Bound to Evil
22 A stranger
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Bound to Evil
Author :Wankile
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22 A stranger

"Energy Slash! Energy Slash! Energy Slash! Energy Slash!"

Two attacks were enough to reap the lives of 27 of its targets, the notifications kept popping through his brain.

[You have eliminated a beta Garache (E ★★★☆☆) .]

[150 experience points obtained.]

[You have eliminated an omega Garache (E ★★☆☆☆) .]

[75 experience points obtained.]


[Your level has increased, level 5➞6.]


[You have eliminated an omega Ganipote (E ★★☆☆☆) .]

[75 experience points obtained.]

However, Lucas didn't make him the pleasure of dying as easily as the others. Being already transformed, he avoided the first 2 attacks which targeted the whole group and one of the last two attacks which this time were personally aimed at him. The fourth Energy Slash took him by surprise and left a deep gash in his left arm, but that wasn't what was going to slow his rush to the man who had just slaughtered his pack.

His opponent was far too close for Lazar to use a fifth Energy Slash, moreover, he wasn't fast enough to maintain a distance between them while continuing to throw attacks from afar, the fight was going to have to continue in melee now and Lazar wasn't very optimistic.

Lazar knew he was no faster than Lucas and although he didn't see the extent of his strength, he suspected that he couldn't compete with a beta Ganipote on that side. He could temporarily no longer take advantage of his skill, the only thing he could count on to take the advantage now was his gray matter and his opponent didn't seem to be lacking it either.

Lazar wasn't going to be able to dodge the next attack, so he parried the claws of Lucas' hands by stopping them with his blade. Lucas was even stronger than what he had imagined, Lazar managed to keep Lucas' claws away from his face but he knew that after a moment his already tetanized arms would no longer be able to bear the overwhelming pressure on them imposed by this 7-foot tall monster all in muscles.

Lucas and Lazar were facing each other, the tension in Lazar's expression was a confirmation for Lucas that he had the ascendancy and the sly smile that Lazar seemed to detect at Lucas showed him that he was confident.

'What makes you laugh asshole ?!'

It was only when he launched his next attack that Lazar understood the reason for the smile. Lucas didn't try to bite him with his powerful jaw, nor did he try to break his guard by applying more force with his arms, he only moved the lower part of his body.

Lazar was so focused on not having his face shredded that he neglected that the claws on Lucas' feet could also be deadly weapons and he paid the price. He had just had his stomach cut deeply.


Lucas thought that victory was within his reach and went on with a claw hit that would behead Lazar.

'Do you think you're going to kill me so easily motherfucker!'

Lucas' attack was far too thoughtless and rushed, even sore, Lazar wasn't going to be fooled by something so shabby, he turned on himself to his right to dodge the claws and took the opportunity to counter-attack. Knowing how powerful the beta body was, he put all his strength into his attack to take Lucas' left arm. To his surprise it detached itself extremely easily, he had still underestimated the sharpness of his blade.

Twisted in pain and anger, Lucas tried to hit him in the stomach with his left leg to make his injury worse. Now that he had just had his left arm cut, making the fight go on until Lazar ran out of blood was no longer an option.

'Die! I swear to you that I'm going to devour you up entirely after I'm done with you!'

Lucas had fallen on smarter than him, Lazar accepted the kick of Lucas with the flat of his blade and he put the least possible force in his arms to block the attack. His goal wasn't to parry the attack perfectly this time, he wanted to gain distance...

The force of Lucas' kick sent him flying about ten yards and he didn't stop there, he continued to roll over several yards while trying not to hurt himself with his blade.

Having understood the error he had just committed, Lucas charged as quickly as possible on Lazar to prevent him from reusing the same skill as before.

He couldn't have foreseen that Lazar would regain his balance so quickly with the help of his blade which he planted on the ground to stop his frantic rolls. Lucas was already at barely 6 yards from Lazar, but no matter how fast he was, Lazar was already in position for an Energy Slash. When he saw the blue aura on Lazar's blade again, he knew his run was going to be too short.

'At least I will rejoin them faster, forgive me...'

"Energy Slash!"

Lucas took the full force of the attack, he was carried away by the blue Slash coming out of Lazar's blade and fell dead after being dragged to the ground over twenty yards.

[You have eliminated an beta Ganipote (E ★★★☆☆) .]

[150 experience points obtained.]

[Your level has increased, level 6➞7.]

Lazar was really in bad shape, his stomach injury was serious. Not enough for his intestines to dangle in the air, but enough for the blood loss he was experiencing to be fatal if he didn't deal with it quickly, maybe he wouldn't hold until he got home. He had to do something now.

[Lazar Sogorov]

♦ Age ⠆18

♦ Level ⠆7 (25/2300)

♦ Energy points ⠆(63,4/111)

• Energy regeneration rate ⠆(2,4 points/min)

♦ Evolution status ⠆Evolved human being

♦ Skills ⠆None

♦ Statistics ⠆[Stat points available ⠆0]

• Constitution ⠆13(-1) ➞ +10 ➞ 22

• Agility ⠆13(+1) ➞ +10 ➞ 24

• Perception ⠆ 16

• Energy ⠆16(+1) ➞ 17

After adding all his points in constitution, the effect was felt immediately. His wound resorbed slightly and the bleeding subsided, he immediately felt much better but he had to return as soon as possible before it became critical.


His action had just been discovered. Fortunately, the howl was far away and having heard it now gave him plenty of time to run away before there were complications. Lazar could have thought it strange since each time we discovered one of his massacres he heard howls only when a pack was already close to the place, but this time it was different.

'This is neither a beta let alone an omega, this howl was far too powerful. It's an Alpha, howling like that it's obvious that they want me to get out of here so I can keep getting rid of other packs. Well... I'm not going to disappoint these bastards.'

Lazar went to the bush in which he had left his bag. He didn't have time to change and going back home by a conventional road was an idiotic idea with all the monsters that the howling must have rallied.

This park was skirting the river and it faced his destination... so he gained momentum and he threw himself into it.


For two hours now, Slawn had been helpless, he was literally playing the role of negotiator in a hostage-taking. One of his men was on his stomach, immobilized on the lawn in front of Lazar's house by 5 arrows surrounded by a golden aura, someone was aiming at his head with his bow from the top of the steps of the house of Lazar to menace them.

Slawn and his 237 men were surrounding Lazar's house, the numerical advantage was evident but he had seen what this person could do, he knew that if he did something funny, his man's head would burst in less than a second and that he would lose a lot more of his men before even thinking about neutralizing the person before them.

'Damn! How it could degenerate to this point!'

"You can't know how much you disgust me Slawn... Instead of satisfying such an easy demand, you let yourself be blinded by your pride to the point that you would be ready to let me shoot an arrow at the back of the skull of this man. I'm getting tired of holding the pose so I'm going to tell you that for the last time little stubborn shit. Fix his door or I will shoot my arrow."

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    《Bound to Evil》