to treat a wound caused by the claws of a Ganipote or a Garache Amandla had also just answered one of Lazar's questions, who looked at her with a gaze telling her, 'So, that's why my injury was so serious...'

Sullyvan was so happy to know that other lives could be saved and that they were going to be able to economise some medicine that he got up from his chair to hug Amandla, "Thank you! Until then we didn't know what to do other than keep giving them antibiotics!"

'What an idiot.' Lazar took Sullyvan by the shoulder and made him sit down before he did a big mistake.

Amandla took a menacing look and said, "You can thank him Major, if Logan hadn't held you back I would have defenestrated you." In truth, she would have content himself to push Sullyvan away, but by telling him that and calling him by his rank instead of his name, she showed him that for them after 2 minutes of talking he remained a stranger and that they were very far from this kind of familiarities.

"By the way Major, one last question." Lazar was still gripping Sullyvan's shoulder and he was tightening his grip bit by bit so that he understood that this would be a very important question, even vital for him, "Is there something else that we should know?"

Sullyvan removed Lazar's hand from his shoulder using all his strength and shouted, "You're hurting me! Damn it!" He left his chair and looked at Lazar and Amandla with resentment then yell at them, "I killed my superior because I trust this plan! I'm not hiding anything! Do you think I'm stupid enough to screw everything up after what I've done?!"

"Okay." Replied Lazar calmly.

Without adding a word, Sullyvan went to the entrance, took his shoes off and slammed the front door behind him as he left.

Sullyvan's hands were shaking as he pulled on his boots and tied his shoelaces on the landing of the house, 'Sorry, but betraying Slawn is one thing and betraying Buren is another.'

Back in the kitchen, Amandla was curious to hear what Lazar thought about it all, "Do you think he was telling the truth?"

"Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it would be better if you assumed that not." It was going a little too well for thinking that everything was normal.

"Okay. By the way, I forgot to tell you what the Alpha told me." Said Amandla, while she had just remembered this.

"Go on." If she could give him the reasons for his attack, he would consider that she did a good job.

"Basically I thought it was bullshit, but come to think of it, it makes sense. In fact, this Alpha had only been a ganipote for 2 days."

"You mean he was human before!?" Said Lazar with surprise.

"A fucking banker named Thomas, according to him he was the first human to transform into an Alpha." It wasn't very interesting compared to the rest, so she didn't show too much interest in telling that to Lazar.

"And how was that supposed to make sense?" Asked Lazar.

Amandla straightened up on her chair, "Remember when I told you that when something looks simple, sometimes it is?"


"Well this time it wasn't the case. As a transformed Alpha he had to hide from the other Alphas because they would see him as a threat to be eliminated. His goal was to unite the packs that weren't under their control, reason why he attacked us."

"He wanted us to stop killing potential recruits?" It did make sense.

"Not only..." Amandla seemed irritated, "That bastard wanted to recruit us, if it didn't work, he intended to transform us and if it still didn't work he thought of killing us." Decidedly, bankers are greedy.

There was a pause during which Lazar didn't seem to react, "You did well riddling him with arrows." He realized that if he had been able to analyze the ambush so easily, it was because it had been thought of by an idiot.

"I know, be careful though, if I was able to beat him so easily it was precisely because he was still human a short time ago. He didn't know how to take advantage of his abilities, the other Alphas will be stronger." She said a little preoccupied.

"Don't worry about me. Well, that's not all but I want discover my class now."

Lazar got cut off in his excitement again by Amandla, "Wow, wow, wow! Not here, go to the garden!" We could see that getting her class must have been a bad experience for Amandla.

"Okay." Lazar walked to the patio door at the living room which was overlooking the garden.

Amandla wasn't planning on doing nothing while he was away, "Where are your tools? I'll take the opportunity to fix the door." She asked before Lazar reached the door.

"In the basement." He wasn't very precise because he was tired of waiting.

The garden of Lazar's house wasn't as strange as the interior, there were a few fruit trees here and there, a swimming pool in the middle, a terrace. Overall he had managed to keep Lana away from this place except for a decorative element. A 3ft tall garden gnome doing a streaptease with a tattoo on one of his pecs which was saying 'I'm sexy and I gnome it'.

Lazar tried to ignore the garden gnome that he disliked even more after his encounter with the Red Cap and sat down on the grass at the far end of the garden. He went to his status window and saw his choice in the evolution tab.

▼ [Lazar Sogorov] ▼

🔶 Age 🔶 20

🔶 Level 🔶 10 (0/12000)

🔶 Energy points 🔶 (187/187)

⚫ Energy regeneration rate ⚫ (3,2 points/min)

🔶 Evolution status 🔶

⚫ [The last horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, appointed you as his disciple, do you wish to receive his power now?]

◼ [YES/NO]

🔶 Skills 🔶 (None)

🔶 Statistics 🔶 [Stat points available ⚫ 5]

⚫ Constitution ⚫ 23(-1) ➞ 22

⚫ Agility ⚫ 26(+1) ➞ 27

⚫ Perception ⚫ 19

⚫ Energy ⚫ 20(+1) ➞ 21

Then, he hastened to press YES.

A violent pain spread throughout Lazar's body, as if all of his bones and muscles were transforming at the same time. His stomach became extremely acidic and he began to vomit a black liquid into the grass in front of him which made it dry out in a few moments.

All the veins in his body began to swell with black blood circulating extremely rapidly inside and the familiar black smoke covering his body when he was rising in level this time covered not only him but the entire garden.

❗ [The Disciples of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse have all been chosen] ❗

❗ [You have evolved as the Disciple of Death] ❗

❗ [You obtained a boost of statistics points and all of your points will be redistributed according to your class specificities] ❗

❗ [You have obtained the passive skill of rank D ★★★★★ : Body of the Disciple of Death] ❗

❗ [You have obtained the passive skill of rank D ★★★☆☆ : Strength of Harvested Souls] ❗

❗ [You have obtained the active skill of rank D ★★★★★ : Immature Energy of Death] ❗

❗ [1000 experience points obtained] ❗

❗ [312 contribution points obtained] ❗

❗ [Now you will earn half the experience points for a monster of rank E ★★★☆☆, a third for a monster of rank E ★★☆☆☆ and a fifth for a monster of rank E ★☆☆☆☆] ❗

❗ [You can use the shop] ❗

❗ [You can use the inventory] ❗


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