Bound to Evil
30 Imperfect plan
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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30 Imperfect plan

Lazar was quite surprised that Amandla had realized that they were being followed when he himself hadn't suspected it, 'Perhaps that's one of her skills or maybe sensing what's going on around us is a capacity that we can developed when our perception reaches a certain stage.'

The possibility that she was naturally better than him to feel an enemy presence didn't cross his mind, not out of pride but because from what he knew about her it was highly improbable...

Although knowing this was essential for their collaboration to go smoothly, there were two important things they hadn't talked about. Come to think of it, Lazar was willing to admit that it was his fault.

First, there was of course their awakenee skills. Amandla had tried to talk about it last night but Lazar was thinking that revealing that he only had one skill wouldn't be in his best interest so he changed the subject and she didn't insist.

Then, there was the military training they had undergone. It was obvious for both of them that their respective abilities weren't just due to being awakenees and not only did they both realize that the other was part of a special force, they also both managed to determine which one on their own without the need of words and more or less quickly.

Still, It was something which deserved further discussion because knowing that only gave them a vague idea of ​​what the other was capable of, members of the same special force have different specialties.

As for his own case, it was obvious to Lazar that Amandla had realized he was a Navy Seal from the start. A qualified member of any special force must be able to recognize a member of another special force by distinctive signs and he would be really surprised if she had missed the tatoo on his arm which had always been visible.

Regarding Amandla, Lazar didn't had any leads until this morning, when he saw her in his kitchen before they left. For once, he was glad some stupid traditions doesn't concerned only the Navy Seals.

Amandla also had a tattoo showing her belonging to her special force, it had the advantage of being located at a more discreet place than Lazar's, her right shoulder, reason why Lazar didn't notice it until then. Before having seen her with a tank top he had only seen her with sleeved tops which were hiding it.

Regardless, the important thing was what the tattoo itself represented. A crown, an anchor and the head of an aggressive-looking winged creature resembling a horse, 3 intertwined elements representing the emblem of a special force of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Unable to memorize the full name which was according to his memories unpronounceable for him, Lazar had learned the abbreviated name, MJK. A unit specializing in unconventional warfare, sabotage and scouting. One might expect something else from a unity associated with the word 'royal'.

Amandla might be a scouting specialist, that would justify that she have a naturally high perception, but compared to Lazar it was nothing.

Knowing how to track and knowing when you are being tracked is an art he had learned with one of the best teachers for this, his grandfather. So much so that he found that his training with the Navy Seals didn't bring him anything more in that regard.

Though, at the moment Lazar was more concerned with whether Amandla could tell him more about what was following them than anything else, "Do you think it's them?" He says while speeding up.

"At first, I only felt one presence, now a little over a dozen, all that I can say is that they are certainly not humans with this smell of stray dog which is floating in the air." Amandla made her bow reappear and pulled back the bowstring with four arrows which materialized between each of the fingers of her right hand from her thumb to her little finger.

Her bow was lowered because taking immediately a shooting position would hinder her run but if they were attacked she would be ready to react.

A stray dog ​​smell... 'It's good to know who we're going to have to fight against.' That was the only certainty Lazar could have because they didn't have the initiative of attack anymore and they didn't know exactly how many monsters they will have to face.

However, what was really worrying Lazar was that this attack seemed planned. The place they were in was part of the Boston neighborhoods where he hoped something like this wouldn't happen.

They were in the middle of the Charlestown district, Boston's oldest neighborhood, 'It has developped a lot in the last few years thanks to its proximity to the city center, unfortunately no one had thought of building fucking skyscrapers.'

As one of the historic districts of Boston nobody dared to rebuild anything, the old infrastructures were just renovated while preserving what was possible.

As a result, around Lazar and Amandla there were only buildings of maximum 2 floors made with coarse bricks, so, easily climbable even for monsters with disproportionate claws, 'It's definitively not a coincidence.'

Fortunately, there was Amandla to reassure Lazar, she was keeping her cool and was doing exactly what he expected of her. She had put herself behind him to keep their rear, it was the best position for her since she could feel what was coming behind them with her increased perception and she had Lazar right in her field of vision to be able to shoot down anything that might prevent him from clearing the way.

"They are trying to surround us! In front of you!" Amandla shouted. They could no longer just whisper to communicate, it was necessary to pass information in the clearest possible way as the danger became imminent.

Lazar drew his blade and kept the sheath in his non-dominant hand, the left. He had learned his lesson during his last fight, he knew he couldn't defend himself effectively with his blade alone against monsters like them that could attack him with their jaws as well as the claws at their feet and hands.

The idea of ​​using his sheath to defend came to him when he noticed that it was made in a strangely very resistant material.

'A really useful ability.' If they were really that close, Lazar only saw one place the monsters could emerge from. He didn't slow down and took position on the roof ledge to jump on to the next one in front of him as if he hadn't taken into account the warning of Amandla.

Amandla believed Lazar was going to run to the next rooftop like a jerk, instead, he showed her that unlike her there was one thing he wasn't missing, intuition. He did jump towards the other roof but not normally, his jump wasn't meant to go far but to go high and he did it in a somersault.

'Why would he do that?' Was what Amandla was thinking.

The answer was simple, he wanted to be upside down to have a perfect view of the space between the two roofs because as he expected he saw dozens of pairs of yellow and orange eyes staring at him in the dark when he did.

The purpose of this group was to stay hang on the wall with their claws until him and Amandla pass, then chase after them and close the encirclement on them, this is the conclusion Lazar came to immediately.

With the blue aura surrounding his saber and a smirk he kindly showed them that they'd screwed up, 'Nothing else than easy exp.'

"Energy Slash!"

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    《Bound to Evil》