Bound to Evil
31 Birth of a duo
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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31 Birth of a duo

[You have eliminated a beta Ganipote (E ★★★☆☆).]

[150 experience points obtained.]

[You have eliminated a beta Ganipote (E ★★★☆☆).]

[150 experience points obtained.]


[Your level has increased, level 7➞8.]


[You have eliminated an omega Garache (E ★★☆☆☆).]

[75 experience points obtained.]

Lazar landed clumsily on one leg at the ledge of the other roof, it was going to take a moment for him to regain his pace. The power of the attack he had just launched had totally thrown him off balance and the black smoke that was covering his body every time he leveled up didn't help either.

"Be careful while crossing this!" He shouted behind him at Amandla.

The thirty or so notifications he had received had confirmed to him that he had just done another massacre, however what he had seen when he was still upside down was his energy slash leaving his blade, not the damage it caused. He didn't want her to let her guard down if there was any survivor.

Amandla jumped in a much less extravagant way than Lazar, 'The space between the two roofs is extremely tight and with such destructive power how could he expect there to be a survivor...'

She just threw a quick glance under her feet, aiming her bow down as a precaution. The golden light emanating from her arrows lit up enough that she could see what Lazar had done below.

During the space of a second her vision was saturated with the corpses of dismembered monsters which fur was covered in blood and viscera.

She surprised herself because seeing such carnage she expected to feel a bit of disgust, instead the excitement took the ascendant over everything else, 'Indeed, no wonder I haven't felt any movement from here after your passage... I can't wait to see what you will become.'

She landed on the roof at her turn and when she looked at Lazar she saw that he wasn't moving for no apparent reason, "A problem?" She said surprised.

"If that's what I think, no." Lazar replied while scanning the surroundings.

"In fact, maybe it's better that you had stopped. I don't feel any movement anymore which means that they're waiting for us."

"I suspected it, that's why I stopped, there's no point in rushing now. The most important thing is how to approach the problem from the right angle." Lazar said.

"Give me a little moment to think." He added.


After a few moments the blue aura of Lazar's Energy Slash reappeared unconsciously on his blade. Amandla deduced from it that he was ready to jump in the action, "I'm listening to you."

"To come out of their encirclement, strength alone will suffice. I know a way out, so follow me and cover me." It was the only semblance of cohesion they could establish for the moment.

Lazar knew very well what to do because this trap that had been set for them didn't seemed complex and yet he continued to look in the void without doing anything.

From where he was he could already imagine what was going to happen from A to Z, as if he had already predicted everything that had been prepared for them. It was a very unpleasant feeling for him because the ease always made him feel like something was bound to go wrong somewhere.

A faint smell of fresh mint tickling his nostrils was bothering him, when he searched for its provenance he saw Amandla behind him looking over his shoulder, "What are you doing?" He said.

"I'm trying to put myself in your shoes to understand how you are doing to see the same things as me."

"This is the only weapon I'm using for that." Lazar raised the hand he was holding his sheath with and patted his scalp with his index.

"Mmmh... I also remember some mistakes your friend up there had made, for example, you might admit that everything would be easier if it had trust me a little more." Even an idiot would understand that she was waiting for an apology.

"I don't think it's really the best time to talk about this but yeah, I can admit it, happy?"

"No, but don't worry, I know a way for you to make amends...

'I'm not going to like this.'

...Let's make a bet. If we go through this without a scratch you will answer all my questions on the way back in the safe zone."

'I know it's not overconfidence on her part so if it can be an additional source of motivation...'

"Okay, but I will also have the right to ask you questions and we will have the right not to answer if the questions are awkward." Lazar said.

She knew she wouldn't get more from him, "Deal, now that you're reassured can you move your ass or do I have to help you with that too? They won't be waiting for us forever you know." Indeed, she was taking all of this very lightly.

As a final preparation Lazar put 3 points in perception and 2 in energy, "We can go." He rushed past the next roof safely with Amandla following him 15 feet behind him.

'They wouldn't have closed the encirclement so quickly, it's from the next roof that we will have to be vigilant.'

Arrived a few feet from the edge of the roof he stopped dead. He was right to listen to his guts again because the next moment a Beta appeared in front of him from the space separating him from the next roof as well as two Omegas, one to his left and the other to his right.

Amandla was the first to react, if Lazar had eyes behind his back he would be surprised at her dexterity.

Since Slawn had been nailed down at the ground by 3 arrows, he thought she could shoot multiple arrows at the same time but it wasn't really the case. It was just that her shooting speed was so unreal that it was the impression it was giving.

Her first arrow was already ready, the one between her thumb and her index. She just raise quickly her thumb and the arrow shot off in the direction of one of the Omega's arms to Lazar's left.

Before that arrow had even reached its target, she made slide the next one on her bowstring to the exact spot where the previous one had been shooted so that her position was right again. This time it was the arrow between her index and middle fingers, she pointed it at one of the legs of the Omega to Lazar's right and raised her index.

