Bound to Evil
34 The end of a tyran
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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34 The end of a tyran

Amandla lowered her bow but continued to keep an eye on the Alpha, as if he could fly away at any moment despite the multitude of arrows having pierced him right through and holding him to the door behind him, "I can't help it if it's the best way to immobilize someone."

"You didn't just immobilize him." It wasn't normal that the Alpha was still alive with the 4 arrows he had in his stomach and the 3 others in his rib cage that were puncturing his lungs. It couldn't be said that he was in super shape either but with all the blood he had lost Lazar was tempted to say that being still alive after that wasn't human, even if that expression was losing its meaning now.

"The point was to get information from him and it's done."

"I left here not even 5 minutes ago, what could you have discovered in such a short amount of time?" Maybe in the end Amandla's actions were more thoughtful than they appeared and her problem was simply that she wasn't willing to get any information from the Alpha by putting her pride aside, even if it means obtaining them by force.

"On the contrary, I had plenty of time to make him spit out everything he knew, it didn't take long to beat him, just the time to shoot 4 arrows. Then, as soon as he He understood that I was going to torture him he didn't try to resist. The 3 additional arrows were just to keep him still until you arrive. He's of no use to us anymore, I left it alive just for you to gain experience points."

Amandla had got what she wanted and yet she seemed even more sad than when she had told Lazar about her guilt over what had happened in New York. He was convinced that it had nothing to do with whatever the Alpha had said to Amandla because paradoxically, it was seeing the Alpha dying that seemed to hurt her.

Seeing him in pain and coughing up blood, knowing that if he was looking at the ground it was because he was too afraid to look her in the eye. All this didn't satisfy her, and yet it was what she had wished to see at first.

It wasn't going to do Amandla a favor to keep watching the Alpha die slowly by loosing all his blood so Lazar went to end him in the cleanest way possible by thrusting his blade into his forehead.

[You have eliminated an Alpha Ganipote (E ★★★★☆).]

[Acquisition of experience points put on hold.]

[Achievements : 6th to kill a rank E ★★★★☆ monster.]

Now that they were done with this ambush, they had to go back to Lazar's house. The plan was to come back as soon as Lazar got his class, which was now done and anyway a massacre of this magnitude was bound to attract unwanted attention. It wouldn't be good to be too greedy under these conditions, "We go back Amandla, take your leave first. I have one more thing to do here."

"Okay." Amandla left, dragging her feet in the direction in which they should have continued following the rest of the itinerary. When her brain reanalyzed what Lazar had said she turned back to him with a smile that had erased all her sadness, "Wait! Wait! Wait! Does that mean you got your class?"

"Yes, for a while now, but I haven't received the power of Death yet." Lazar replied.

Immediately after having put a smile on Amandla's face, Lazar had took it away, "If you already got it, then why didn't you let me kill him?" But at least she was no longer trying to hide that she had made it a personal matter and had talk to him blamelessly. She just wanted to know if Lazar could give her a reason to feel better again.

"If you had, it wouldn't have made you feel better, nor would it have given you any answers to the issue you was trying to solve by doing this." He could have given her another explanation that wouldn't force her to think to her personal problems, but that wasn't his style, even if that means that she would resent him for that.

Fortunately, Amandla wasn't the type of person to turn down honest remarks from someone trying to help her. Even though it's not said in a subtle way, as long as it helps, she don't care, "Thanks... and whatever you have to do, don't take too long to join me. You lost the bet."

'This bitch, she saw very well that I was staggering. Well, who cares?' All he cared about now was whether Ganipotes and Garaches would have a way to read English when they will got here.

He took an arm that was trailing on the floor and leaned over the pool of blood below the Alpha to dip it in, he didn't want to attract other enemies by dipping his hands in the blood. He then began to write a message on one of the walls next to the door on which the Alpha was nailed.

He left to join Amandla when he had finished and checked that his message was unmissable, 'The effect will be different depending on which faction of the pack who will see it but in any case it will benefict me.'


"How are your friends?"

"I don't have any." It was even more shitty than Lazar thought.

Amandla had been too fast, he hadn't been able to join her before arriving at the safe zone and it was because she was waiting for him at the exact place where they had marked it out. When they met again she continued to pretend not to see that he was hurt and bombarded him with exclusively personal questions without giving him time to ask any.

"The name Lazar is a bit common in Eastern Europe and Germanic Europe, is that where you come from?" At least that wasn't the most embarrassing questions. She wanted to learn more about him, not make him uncomfortable.

"Not far away from there."

Finally, he was saved, "We have arrived, the game is over."

In a few steps they would turn left and arrive in Fenno Street. Personally, Lazar had no illusions about the performance of Slawn's mens, there would be big losses in their ranks.

"They must have come back, we've been gone for a while." Said Amandla resuming her seriousness.

When they reached the street, they ran into Slawn's soldiers directly, at least what was left of them. Lazar wasn't expecting much and he was still disappointed. 'So many died already...'

"There are between 80 and 90 soldiers in the streets and in the houses, in the 4 tents to our left there must be around 40 people and given the screams the majority are wounded." Thanks to her ability, Amandla was able to give a fairly detailed report. Of Slawn's 250 mens, only half remained, not counting the wounded.

When we noticed their presence, all the soldiers without exception seemed to have found a glimmer of hope and one of them ran into one of the tents.

The Major with whom Amandla had spoken in the morning had came out of it and he ran in their direction as if he was going to see his saviors. He was already out of breath when he came in front of them after sprinting barely 20 yards. Like the rest of the army he was in a pitiful state, "Soldier Walker, Miss, how did your attack go today?" Their soles were full of blood, it was easy to understand what had been their program.

"Good and yours?" Lazar already knew how it went overall but he still asked for the Major to confirm what he suspected.

Happiness on the Major's face disappeared, "Colonel Slawn and many of our comrades perished today."

Lazar smiled inwardly, 'Everything went as planned.'


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