From his perspective, what Lazar saw was a leg and an arm flying in the air, 'Two neutralized, only one remains.' He only had to see how far the two members had crash to tell himself that Amandla's two shots had done enough damage so that the Omegas were no longer an immediate threat.

Therefore, he focused only on the Beta in front of him who was swinging its arms from left to right aiming for his throat with its claws.

Many more would come, so Lazar was ready to multiply the daring maneuvers to get rid of each of them as quickly as possible.

With his left hand Lazar wedged his scabbard against his shoulder. Doing so he was taking the risk of parrying with one hand an attack he had failed to parry cleanly with two during his fight against Lucas.

This experience was allowing him to see the difference between the strength he had in his last fight with a constitution of 12 and that now with a constitution of 22.

He managed to stop the Beta's claws and this time he wasn't sent flying nor did he feel that his bones were going to shatter upon receiving the impact of the attack.

He had parried the attack with enough ease to determine that his strength was now slightly greater than that of the Beta, 'Compared to my past strength it's night and day.'

Blocking the attack this way wasn't only a test of strength, the point of this maneuver was above all to be able to defend and attack at the same time.

The Beta in front of Lazar for example had only focused on his offense using both arms to attack, so confident in himself that he didn't even notice let alone defend against Lazar's blade which was also heading towards his throat.

The cut was clean and deep, the Beta collapsed right away and the blood gushing from his throat formed a pool on the floor quickly.

"OWOOOOO!" Lazar refocused his attention on the two Omegas on the ground, both were Garaches.

The one who had lost her arm was rolling on the ground in pain and didn't seem to have paid any attention to what had happened while the one who had lost her leg was crawling towards the Beta and howling for help.

[You have eliminated a beta Ganipote (E ★★★☆☆) .]

[150 experience points obtained.]

The reason Amandla hadn't aimed for the vital points by shooting the two garaches was that she wanted Lazar to kill them himself so he would gain experience points faster.

It might seem immoral to make these two Garaches suffer just for a few experience points, but frankly, whether it was Amandla or Lazar if there is a point by doing that, they didn't give a damn about playing with the lives of those who try to kill them.

At his level, the Omegas no longer represented a serious threat to Lazar so he just calmly approached the one-legged Garache and plunged his blade in her head without much precautions.

Anyway, like the other Garache she wastn't paying attention to him, she had seen him but she didn't stop him, the last thing she did was reach out her hand towards the Beta, not fight for her life.

[You have eliminated an omega Garache (E ★★☆☆☆) .]

[75 experience points obtained.]

The other Garache had apparently passed out because of blood lose, Lazar was also going to finish her and was standing over her with the tip of his blade just above her forehead.

He stopped briefly when out of the corner of his eye he saw more annoyances coming, then plunged his blade anyway and jumped back to put some distance between him and the group that had arrived.

[You have eliminated an omega Garache (E ★★☆☆☆) .]

[75 experience points obtained.]

Seeing this, the group of about 15 Ganipotes and Garaches completely ignored Amandla to rush on Lazar, knowing what he was planning to do she didn't intervene.


A huge howl echoed, when they heard it all the members of the group that were rushing towards Lazar stopped and began to shake with fear.

Lazar had heard a similar howl once, so knew exactly what it meant, 'An Alpha is near. I doubt his plan is to let me go this time.'

"Energy Slash!" He didn't let himself be impressed, he continued to act logically by getting rid of the group since they were paralyzed and that they were going to pose a problem afterwards.

[You have eliminated an omega Garache (E ★★☆☆☆) .]

[75 experience points obtained.]


[Your level has increased, level 8➞9.]


[You have eliminated a beta Garache (E ★★★☆☆) .]

[150 experience points obtained.]

[You have eliminated a beta Ganipote (E ★★★☆☆) .]

[150 experience points obtained.]

3 Betas and 13 Omegas killed instantly, the basically gray roof would forever keep a bright red tint on a part of its surface after the passage of Lazar and Amandla.

'Amandla wasn't lying on this part.' The black smoke had become thicker and thicker with each level Lazar gained and that wasn't the only thing that make him think feels like something special would happen at the next level gained because looking at his arms he saw his veins pumping a black blood.

"OWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Before thinking about going to the next level, he had to survive first.

The howl of the Alpha was too close, the fight couldn't be avoided, faced with the urgency of the situation Lazar hurried to invest his 5 stat points, 3 in agility and 2 in energy. Then he got into position to make an energy slash before the alpha even arrived.

"Lower your blade Lazar, I feel the movements of only one monster and besides him all the others have regrouped and retreated, he's not here to fight."

'I hope her strength matches her serenity.' Lazar do as she said.

"She's right." A masculine voice full of confidence could be heard from the street below, to the left of their roof.

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    《Bound to Evil》